Pc minutes 18th february 2014 final with reports (web)


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Pc minutes 18th february 2014 final with reports (web)

  1. 1. 1 South Marston Parish Council Minutes of the meeting held on 18th February 2014 Present: Mr S Young Mr C McEwen Mrs S Brown Mr K Millard Mr B Thunder Ms S Blair Mr A Leathart Mrs A Burchell (Clerk) 20/14 APOLOGIES 21/14 OPEN 10 MINUTES Members of the public present: Mr Adye Goodenough, Mrs Anne Featherstone, Mr B McGlone Mr Goodenough stated he believed the first technical meeting regarding traffic movements on the A420 was to take place on the 3 rd March 2014. SB confirmed that the Parish Council has been promised a meeting with Brookbanks after this technical meeting takes place. Mr McGlone stated that he could not see the minutes, appendices and agenda on the South Marston website. The Clerk confirmed that the South Marston website was not an official Parish Council website, it was a village website, set up and maintained by Donald Jones, a village resident on a volunteer basis. Action Clerk: To check with DJ if the minutes, appendices and agenda could be more prominently displayed. 22/14 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - Members are requested at the start of the meeting to declare any known interests in any matter to be considered, and are reminded that any such interest should be declared at the start of the item or during any discussion of the matter concerned BT declared an interest in the Allotments SB declared interested in Community First and an interest in one aspect of the response to SBC regarding the new development: specifically the existence of the new road and the proximity of SB’s property. However, it was agreed that, because the route of the road affects everybody in terms of traffic flow, it is a common interest. 23/14 TO APPROVE AND SIGN THE MINUTES OF THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD ON TUESDAY, 21 st JANUARY 2014 AND FORMALLY CLOSE ACTION POINTS SBlair proposed approval BT seconded Agreed: All – minutes approved and action points updated and closed Action Clerk: Dates to be obtained from Peter McHenry (SBC) for a meeting on site to discuss road resurfacing. Action Clerk: It was noted that the Old Post Office (Brook Cottage) may have changed hands. Clerk to carry out a further Land Registry search. Action Clerk: CM stated that the SBC Local Flood Risk Strategy made reference to a separate plan specifically for South Marston, which has been implemented. SMPC would like a copy of the plan and also have the opportunity to be included in any further work/negotiations/planning. 24/14 CLERK’S REPORT AND MOR – FEBRUARY 2014 Change of Account from RBS to Unity Trust Bank – Update
  2. 2. 2 We have not received a response from RBS regarding our counter-offer of £250 compensation. A further letter has been sent requesting their response within 14 days. SMPC Internet Phone Line A query was raised at the January meeting regarding the need to dial the 01793 prefix if you are in the village. It has been confirmed that the prefix does not need to be dialled. As agreed, I have ordered the internet phone line – the Vonage box has been dispatched so should be here over the next few days. The SMPC number has been allocated: 01793 686150 I have purchased a single telephone/answerphone for connection to the Vonage box. I will email everyone when the line goes live. MATTERS OUTSTANDING REGISTER February 2014 Issue Comments Status Super-fast broadband for the village To be reviewed 2014 Review May 2014 Neighbourhood Area To discuss the possibility of registering South Marston as a Neighbourhood Area Review May 2014 Tower & Tap To discuss the title of the Tower and Tap publication and review the Vicar’s comments Footpath Redirection Ref: Mrs Tina Ingram, owner of land behind 9&10 Yew Tree Gardens – to request footpath is redirected when village centre is planned Review May 2014 25/14 Correspondence received to 11th February 2014 Summary (not in date order) No. From: Reference 1 Robbie Taylor Postie Paul – Christmas Box collection 2 Ian Kemp, SBC Swindon Local Plan 2026 Examination Process 3. Suzanne Coles, SBC Carpenters Bridge Signing Improvements 4. Steve Hobbs, Trans XL Road Signage Confusion 5. Shaun Smith, SBC *Swindon Libraries Consultation: Email; Poster; Questionnaire 6. Stephen Taylor, SBC Borough Standards Committee – Focus Groups 7. Anne Featherstone An Expanded South Marston School as Opposed to a Relocated School *Two additional files have been sent by email as they have background images and do not print well: 1. Swindon Libraries Consultation: Library Strategy Final 2. Swindon Libraries Consultation: Library Strategy Appendix Item 1: Action Clerk: 1. Place note in Tower & Tap that Paul has been off work since before Xmas and the village is looking forward to his return. A villager has pointed out that he had not been able to collect his Christmas boxes. Robbie Taylor
  3. 3. 3 is collating any cards and messages so they can be passed to Paul. 2. Send card from Parish Council to Paul via Robbie Taylor. 3. Extend thanks to Mrs Taylor, but suggest it may be best if individuals give Paul his Christmas box on his return. Item 2: SB to attend Examination in Public meeting on 11 th March (procedural meeting). Written submissions must be received by 1 st April 2014. The submissions must be written according to the themes specified which, from previous experience, can mean some duplication. It is likely that SMPC would automatically be booked-in for the formal session, but it is good practice to book-in anyway – it is thought that the request would need to be included along with the written submissions. A group of interested parties may attend the sessions, but only one person may speak. SB volunteered to attend on behalf of the Parish Council. TL requested that any submissions be put before the Parish Council for approval. SB confirmed that the submissions would need to be put to forward and agreed at March Parish Council meeting to ensure the 1 st April deadline is met. SB also asked if there were any other issues not covered by the sessions that the Parish Council would like to put forward. TL stated that he had concerns regarding the viability of the hospital and that we do not have sufficient hospital facilities to cover the increased population following the expansion. SB stated that the only comments that would be taken into account would be concerning housing needs, and that would only be to question if there was sufficient housing provision contained in the plan. Hospital facilities should be covered under infrastructure delivery. Swindon Borough Council has significantly reduced the numbers of houses required and the Inspector will be asking for the justification of the reduction. Item 3: CM stated he was not happy with the signage proposed for the centre of the village. SBC are proposing the installation of a large blue sign telling HGVs - that should not be there in the first place - that there is low bridge further ahead. CM suggested that the sign be located at the Supermarine junction along with the weight limit sign. Action Clerk: Respond to Suzanne Coles at SBC confirming the following: 1. No blue sign in centre of the village warning of low bridge. 2. Signs to be placed at both entrances (Thornhill Road and Highworth Road) to the village warning of low bridge. 3. Amend the incorrect signage at Gablecross from 3 tonnes to 7.5 tonnes, and relocate to the Bodleian Storage Facility roundabout. 4. Proposed westbound A420 signage needs changing from ‘straight on for Swindon’ to ‘straight on for South Marston Park/Thornhill/Swindon’, plus change from ‘South Marston Village’ to ‘South Marston Village Only’ on signage in both directions. Item 4: Action Clerk: The Parish Council is in agreement for a reference to Thornhill to be included at Bodleian roundabout and at Gablecross. Add to submission to Suzanne Coles, SBC. Action Clerk: Confirm action taken by Parish Council to Trans XL and suggest that they also write to SBC. Item 5: Action Clerk: CM summary to form Parish Council response to Swindon Libraries Consultation. Item 6:
  4. 4. 4 Action Clerk: Confirm to Stephen Taylor that the Parish Council are unable to participate in the workshops, but would like to have an opportunity to comment on any amendments before they are taken forward. Item 7: To be discussed under Village Expansion – Agenda Item 10 Additional items: Item 8: Email complaint from A Davidson regarding litter in the village. Action Clerk: a) Report litter situation to SBC Streetwise. b) Respond to AD with link c) Include Streetwise link on website & Tower & Tap Item 9: Email complaint from D Page regarding bookings made for the Village Hall. Action Clerk: Write to DP to explain that the Parish Council has no control over the SMRA as it is a separate charity and trust this issue can be resolved amicably. 26/14 FINANCE Statement and Cheques for Approval and Signature – 18th February 2014 Bank Account Statements Received Julian Hodge Bank at 31st January 2014 49135.36 Unity Trust Bank at 8 th February 2014 15817.63 Total: 64952.99 Expenditure: Cheques for Approval and Signature Cheque Number Payment VAT Amount A Burchell – Salary Payment 487.25 A Burchell – Expenses 13.66 81.98 Grove Information Systems Limited (Email system) 7.92 47.52 St Margaret’s PCC – Tower & Tap Copying 45.00 Mecure Hotel – Meeting Room Hire 05.02.14 7.50 45.00 Mecure Hotel – Meeting Room Hire & Refreshments 13.02.14 10.00 60.00 Replacement Cheque: D Jones (Domain renewal) following RBS closure 8.38 TOTAL 39.08 775.13 Income: Invoices Raised to Invoice To Amount TOTAL The Parish Council is happy with the new quarterly reporting format. 27/14 South Marston Parish Council Planning Sub Committee No Plans received to 11th February 2014 Notices of Withdrawal of Planning Application: 1. Planning Application Number: S/LBC/13/1843/HC Proposal: Erection of single storey oak framed garden room, single storey extension, porch and replacement
  5. 5. 5 windows Location: Nightingale Farmhouse, Nightingale Lane, South Marston, Swindon SN3 4SL APPLICATION WITHDRAWN 2. Planning Application Number: S/13/1842/HC Proposal: Erection of single storey oak framed garden room, single storey extension, porch and replacement windows Location: Nightingale Farmhouse, Nightingale Lane, South Marston, Swindon SN3 4SL APPLICATION WITHDRAWN 28/14 Item 9: 20mph Speed Limit Initiative – Update from Colin McEwen Ref: Written report – Agenda Item 9 CM confirmed he had had no further information back from Suzanne Coles. He has a diary note to chase her up in approximately one week. TL raised the question of the 20mph plans submitted to the previous Parish Council meeting. It appears the plans had been changed five days before that meeting. The previous plan, which was the one shown at the exhibition in December, had two radar signs, whereas the new plan, which had been reviewed and changed by SBC, had 10. TL felt that this was overkill. CM stated that the plans were not from SBC, but from Brookbanks, but agreed that they had been considerably extended from what had been exhibited. He stated that he has had further discussions with Suzanne Coles who will reduce the zone down to what had been approved by the Parish Council in the past, and that the signage has been reduced to keep costs down to within what is hoped to be a deliverable figure. The new plans are to be delivered in approximately one week. 29/14 Item 10: Village Expansion – Update from Sylvia Brown Ref: Written report – Agenda Item 10. SB stated that a lot of progress had been made in the last month, which had been very busy. There had been one major working group meeting to review the situation, the outcome of which was covered in SB’s report in considerable detail. Ben Lovelock was present at the working group meeting and reported on what progress the School Governors were making with the LEA plans. SB confirmed that she had received an email from Andy Birch (HHL), who has had a meeting with SBC and who will now have a meeting with the LEA. SB stated that it looked like HHL were willing to negotiate, which may have had something to do with the strategy taken by South Marston Parish Council in publishing its concerns with the media and local Swindon Borough Councillors. The Parish Council should expect to hear about the next meeting date regarding transport and traffic in early March, with a second meeting following HHL discussions with the LEA. Correspondence Item 7: Letter from Anne Featherstone: AF stated that her letter had raised three questions. The report produced by SB goes some way to answering the first two. However, the third question concerned keeping people in the village appraised of progress with the school via the South Marston website and Tower and Tap. A letter from the school had been sent to all parents – could this not be put on the website and in the Tower and Tap? SY confirmed that as this was letter from the school, it was not within the remit of the Parish Council to publish this. However, he stated that any developments will be published in the Tower and Tap and on the South Marston website. SBlair suggested that it may be helpful if AF went directly to SBC and the LEA with her concerns. It was noted that there are no school plans to share with the community at this time. CM also confirmed that there have been extensive opportunities for people to ask questions and examine proposals in
  6. 6. 6 the past. SB stated that Nick Duckworth of HHL has told SBC that they do not need to talk to the village anymore as there is too much disagreement, and he does not feel there is room for any constructive discussions with the Parish Council. The main issue is the link road, which the whole village has argued against. In order for any progress to be made, the Parish Council requires ND’s road layouts in order to make a start on the design the village centre. SB confirmed that a meeting had also taken place with Hartwell regarding an application for planning permission for the land at Crown Timber and Thornhill Industrial Estate. An application for Crown Timber would go in rapidly for outline planning permission, which would then be passed onto third party builders for development. On the whole, the plans looked reasonable, but there was no safe footpath from the Crown Timber site to village school included. The working group encouraged Hartwell to go back and have a further look at this aspect of the design. There are two points in SB’s report where the Parish Council can help move things on to the next stage. Martin Trewhella of SBC would like the Parish Council to make a statement regarding the link roads, and make a case for what the Parish Council feel is required going forward. To this end, SB had prepared a resolution for the Parish Council to consider. A general discussion took place regarding the resolution. With regard to Resolution 1, SY stated he was happy with the first and third bullets, but suggested that the second bullet be changed to read ‘to allow access across the southern end’. Proposed: TL Seconded: CM Agreed: All 2nd Resoution proposed as written: KM Seconded: BT Agreed: All Final Resolution Attached 30/14 Item 11: To discuss and agree the proposed changes to the Allotment Contracts – Barry Thunder & Clerk Acceptance of the changes was proposed: SBlair Seconded: TL Agreed: All 31/14 Item 12: Draft response to the consultation on the Local Flood Risk Strategy – Update from Colin McEwen and Sylvia Brown This had been covered previously and actions agreed. 32/14 Item 13: To discuss outstanding works at the first solar farm and agree actions required by Hazel Developments – Barry Thunder This item to be put back for 3 months – add to MOR. 33/14 Item 14: To discuss the costs of the drainage ditch diversion measures and if this can be paid for from the AEE Community Benefit fund – Barry Thunder The drainage ditch in question originates on the South Marston Industrial Estate. Where the stream diverts to form a
  7. 7. 7 secondary ditch, it is 0.5 m higher than the first ditch. Discussion have taken place regarding the installation of a reverse dam, however there is considerable work involved in making this work. The situation has been ongoing for approximately two years. CM declared an interest as his house would benefit if reduced water was going past. BT confirmed that the upper end cost of having the work carried out would be in the region of £5k, with a pot of £3.5k available from the AEE Community Benefit Fund (quotation supplied by Greenshave Services which BT brought to the meeting). We now have the opportunity to approach Eneco and Goldbeck to ask for their help with this project as a favour. However it may be that we would need to spend Parish Council money up front and claim it back from Eneco at a later date. SB proposed the sum of £4.9k of Community Benefit money be put aside for this project. Any savings that could be found to reduce the overall costs would be helpful. The Parish Council to fund the project upfront if required. Seconded: TL Agreed: All (CM did not vote as he had declared an interest) 34/14 Item 15: To discuss the funding request from Rachel Case, organiser of the Summer Fete, for the hire of the Highworth Silver Band for this years’ Fete to be held on the 19 th July (in the region of £150) Proposed: CM Second: BT Agreed: All 35/14 Item 16: To discuss and agree the format, date and venue for an event to encourage the recruitment of new Parish Councillors, and how it is to be publicised. SB stated that the SMRA are in the process of organising their AGM where they would like the public to attend. It would be sensible to try and combine this with a Parish Councillor recruitment event. BT suggested that both events could be combined with the Hartwell exhibition which is being organised for late March at the South Marston hotel. There is already an agreement in place to display the new 20mph zone plans. Action Clerk: 1. Discuss possibility of a joint event with Angie Newton when the date for the Hartwell event has been decided. 2. Check with Hartwell to ensure they would be happy with this arrangement. 3. Resolution regarding HHL to be published in the Tower and Tap close to Hartwell advert. 36/14 Item 17: to discuss the village emergency plan Action Clerk: 1. Contact SBC and other Parish Councils regarding what Emergency Plans they have in place. 2. Collate existing South Marston Emergency Planning documentation. 37/14 Item 18: Reports from Working Parties and Representatives from Outside Bodies Appendix I – Outside Working Group Report (BT) Appendix II – Parish Council External Meetings Report (BT) Appendix III – SMRA Meeting Report (SB) TL gave a verbal update on the Speedwatch project. They have now been told by the newly centralised Speedwatch Control that equipment will need to be shared with Covingham. SB stated that the SMRA is now having to re-look at the play equipment inspections and maintenance due to operational issues at Stratton St Margaret Parish Council. Mr Maddison (Headteacher, South Marston CofE Primary School) is arranging for the signage for the disabled parking
  8. 8. 8 spaces next to the school. 38/14 Item 19: Matters brought forward by or with consent of the Chairman SB requested that a team be set up to organise the Parish Councillor recruitment event. Action Chair: To nominate people for a sub-group to organise the Parish Councillor recruitment event. TL raised the issue that democracy within the Parish Council seems to be slipping. Meetings are taking place with SBC by individual members of Parish Council. What is the protocol regarding this? SB stated that if individual Councillors are given responsibility for a particular topic, it should be up to their discretion. Unfortunately, it cannot be guaranteed that everybody can be involved in every meeting. SY confirmed it would be difficult to put in place an actual protocol. SB stated she did not believe this is question of democracy. Reports and emails are produced following meetings and distributed to all parties. SY confirmed that it was a matter of judgement for individuals to decide. Ultimately, everything should come back to Parish Council group anyway for discussion and agreement. However, if there are any specific issues, bring them forward and we will deal with them on a case by case basis. SBlair thanked those who attend the meetings and prepare the reports on behalf of those who are not in a position to attend the meetings. Meeting closed at 22.25hrs Final PC Resolution – Item 29/14 Consultation over the last few years has confirmed that the top concern of local residents is the impact by development on local road networks and junctions onto the A420. A particular cause of concern is the likely increase in traffic using Pound Corner and Old Vicarage Lane to access the planned new community facilities and school. Resolution 1: • South Marston Parish Council confirms its agreement with the draft SM SPD’s proposal/requirement for a road link connecting the new areas of development running north of Manor Farmhouse. This should provide road access into the village central area from the south and from the West rather than via a ‘bypass’ and existing village roads as suggested by the developer’s outline planning application. • To enable this to happen, the Parish Council is willing to allow access across the southern end of the existing recreation ground to the school and community facilities provided the community gains the compensatory green open space behind Bell Gardens • The Parish Council will continue negotiations with HHL and other developers to achieve an integrated plan for the village, consistent with the draft Supplementary Planning Documents and Local Plan. Resolution 2: Housing development at Crown Timber has previously been refused as being too remote from the village centre. The Parish Council will oppose residential development of the Crown Timber or Thornhill sites without: • A satisfactory footpath provision from the site to the centre of the village in the first phase of development. • A design layout for both sites that enables appropriate links with the proposed Eastern Villages development for pedestrians and cyclists as well as cars.
  9. 9. 9 AGENDA ITEM - 9 20MPH ZONE UPDATE FEBRUARY 2014 Colin McEwen Barry Thunder and I had a meeting with Suzanne Coles and Bob Sanders of the SBC Highways Department to consider the latest draft plan prepared by Mike Simmons. We have agreed a draft zone covering the same area as previously approved by the PC and displayed at the exhibitions. The primary objective is to reduce speeds and improve pedestrian safety on all approaches to Pound Corner and the school. Suzanne Coles is going to prepare a note to confirm these alterations and the details of the school protection zone. The aim is to provide an effective zone at affordable cost to the PC that will prove deliverable in as short a time scale as possible. I will circulate this. The next stage will be for MS to prepare a final plan on this basis and get it costed. I will then put the scheme before the PC for approval and we will need to clarify how it is to be funded. BS emphasised that we will then need our local Councillors to confirm their support for the Highways Department to take it further. I have already mentioned the project to our Councillors. SBC would undertake a Public Consultation prior to approving any scheme. This would include publication and posters with an online Survey Monkey response system. SC mentioned that there is (or was this year) a £20,000 Localities pot for the funding of Highways projects. A number of schemes are being put forward and SBC are being asked to relax their rules so that less effective schemes are permitted. This is not an approach that we would favour.
  10. 10. 10 AGENDA ITEM 10: Village Expansion SMPCEWG PROGRESS REPORT 18 FEBRUARY 2014 Sylvia Brown HHL Application SMEWG is keeping track of comments and objections to the application – Bill Giles has joined the group and offered to compile a reference list. The formal SBC highways and Highways Agency responses to the application consider both the local and A420/A419 road networks to be inadequate in both the traffic data used and the modelling.outcomes. They also pick up on the poor public transport and cycle/footpath networks. An SMEWG review meeting on the 5 February considered progress with the application as well as work to be done in advance of the Local Plan examination, the forthcoming Hartwells meeting and the negotiating position with HHL. Extracts from the SMEWG meeting 5 February HHL meeting 23 January An informal presentation was made by HHL detailing their ideas for a new school and alternative uses to the recreation field. These took no account of the SMSPD or previous discussions on expanding the village school. Are HHL looking at a serious alternative strategy or are they trying to take the PC focus away from the other issues in their overall planning submission? Their approach appears to ignore the LEA/School Governors’ responsibilities for continuing education provision in SM as opposed to building a new school in a new community. There had, as a result, been no progress on finalising the design of the village centre – in particular the lack of a decision on the road layouts/access were impeding any further work being undertaken from our end. Sewage Distribution and Controls More in depth details are required for the overall development and to include demand from the Crown Timber site, Expanded School and Hotel housing development. This is urgently required in light of raw sewage discharge along Nightingale Land and houses along the NE boarder of the village. School Expansion Ben Lovelock reported as follows: • Governors met with architect and LEA on 8 and 29 Jan to discuss current state of planning. • Architect has found Governors’ briefing note (Vision for future school) most useful and it has helped to crystallise thought. He presented his concept layout for expanded school and outline phasing leading to a timeline. Essentially the plan is to build one module on the expanded site, decant the current school classes into it then through several phases demolish and replace all of the existing school except Victorian part. Final shape will be a T shape incorporating Victorian building but no other part of current school. • We will have: hall/dining facility (available for shared community use out of school hours); 3 teaching blocks; and an admin / staff block (based on old Victorian part and preserving the heritage). Also 2 MUGA- Multi Use Games Area & All Weather- pitches (shared use) and a car park to scale including bus turning.
  11. 11. 11 • Facility will be a state of the art brand new school. It will be network-enabled and completely flexible in terms of use. External appearance and cladding will be flexible and can fit with design principles. You Tube clips help to explain the idea. • Plan is to put (quieter) Key Stage 2 into the block nearest to houses. Key Stage 1 in the center and Early Years including preschool at car park end. • In terms of phasing – have interrogated the architect over viability / deliverability and Head Teacher over operational aspects and we are convinced that this is fully deliverable. No additional cost for temporary facilities needed. • Redevelopment Schedule – further work is needed on this but outline steps are: Extend boundary and car park (hopefully with MUGA to replace cages). Build Block 1 using current car park area and area around current entrance to rec. Decant most of school into Block 1 (Autumn 16 – no new pupils at this stage). Demolish most of remainder during holidays (less kitchen area) build blocks 2&3 (3 is hall next to Victorian part). Decant Early Years classes into new facility. Demolish current Early Years block and kitchen. Refurbish Victorian part. Build Block 4. • Timeline. Dates are now later than those previously given by SBC and passed to PC last month. Current thinking, based on Sam Howell’s advice, suggests that we could need more places from Sep 17, so on that timeline the first works would start in Jan 16. This would see no additional capacity that summer but more places from Sep 17. • Thereafter entries will be controlled through gradually increasing PAN over about about 3 years tbc to reach 1.5FE. This involves evolution of class structure – currently 2 years in a class – eventually approx. 1 year per class (but this is Head Teacher’s business). The WG were pleased to note that the Governors are confident that the LEA’s scheme will result in a state of the art new school utilising the existing Victorian buildings for offices without significant disruption to the education of the children. HHL have not so far responded on the SMEVG request in January to return to positive negotiation about the layout of the village centre. They seem to be saying to SBC that dissent within the village means they cannot usefully progress this, despite our showing them the detailed results of July 2013 village consultation. This confirms that, in accordance with the draft SPD, there should be a road access connecting the new development through to the village centre, facilities and school. This new road access meets the village’s top priority which is to mitigate the traffic issues with Pound Corner and Old Vicarage Lane yet such an access is absent from the HHL proposals. HHL’s stance is now being used by them to justify their road link (the ‘bypass’) south of Manor Farm, which has received strong objection from the parish council, the residents and SBC because of its impact on the road network and the likelihood of opening up further development. SMPC may wish to respond with a firm statement confirming that a southern road access connecting the new development to the village centre must be included in any revised plans, acknowledging that this means the access road will cross the existing parish council owned land adjacent to the hotel boundary.
  12. 12. 12 HHL have offered a briefing event to Swindon Councillors, through the weekly Members Briefing newsletter. We took the opportunity of sending an email to all recipients confirming the PC’s position on the application. Extracts from the email are given below: The South Marston community has long appreciated that major expansion is inevitable and has supported the Parish Council in taking a proactive and strategic approach. Our overarching aim is to ensure that the development is deliverable and creates sustainable communities within the Eastern Villages whilst not exacerbating existing issues, in particular with the road networks and with flood risk. South Marston Parish Council wishes you to know that we are not objecting to this outline application in principle, and do not rely on the question of prematurity to ask that it be refused. We want South Marston Village to be the first phase of the overall Eastern Villages development so at to ensure prompt construction and avoid further unnecessary delays. However, this is by no means a satisfactory application as can be seen from our formal response submitted on the 31 December 2013. We intend to continue working with the Borough Officers and the developers on revisions to this planning application to deliver consistency with the draft Local Plan and adequate infrastructure provision, neither of which are currently achieved by these proposals. Local Plan timetable The Inspector has published the timetable of the different topic hearings in May 2013. SMPC needs to: • Raise any additional issues by 14 March that we feel should be included in the EIP • Request speaking attendance at appropriate sessions • Attend the briefing session on 11 March • Provide additional evidence by theme by 1 April I have suggested we ask to attend the sessions on housing, Eastern Villages, flood risk, transport and infrastructure delivery. SMEWG needs to collate and refine its evidence for each of these. Meeting with Hartwells On 13 February, the Working Group met with SBC officers and the architect, site manager and agent for Hartwells who are shortly to submit two planning applications for the Crown Timber site and Thornhill industrial estate. The Crown Timber development is much improved from the early versions seen a couple of years ago, but misses one crucial aspect – the connectivity of footpath and cycleways with the new village centre that will help persuade residents not to use cars for local trips. The timescale for this means that, if approved, building is likely to start within 12 months. The Thornhill proposal is more speculative, given that they are seeking agreement with occupiers/other owners, but, again, looks good in principle apart from the lack of connectivity. SMEWG also raised issues about drainage, sewage and access roads to connect to the adjacent HHL development. Hartwells will now consider revising their plans in line with our proposals.
  13. 13. 13 AGENDA ITEM - 14 DRAINAGE DITCH DIVERSION MEASURES – FEBRUARY 2014 Colin McEwen & Barry Thunder Flood Alleviation Works: Barry Thunder is taking the lead on this and has asked me to prepare a background note. Following the floods in 2007 the PC investigated how the risk of future flooding in the village could be alleviated. In about April 2008 the PC concluded that: • measures that would reduce the flow entering the Greenfields culvert would involve major works, were not obvious and were beyond our powers and means • the problem of water backing-up along the ditches from South Marston Brook to OVL could not be eliminated because of the relative heights • alleviation measures could and should be taken in respect of the flow coming from South Marston Park. This involved 2 separate works: 1. To improve the culvert under the road by My Home (West of ‘the bends’) – Completed by SBC 2. To re-instate the channel from the copse at the top of ‘Joe’s field’ to South Marston Brook by Nightingale Lane (“the East channel”) so that it provide a run-off channel in times of peak flow. This will reduce flows in the channel from the copse to the junction with South Marston Brook behind Pigeon House Farm and thence past houses that flooded in 2007. The PC agreed in principle to carry out this work. Roger Powell, who was clerk at the time, instructed Greenshave to survey the line of the East channel and to advise. Their report indicated that a scheme was feasible. We referred the matter to the Environment Agency, who came on site and approved a scheme in principle. At that time SBC held a time-limited £5,000 sum that we might have been able to access. Land owners were approached but were not helpful such that the potential SBC money was lost. We had a change of Clerk and matters rather ran into the sand. Since that time: • The Hazel Solar Farm has been constructed on the field that gives access to the copse. • The landowner, Steve Benson, has indicated in principle that he has no objection the proposed work or to providing access. • Eneco have agreed a £30,000 donation to the PC for community works, which includes a nominal £3,500 for this project • Graham Bishop of Greenshave has drawn a more sophisticated flood flow diversion scheme, with shuttering to prevent bank erosion, costed at up to £4,900. • Eneco have confirmed that they will clear the East channel where it runs through their land.
  14. 14. 14 AGENDA ITEM - 15 FUNDING REQUEST: SMRA SUMMER FETE JULY 2014 From: Rachel Case [mailto:rcase@sky.com] Sent: 14 January 2014 18:25 To: 'Amanda Burchell' Subject: RE: Summer Fete Please can you add to the next agenda of the Parish Council, to ask if they are willing to fund the Highworth Silver Band again for the summer fete which is on the 19th July... £150 I believe it wont have gone up, but will advise if it has... Many Thanks Rach
  15. 15. 15 APPENDIX I OUTSIDE WORKING GROUP REPORT FEBRUARY 2014 Barry Thunder Conservation Report Oak Tree Corner No new updates St Julian’s Community Woodland Discussion with Luke Madison, School Head, re access for school parties via the Yew Tree land and the outline of the Grant proposals by WWT for St Julian’s Woodland. Allotments Last three plots now let. In discussion with Honda, as our landlord, regarding broken gate post and manhole cover. Honda is obtaining quotations for repair.
  16. 16. 16 APPENDIX II PARISH COUNCIL EXTERNAL MEETINGS JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014 Barry Thunder Bodleian Book Store We are waiting for the next meeting date in late February or early March. This will deal with the final proposals for site planting and screening. Sevor Solar Farm at Nightingale Lane; A recent phone call from Eneco explaining that Goldbeck, the site construction company, are running behind with the construction programme due to severe muddy and windy conditions. They have requested that they be allowed to work on Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday in order to catch up on the program. Due to the urgency of this request, I spoke with all available Councillors to explain the proposals. The proposals are; • Work to be carried out will be low noise such as wiring solar panels and laying cable • No noisy machinery to be used • No deliveries at the weekend • Be observant of Church service times and work away from that side of the site • Inform all adjacent housing by leaflet of changes and provide a direct contact number with someone on site • Personally visit the 3 houses along Nightingale Lane • To inform the SBC Planning Department Case Officer Eneco agreed to these proposals and will commence weekend working from February 15th . All councillors were in agreement as to object to the request would mean that the construction phase will last longer.
  17. 17. 17 APPENDIX III SMRA MEETING 12TH FEBRUARY 2014 Sylvia Brown • Cage fence now repaired. Old mower now sold for £350. • No football has been possible recently – the fixture list is now well behind, which may mean heavy use of the field in early summer. • Sign for disabled parking needed – PC to arrange? • Nothing heard from Stratton PC over the arrangement for review and repair of play equipment (SSM Clerk is away long term sick leave). No monthly report has been received this year – Julie is checking with Amanda over whether payment has been requested along with the dog bin collection invoice. Alternative arrangement sought – enquiries to be made about annual check by the insurers, as happens elsewhere, and Highworth PC seem open to a possible agreement over repairs to equipment. • Cherry tree to be purchased in memory of Jean Franklin with the collection money. SMRA agreed to look at purchase of circular seating to go around the oak tree in the centre of the field. • Village hall – shed now operational – much better use of space. Still some rearrangement of society cupboards to take place to maximise space available for cleaning materials. Rachel undertaking significant improvement and will actively market the hall. • Query from a regular user, with primetime weekend slot, about giving way to private hire when needed. This has been a long standing agreement and is included in the terms of hire. If the hall is not available for hire for private parties, which is usually villagers for children’s parties, overall hire income will suffer. • Early arrangements being undertaken for the summer Fete. • Planning permission being looked at for the planters at the entrance to the village – SBC requested information on dimensions. Ray Harley liaising over this. • Luke Maddison gave an update on progress with the expanded school, reassuring the committee regarding development at an early stage of appropriate car parking facilities, footpath along the rear school boundary and all weather pitch which will replace the cage for village use. The car parking may be in a temporary location during the building works, but sufficient space exists to the south of the cage to accommodate this. Additional access onto Old Vicarage Lane will be needed, with the ditch piped. Important to finalise the eventual plan, so that these temporary developments are consistent with the final design. Luke outlined the approach to expansion, including how the development would be phased to accommodate a gradual increase in numbers over a number of years. • The AGM of SMRA will be held at the end of March. The auditor who normally reviews the accounts is unfortunately unable to complete this work before mid March, so it will not be possible to combine the AGM with the normal March SMRA committee meeting. Date to be agreed soonest, and advertised in the March T&T. Nominations for the committee to be sought from other village organisations, as per the constitution.