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Mpc draft minutes - 02.04.2012[1]


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Mpc draft minutes - 02.04.2012[1]

  1. 1. 2nd April 2012 Moulton Parish CouncilDRAFT Minutes of a General Meeting of Moulton Parish Council held on Monday 2 nd April 2012 in theMoulton Chapel Youth and Com m unity Centre, under the Chairm anship of Cllr L W akefield, who presided over Cllrs J Butterworth; G Cooper; D Goad; B Hahn; M Pitcher; E Poll and A W oolf.In attendance - The Press, The Police, and eight m em bers of the Public. Mrs B Hasler (m inutes).6.30 p.m . Open Forum - In line with LALC advice, members of the public can ask a question or make astatement, but this is not required to be recorded in the minutes. If an item raised is on the agenda it willbe debated by councillors at that agenda point (when the public may not take part) or, if it is not on theagenda, with the agreement of council, the item will be placed on the agenda of the next meeting fordebate by council.12/04/01 Receive any apologies for absence Apologies had been received from Cllrs Clayton and Crossland.12/04/02 Declarations of Interest Cllrs Hahn and Goad declared interests in planning application H13-0223-12.12/04/03 Approve the Clerk’s notes as minutes of the meeting held on 6 th M arch 2012 The minutes were agreed - following one am endm ent of 12 Bell Lane to 22 Bell Lane. Agreed - nem con12/04/04 Correspondence received for noting purposes The Acting Adm in Clerk drew m em bers attention to correspondence received since the last m eeting and invited Mem bers to have a look through the bundle. An em ail from Mr Seal regarding having a database of Parishioners to whom m inutes etc could be em ailed was read out. It was suggested that this be discussed under item 12/04/19. Cllr W akefield also noted correspondence from the Audit Com m ission, regarding the cut in audit fees for Town and Parish Councils.12/04/05 Police (a) Any matters for Police attention Cllr Hahn noted he had seen a glue container down Bell Lane and asked if there were any issues with glue sniffing. PCSO Robinson reported that there was not. An em ail from Mr Christopher Harris was read out with regard to speeding in Moulton Seas End and his offering to help with the problem . PCSO Robinson reported that training of any volunteers would be required if a Speed Indication Device was to be used. It was suggested that the Road Safety Partnership be contacted with regard to the training. Cllr W oolf reported that there was a Cropleys school bus drop off point adjacent to the pub car park, which appeared to m ake passing dangerous. It was agreed that a letter be written to the com pany with regard to their drop off points. Cllr Poll left the meeting. Page 1
  2. 2. 2nd April 2012 PSCO Robinson reported that all was well; and that should there be any events planned which required police attendance or road closures, then to apply im m ediately to Head Quarters, as they required plenty of advanced notice. PCSO Robinson reported that there were still issues with m etal, fuel and catalytic converter thefts. She noted that wireless driveway alarm s appeared to be useful.PCSO Robinson left the meeting.12/04/06 Highw ays (a) Any matters for consideration It was reported that the side of the road on W est Cobb Gate (near to Beggar Bush Lane) had lots of dips and ruts. It was noted that they were m ainly on the grass verge, but that there had already been one lorry which had gone off the road there. It was agreed that the m atter be reported to Highways. It was also reported that there was a sim ilar problem along Long Lane (near to Austendike Road). Again, it was agreed that the m atter be reported to Highways. (b) Items reported i Double yellow lines by Golden Lion The Acting Adm in Clerk reported that she had raised the issue with PCSO Robinson; and that it appeared not to be a Police issue but down to Lincolnshire County Council if yellow lines are to be utilised. ii Footw ay in M oulton Seas End The Acting Adm in Clerk reported that she had requested a copy of the letter sent to Mrs Adam s from Highways; and they had agreed to send one. (c) Hedge encroachment in Reynolds Gardens Cllr Hahn reported that he had given the wrong address at the last m eeting and therefore requested that another letter be sent to 22 Bell Lane. The Acting Adm in Clerk undertook to send another letter; Cllr Hahn undertook to go round to 12 Bell Lane and explain the situation. (d) Road Closures Cllr W akefield read out a letter from Lincolnshire County Council, with regard to the road closure at Randall Bank, Moulton Eaugate from 9am to 4pm on 26 th April 2012. It was noted the closure was due to essential tree works; and that an alternative route was via Holland Bank, Quick Lane and Jekills Bank. 12/04/07 Roadway / Footw ay Lighting (a) Any matters for consideration Cllr Goad reported that there was an issue of tree roots encroaching on the pavem ent in Church Lane (near to Glebe House). It was generally agreed that the issue be reported to Highways.12/04/08 South Holland District Council (a) Any matters for consideration Cllr Pitcher reported that the bus shelter at Moulton Seas End appeared to have had rubbish dum ped there. It was agreed that the issue of fly tipping be reported to South Holland District Council. Cllr W oolf requested that the em ail be copied to him . Page 2
  3. 3. 2nd April 2012 (b) Items reported i Damaged road sign at Fold Lane Cllr Hahn noted he had reported this issue. ii Dog waste bin - M oulton Village The Acting Adm in Clerk reported that a com plaint had been received regarding the dog waste bin. It was noted that the bin should be em ptied every Tuesday. The Acting Adm in Clerk noted that it was thought that the bracket holding the bin to the lam p post had broken; and that she had already reported it to South Holland District Council. Cllr Goad undertook to check the bin and report back to the Acting Adm in Clerk should anything further need to be done.12/04/09 Lincolnshire County Council (a) Any matters for consideration There were no m atters raised.12/04/10 M oulton Village Vacancy - notice of election Cllr W akefield reported that an election had been called by ten Parishioners and so notices were due to go up by W ednesday 18 th April 2012. It was reported that polling cards had not been utilised previously. Cllr W oolf explained that he hoped Parishioners would put them selves forward for election, as the election itself would be costly to the Parish Council. It was reported that nom ination packs were available.12/04/11 M oulton W ard (a) M oulton Community Association It was reported that the bingo afternoon was quiet but that £90 was raised for the Jubilee celebrations; with another bingo afternoon planned. Cllr Goad reported that £1,000 had been granted for the refurbishm ent of the kitchen; that the electrical work had been undertaken; that it was hoped another speed restriction sign could be installed; and that various fundraising activities were taking place. (b) Any matters for consideration There were no m atters raised.12/04/12 M oulton Chapel W ard (a) Any matters for consideration It was reported that the organisation of the Jubilee events were m oving forward.12/04/13 M oulton Seas End W ard (a) M oulton Seas End Play Area There were no m atters raised. (b) M oulton Seas End Playing Field i Resignation of Cllr Clayton as Parish Council representative It was noted that the playing field was still utilised; and that the Parish Council representative would be agreed at the next m eeting (being the annual general m eeting). Cllr W oolf reported that a letter had been sent out with regard to trying to divert bus routes through Moulton Seas End. He noted that he would update Mem bers at the next m eeting. Cllr Goad reported that the volunteer car service needed m ore drivers. Page 3
  4. 4. 2nd April 2012 (c) M arquee for Jubilee Celebrations It was reported that the venue m ay have changed; and so this was now not relevant. (d) M oulton Seas End Village Hall Cllr Cooper reported there appeared to be low attendances at functions. He also noted that the village show would be held again this year in August. (e) Any matters for consideration There were no m atters raised.12/04/14 Churchyard (a) Consider any churchyard business i W all damage It was reported that one quote had been received from Castle Build for £350 + VAT; but that no other quotes had yet been received. 12/04/15 Cemetery (a) Interments There were no interm ents reported. (b) M onument authorisations There were no m onum ent authorisations reported. It was noted that the interm ents were brought to the Parish Council’s attention at m eetings, but that their approval was not required. (c) Consider any other cemetery matters i Garden of Remembrance - gravel border It was reported that Bob had requested to replace the grass border around the graves in the Garden of Rem em brance with a gravel border. It was noted that it was difficult to cut the grass between the m onum ents. It was generally agreed that the Burial Board would visit the Garden of Rem em brance and discuss with Bob.12/04/16 Planning matters (a) Applications received to date The Chairm an reported that the applications had been brought to the m eeting and would be circulated and discussed. Cllrs Hahn and Goad declared an interest in planning application H13-0223-12. (b) Planning decisions The decisions were noted. (c) Consider any other planning matters There were no m atters raised.12/04/17 Finance (a) Report It was reported that the Business Account balance stood at £51,815.45; with the Treasurers Account balance being £40,013.65. (b) Accounts for payment There was a query with regard to the photocopier payment (Ricoh). The Acting Admin Clerk undertook to investigate the current agreement and to take a meter Page 4
  5. 5. 2nd April 2012 reading. It was reported that all Parishes paid into the voluntary car scheme fund. It was suggested that an idea of useage of the scheme would be helpful. It was generally agreed that the council tax for the cemetery be paid in a lump sum cf monthly instalments. Agreed - nem con The payments were agreed.12/04/18 Insurance (a) Ensuring adequate cover Mem bers generally agreed that the cover figure of £4,951.49 was adequate. Agreed - nem con (b) Jubilee celebrations advice It was reported that the Parish Council itself was not organising an event and so the advice was not relevant. It was noted that any organisation arranging a Jubilee event would require public liability insurance.12/04/19 Free website Cllr Goad reported that he was willing to produce a ‘free’ website for the Parish Council. He noted that the dom ain nam e of www.m was available for a sm all cost of £5.90 every 2 years; and that a banner across the website would incur a further cost of £5.00 - £10.00. Cllr Goad reported that he would be able to upload photographs; have a page for m inutes; and that links to other organisations could be possible. There was a brief discussion regarding the dom ain nam e insom uch that it m ay be useful to have ‘Lincs’ within the nam e; as Mem bers were concerned that there are various Moulton Parish Councils around the country. Cllr Goad proposed the website be constructed; seconded by Cllr W akefield. Agreed - nem con It was suggested that any item s to be put on the website be cleared by the Parish Council prior to being uploaded.Cllr Poll returned to the meeting.12/04/20 South East Lincolnshire Visioning Exercise Cllr Poll reported that this was an exercise incorporating both South Holland and Boston; and that questionnaires were available. Cllr Poll agreed to report back on the Exercise at the next m eeting.12/04/21 M ail Redirection It was noted that a new form had to be filled out in order to ensure the m ail was redirected. Page 5
  6. 6. 2nd April 201212/04/22 Best Kept Villages and Small Tow ns Competition 2012 - for decision It was generally agreed that all three villages would enter the com petition. Agreed - nem con12/04/23 Agree procedure for appointing new Clerk, including to consider evaluation report and recruitment advert The Chairm an reported that Godfrey Parkes - the internal auditor - had undertaken an evaluation of the Clerk’s role. It was reported that the suggested salary scale was LC2 points 26-29 (equating to £22,221 - £24,646) - with this being based on a 37 hour week. The Managem ent Group had suggested that the post did not require 37 hours per week and so had put forward 26 hours per week. It was therefore proposed that the role would be an average of 5 hours per day, thus m aking 25 hours per week; with the extra hour a week accruing for Parish Council m eetings. Proposed by Cllr Poll; seconded by Cllr Cooper. It was reported that the applications would go to the Chairm an or the Acting Adm in Clerk, with the closing date being the end of the m onth. Following shortlisting and interviews it was hoped that there would be som eone in post by July 2012. It was noted that if the weekly hours were not enough there was scope to increase. Agreed - nem con It was suggested that the som e of the recruitm ent tasks be delegated to the various Parish Council groups. Cllr W oolf read out the suggested advert and the wording was generally agreed.12/04/24 Consider venue of M ay 2012 meeting It was reported that the May m eeting would take place at the John Harrox Prim ary School in Moulton village, com m encing at 6.30pm on Tuesday 1 st May 2012. The Acting Adm in Clerk undertook to book the venue.12/04/25 Exclusion of the Press and Public for confidentiality reasons Proposed by Cllr Pitcher; seconded by Cllr Hahn. Agreed - nem conThe Press and Public left the meeting. Page 6