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The Social Media Advisor Book


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Workbook walking through the importance of social media, setting up of profiles and tips and tricks

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The Social Media Advisor Book

  1. 1. Brand Building | Content Management | Support
  2. 2. History of  2003: Virtual Assistants for Telecommunications Industry  Marketing our Niche to Agents  2009: Wrote the workbook: Social Media in Telecommunications  Build Branding Presence for Technology Companies  Content driven marketing  2010: Branched out as a service offering for all industries
  3. 3. Book  Education, Ownership and Accountability  Taking ownership of your social presence  Increase in communication  Mass messaging of promotions and news  Event Planning  Brand extension  Valuable content for your viewers  Training on best practices, techniques and tools
  4. 4. Brand Building | Content Management | Support Changing the way people do business. Don't get left behind!