Secrets to Better Health: How two average people have achieved a walking habit


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Want to be healthier? Learn the secrets from people who have made it happen.

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Secrets to Better Health: How two average people have achieved a walking habit

  1. 1. Cristina Leos( Stanford University
  2. 2. How many times have you resolved to getin better shape only to find that your busylifestyle makes it difficult and discouragingto stick with it for long?Read on to learn how two average peoplehave made it a habit to walk every day.
  3. 3. Angela is a middle-aged woman living inSouthern California.It all began with…an invitation from a neighbor who waswalking past Angela’s yard one evening.Angela agreed to join her on her nextevening’s walk – just one day at first, nopressure to commit to more.
  4. 4. One day at a time…After the first day, she decided she could do onemore. She enjoyed the carefree feeling ofwalking and talking with a friend, a chance tounwind from the stresses of the day.More people joined in…Angela and her friend recruited more women tojoin their walk, and this time for socializing slowlybecame a daily ritual for them all.
  5. 5. 1. Do it with a friend: walking isn’t the central purpose, it is fun and relaxing to spend time with friends2. No pressure: not feeling obligated to walk means you never stress about going or not going
  6. 6. Vivian is a 20-something living in NorthernCaliforniaIt all began with…Her travels in Asia, where she walked everywhereas a means of transportation.
  7. 7. Getting perspective…This walking time gave her a chance to relax andthink through things that her otherwise hectic daydidn’t allow her to do.Applying it to her life in the US…In order to make time to de-stress, she continuesto walk every day, either for class, to run errands,or just to enjoy the fresh air while she makes aphone call.
  8. 8. 1. Pair walking with something else you already do: transportation is the most obvious, but errands and phone calls work too2. Use that time to de-stress: everyone has incredibly busy lives, this opportunity to relax will make you feel better overall
  9. 9. 2 important things happened which led these individuals to walk:1. Getting invited to walk by a friend2. Needing a form of reliable transportation
  10. 10. If you’re looking to start a walking habit, trymaking a walking date with a friend.Or the next time you need to run a quickerrand, try walking all or part of the way
  11. 11. Just remember to keep it low-pressure and dosomething that will make you feel good,whether that is walking while making a phonecall, walking to reflect on your thoughts, orwalking with a friend.Make your walking experienceuniquely yours.
  12. 12. You just learned the secrets of two averagepeople who have formed a walking habit– wantto learn more ?Email me(,orFollow me on Twitter(@consider_change)