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4 Behavior Patterns of Highly Motivated People


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High motivation leads to other desired behaviors, but as a designer, how do you know when this motivation is most accessible? View my slides to learn about 4 behavior patterns that point to this type of highly-motivated experience

4 Behavior Patterns of Highly Motivated People

  1. 1. 4 Behavior Patterns of Highly Motivated People:How a Motivation Wave affects behavior Cristina Leos ( Stanford University
  2. 2. What is a Motivation Wave? A high-motivation state which makes it easier for someone to perform other desired behaviors For example: around New Year’s, people are highly motivated to lose weight
  3. 3. A Motivation Wave is PowerfulThe key is that thisstate makes iteasier to do thingsthat normally arehard or time-consumingOn a motivation wave, you might wake up before Photo credit: EPR Marketing work to go out for a walk when you usually snooze until the last minute
  4. 4. ?So how do we know someone is on a Motivation Wave?
  5. 5. Track 4 Behaviors leisurepurchases activitiestechnology conversation use
  6. 6. Purchases A Motivation Wave can lead to increases in specific types of purchases or several related purchasesSomeone motivated to walk moremight buy a new pair of walking shoesor maybe a new water bottle or anarmband for their iPod (or all three!) Photo credit:
  7. 7. Leisure Activities What percentage of their leisure time is spent doing passive vs. active activities?Highly motivated people are less likely to spend time passively watching TV or surfing the internet Their activities are likely to be more structured and focused, like searching for new walking routes near homePhoto credit:
  8. 8. Technology Use Think about how they are using their time on the internet and on their mobile device. Highly motivated people will likely spend more time engaging with items related to their desired outcome.A motivated person might spend moretime searching for information such asthe health benefits of walking orposting updates onto social media Photo credit: Geocentric
  9. 9. ConversationPeople experiencing a Motivation Waveare more likely to verbally expressexcitement and motivation. They mayintroduce new topics or increase thefrequency with which they visit certaintopics If suddenly your co-worker can’t stop talking about how relaxed he feels now that he walks every day, it is likely Photo credit: Utah State University he is highly motivated
  10. 10. When one or more of these behavior patterns are present, someone is experiencing a Motivation Wave
  11. 11. This high-motivation state is the best timeto structure future behavior, make specific behaviors easy to do, and gain skills so that the desired outcome is reached.
  12. 12. Identifying when someone is experiencing it means that structured behavioral interventions can have greater success. Someone who is already highly motivated to walk can be prompted to make it a habit, and will probably experience another Motivation Wave, too!
  13. 13. Use these 4 behavior patternsto identify who is highly motivated and maximize your potential for successful behavior change!
  14. 14. Want to hear more aboutbehavior design, motivation,and other useful things?Email me:cristina.leos1@gmail.comorfollow me on Twitter:@consider_change