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  • Anthropology Teacher for a day

    1. 1. FORBIDDEN ANTHROPOLOGY Kaitlyn McKeown Maxime Sansregret
    2. 2. COVER UP - Michael Cremo--> Massive over-up -Filtering out things that don’t make sense
    3. 3. CONVENTIONAL THEORY -States that modern man originated in south Africa and travelled until the new world 30 000 years ago - Because of artefacts that they found, they can overturn the theory
    4. 4. VIRGINIA/FORBIDDEN SITE When facts don’t make sense according to evidence, it is forgotten about People won’t talk about it
    5. 5. EXTINCTION OF DINOSAURS Predominant theory says that humans weren’t around to witness the extinction of dinosaurs Human footprints were found with dinosaurs--> Didn’t make sense--> New made up story(tourist attraction!)
    6. 6. COVERING UP STORIES They found a carcass of a paleosaur in New Zealand. Didn’t make sense according to evidence that it should of been extinct for millions of years -->
    7. 7. LUCY Her human resemblances People say that she wasn’t that different from an ape Scientists say that she is just an instinct race of apes
    8. 8. TIAHUANACO Oldest city in the world Was constructed 12 000 to 17 000 years ago It was perfectly built It was a giant clock to show the progression of the sun Made by an advanced civilisation
    9. 9. THE DIFFERENT COMPLEX Stonehenge Sacsayhuman fortress, Peru
    10. 10. THEIR RESEMBLANCE Made with very heavy stones They all have an astronomical purpose They don’t know who made them
    11. 11. WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT WHO MADE THEM A remote civilization that had a presence in Europe, South America and Egypt They left behind a legacy of knowledge
    12. 12. THE SPHINX IN EGYPT It is 12 000 years old It was made in 10 500 B.C They think that the same people that built the sphinx would be the same people that constructed huge buildings in America
    13. 13. THEIR KNOWLEDGE OF THE WORLD They had a map of the earth This map had features that no one in that time should of known It shows what’s under the ice in Antartica They had all the technologies to be able to draw maps almost as good as the ones were capable of drawing today
    14. 14. ATLANTIS It was destroyed by floods and earthquakes No sign of this continent had been found There is a theory that it is buried under 2 miles of ice in Antartica
    15. 15. ANIMALS FOUND 1000 of frozen animals were found They were able to find that they were eating flowers found in summer conditions but they were found in Siberia The theory is that the continents moved
    16. 16. CONTINENTAL DRIFT Happens every 41 000 years The crust of the Earth moves This may explain why the civilization that built all these amazing things was never discovered