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Occupy Wall Street at Campus Party Brazil


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Campus Party Brazil is a massive tech/gaming/digital world conference in Sao Paulo in February 2012.
One of the sessions is about global protest movements. I'm representing Occupy Wall Street, and this is my presentation.

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Occupy Wall Street at Campus Party Brazil

  1. 1. *Charles LenchnerTech Ops Group, Occupy Wall Street & Organizing
  2. 2. *
  3. 3. * I am 19 years old and married to a hard-working military man. I have NO job, despite dozens and dozens of applications, and have not started college. I am too scared to acquire that much debt and have no guarantee of getting a job in this dying economy. I’ve been thinking of enlisting to regain some sense of self-worth, but even the military has suffered. I fear for my future. I fear for my future children’s place in this world.* I am scared.* I am lost.* I am pissed.* I am the 99%.* Born in this world as it all* falls apart.* *
  4. 4. *
  5. 5. * Meta-brand allows for multiple and even conflicting messages that build power and cooperation* Door is wide open for all: Miley Cyrus & Jasiri X* No gatekeeping* Free agents find a home* Cooperation without coordination *
  6. 6. *Wasted effort*Weak evaluation*Barriers to integration*Smaller projects*Focus on feeling – not impact *
  7. 7. ********* Jesse LeGreca Fox Takedown *
  8. 8. *