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Russian Business Etiquette - Doing Business in Russia


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Russia has a district business culture from the rest of it's European counterparts. If you are going to be doing business in Russia it is important to learn proper Russian business etiquette. Many Russian business customs are quite surprising!

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Russian Business Etiquette - Doing Business in Russia

  1. 1. Russia Business Etiquette Tips
  2. 2. As an expatriate working abroad, you will be introduced to a number of different business cultures and customs. Most European countries have a lot in common when it comes to business etiquette. However, Russia has its own set of customs that are unique to the continent. Here are a few tips and tricks about the business customs in Russia.
  3. 3. Dining Etiquette in Russia • The first thing you should do if you are invited for a meal is arrive on time. • If attending dinner at a family residence, it is appropriate to bring a gift, such as a bottle of wine, dessert, or a bouquet of fowers. • You must also make sure to remove your shoes before entering. • Also dress well regardless of where you are gathering, as office attire can be seen as a sign of respect.
  4. 4. Business Meeting Etiquette in Russia • Business meetings in Russia are extremely formal if they don’t take place in a dining setting. • Like before, you must always be on time, the news source noted. • Patience is appreciated, so your discussions may be slower than in the U.S. • Russian’s may show up late or leave abruptly during a meeting on purpose. This is considered a negotiation tactic and shouldn’t be taken personally.
  5. 5. Before traveling to Russia, it is important to be prepared and look into safety and security and other potential dangers. If you are interested in learning more about Russia, make sure to visit Russia's risk assessment country guide.
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