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High-Quality Cash Counting Machines | Carnation Enterprise


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List of high quality cash counting machines businesses bought to help them with their currency counting task. Businesses really want to buy these bill counters because they want to get their job done earlier and to avoid manual counting errors. These counting machines are very reliable, accurate. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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High-Quality Cash Counting Machines | Carnation Enterprise

  1. 1. CASH COUNTINGMACHINESList of High Quality Performing CashCounters with Counterfeit Detection
  2. 2. What is a Cash Counting Machine?Cash counting machines are printer-lookingdevices commonly found in banks, casinos,and even on businesses that processesapplies counting money.The main purpose of Cash CountingMachine or also known as banknote counteris to count cash, and coins in bundlesfaster, and no errors. Unlike manuallycounted money, cash counting machinesproduce no error.
  3. 3. 4 Qualifications of High Quality CashCounting Machine• Accuracy - The quality or state of being correct or precise.• Speed - A rate (usually rapid) at which somethinghappens.• Reliability - The quality of being dependable or reliable.• Counterfeit Detection - The ability to detect or torecognize what it fake.
  4. 4. Examples of Different Kinds of CashCounting Machine• The next thing you are about to see is a list of high-qualitycash counting machines. There are unique types ofcounting machines that might surprise you, like the minicounting machine you are going to see in the next coupleof slides.
  5. 5. CR1 Bank-Grade BillCounter UV MG IRCR1 is one of the best-known andpopular money counting machines on themarket. Complete with a full package ofcounterfeit detection functions - UV, MG,and IR, and impressive stacker capacityof 400 banknotes. Works with CanadianDollar, USD, Euro, Mexican Peso, andmost other currencies. This moneycounter has a BATCH and ADDfunctions, allowing counting out banknotebatches of equal size, or convenientlyadding consecutive batches of billstogether.Click here for further details.
  6. 6. CR180 Bill Counter UV MGCR180 Carnation money counting machineis designed for businesses with low tomedium volume of cash handling. CR180cash counter features UV and MG fake billdetection. BATCH and ADD functions allowto count out equal batches of banknotes, orconveniently add consecutive batches ofbills together. CR180 Carnation moneycounter comes with external display.Click here for more details.
  7. 7. CR2 Money Counter UV MG IRCR2 Money Counter is popular with banks,credit unions, and businesses in USA,Canada, and around the world. With theprice tag of just $599, you dont have to run(or rob) a bank to enjoy one of thelatest and most sophisticated moneycounting machines. This money countercomes complete with a BATCH and ADDfunctions, allowing counting out batches ofequal number of banknotes, or convenientlyadding consecutive batches of billstogether. Money Counter Canada / USA -Works with USD, Canadian Dollar, Euro,and many other currencies.Click here for more details.
  8. 8. CR2323 Cash Counter UV MG IRCounting bills is easy with CarnationCR2323 cash counter. This money counterfeatures Infra-Red, UV, and Magneticcounterfeit detection functions. We are soconfident you are going to like our productsthat we offer Total Satisfaction or 110%Money Back Guarantee(see Terms &Conditions for details). Save time, SaveHassle, Save Cash!Click here for more details
  9. 9. CR30 Mini Money Counter with BatteriesCompact and ultra light, CR30 is the bestMINI money counter on the market. Best forcounting small amounts (under 100 bills in abatch). Works with any currency. ADDfunction allows adding consecutive batchesof banknotes.Click here for more details
  10. 10. CR36 Money Counter with UV DetectionCR36 is the most basic counter in theCarnation product line. Designed forcustomers who dont need sophisticatedcounterfeit detection technology and largecapacity. Recommended only for smalloperators.Click here for more details
  11. 11. Mixed Denomination Currency Value CounterThe Carnation Value Counter is THEmachine for customers who need to countunsorted banknotes. Until recently thistechnology (and the price tag attached) wasreserved for banks and casinos only. Today,thanks to numerous breakthroughs inengineering and recognition software,Carnation is able to offer a mixeddenomination value counter to small andmedium size businesses as well.Click here for more details
  12. 12. Carnation Enterprises• Carnation Enterprisesis a manufacturer ofmoney counters. Ourmoney countingmachines are sold inUSA, Canada, Mexico,and many othercountries.• Address:265 South ProspectAvenue, Itasca, IL60143• Call Now!1-800-296-2779
  13. 13. CARNATION ENTERPRISECarnation Enterprise | Cash Counting Machine, Bill Counter, Mixed MoneyCounterWatch out for Discounts and Sales by following us on Twitter: @CarnationEntVisit Website