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One year-with-chameleon


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Published in: Technology, Business
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One year-with-chameleon

  1. 1. One year with Dr. Clement Escoffier, akquinet A.G. Karl Pauls, akquinet A.G. Guillaume Sauthier, Bull SAS OW2  Chameleon  was  born  almost  one  year  ago.  The  project’s  goal  is  to   provide   an   infrastructure   and   common   services   to   build   flexible   and   customizable  OSGi-­‐based  applicaEon  servers.  OW2  Chameleon  has  grown   during   this   year   and   reached   a   level   of   maturity   that   allows   producEon   deployments.   CollaboraEons   with   others   open-­‐source   projects   were   also   started   this   year.   Furthermore,   the   development   is   integrated   with   the   OW2  infrastructure.  OW2  Chameleon  strives  to  be  a  good  OW2  CiEzen  and   follows  a  Mentoring  approach.   OW2  Annual  Conference  2010,  November  24-­‐25,  La  Can;ne,    Paris.    
  2. 2. Outline   OW2  Annual  Conference  2010,  November  24-­‐25,  La  Can;ne,    Paris.     Chameleon   CollaboraEons   IntegraEon  in   OW2  
  3. 3. Mission  Statement   •  Provides  a  way  to  build  customized  and   specific  execuEon  environments   •  Main  CharacterisEcs   – OSGi-­‐based   – Modular  and  service-­‐centric   – Dynamic     OW2  Annual  Conference  2010,  November  24-­‐25,  La  Can;ne,    Paris.    
  4. 4. How  does  a  Chameleon  look  like  ?   OW2  Annual  Conference  2010,  November  24-­‐25,  La  Can;ne,    Paris.     Core   Deployment  and  Provisioning   Infrastructure  /  Technical  Services   ApplicaEons   OSGi  +  Core  services     and  frameworks   Managing  bundles,  services  and   configuraEons   Technical  Services     (Service  Catalog)   ApplicaEons  bundles  and   services  
  5. 5. What  can  we  achieve  ?   OW2  Annual  Conference  2010,  November  24-­‐25,  La  Can;ne,    Paris.     Web  ApplicaEons  
  6. 6. What  can  we  achieve  ?   OW2  Annual  Conference  2010,  November  24-­‐25,  La  Can;ne,    Paris.     Desktop  ApplicaEons  
  7. 7. What  can  we  achieve  ?   OW2  Annual  Conference  2010,  November  24-­‐25,  La  Can;ne,    Paris.     Mobile  and  Embedded   ApplicaEons  
  8. 8. Chameleon  Components   OW2  Annual  Conference  2010,  November  24-­‐25,  La  Can;ne,    Paris.     Core   Frameworks   Service  Catalog   Ready  to  use  OSGi  runEme     +  component  model  +  configuraEon  support   ROSE  :  remote  service,  dynamic  discovery,     protocol  agnosEc   Visual  VM  Plugin:  OSGi  adminstraEon   JSON,  SyndicaEon,  Chat,  Twi[er,   Preferences…      +  Distribu0ons   Quick  start  packs  (web,  sling,  communicaEon  server…)  
  9. 9. CollaboraEons   OW2  Annual  Conference  2010,  November  24-­‐25,  La  Can;ne,    Paris.     •  Apache  Felix   –  Reuse  of  components   –  Feedbacks   •  Apache  Ace   –  As  provisioning  system   •  Apache  Sling,   Commons…   •  uGASP   –  RemoEng,  framework   •  JOnAS   –  CollaboraEon,   discussions,  sharing   •  Aspire   –  Reuse  of  components  
  10. 10. CollaboraEons   Others  Feedback  &  IntegraEon   •  ImplementaEon  of  services  using  others  OS   projects:   –  ROME,,  jabsorb,  android,  mysql,  hsql…   –  Available  from  the  service  catalog   •  CollaboraEons   –  VisualVM  team,  Axway   •  European  Projects   –  OSAMI   OW2  Annual  Conference  2010,  November  24-­‐25,  La  Can;ne,    Paris.    
  11. 11. How  to  be  a  good  OW2  CiEzen   OW2  Annual  Conference  2010,  November  24-­‐25,  La  Can;ne,    Paris.     OW2     CiEzenship   Development  Forge   Openness  IntegraEon  
  12. 12. Mentoring ? Accompany a newly accepted   project OW2  Annual  Conference  2010,  November  24-­‐25,  La  Can;ne,    Paris.     from childhood …   ... to graduation  
  13. 13. Who can mentor a project ? •  Technology Council Member •  Community Involved •  Experiences to Share OW2  Annual  Conference  2010,  November  24-­‐25,  La  Can;ne,    Paris.    
  14. 14. Technical Duties •  Helps the project to setup its infrastructure   o  Forge services (including)     SCM     Mailing lists     Wiki   The Headquarter     Tracker     Continuous integration   o  Avoid the usual pitfalls   o  Share his knowledge about the OW2 platform   •  Encourage usage of best practices   •  Ensure that the project is "on the rails" OW2  Annual  Conference  2010,  November  24-­‐25,  La  Can;ne,    Paris.    
  15. 15. Social Duties •  Act as the entry-point to the OW2 community   o  Knows the OW2 "Who's who"     And who is doing what ... •  Help to create relationships between projects   o  Can detect early possible cooperation   o  Project cross-fertilizer   o  Make people meet and talk together OW2  Annual  Conference  2010,  November  24-­‐25,  La  Can;ne,    Paris.     You  are   here  
  16. 16. Chameleon Today •  Frequent releases   •  Contributors from different companies •  Under active development   o  Services added to the catalog on a regular basis •  Still small community   o  But used on production   •  High quality components     •  Soon out of the incubator ? And  tomorrow  ?   OW2  Annual  Conference  2010,  November  24-­‐25,  La  Can;ne,    Paris.    
  17. 17. OW2  Annual  Conference  2010,  November  24-­‐25,  La  Can;ne,    Paris.     Extended   CollaboraEons   Apache  Ace   OW2  JOnAS,   uGASP   New  services,   and  distribuEons   More  and  Be[er   Support   Mail,  JPA,  JTA   Installers   WebKit  
  18. 18. OW2  Annual  Conference  2010,  November  24-­‐25,  La  Can;ne,    Paris.