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The agile cloud development scenario in ten acts


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The agile cloud development scenario in ten acts, TFSService

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The agile cloud development scenario in ten acts

  1. 1. The agileclouddevelopmentscenario in 10 acts
  2. 2. TFService ALM in the Cloudcrowd development and crowd testing, fast enabling ofteams with TFS service, master and teambacklogs, exploratory and automated testing, featurebranches with build quality and automatic deployment ofazure applications.
  3. 3. The agile cloud development scenario• TFS service,• master and team backlogs,• feature branches with build quality,• automatic deployment,• exploratory and automated testing. fast enabling of teams for crowd development and crowd testing
  4. 4. Team Foundation Service
  5. 5. Server vs. Service Server Service Work Items, Source Control, & Build Agile Product/Project Management Test Case Management Heterogeneous Development Near-zero setup and administration Collaborate with anyone, from anywhere Virtual Test Lab Management SharePoint Integration Data Warehouse & Reporting
  6. 6. Authentication Today: Windows Live ID Future: Corporate identity with Active Directory Federation Services, Google ID, Yahoo ID, Facebook Connect, etc.
  7. 7. Authentication Today: LiveID on corporate email, ping every month.
  8. 8. Clients
  9. 9. Act 1:connect to tfsservice 1. open TFS client 2. connect to 3. use given LiveID or provide yours to the presenter
  10. 10. Teams By defining a group of people who work on your team projects, you can more easily organize, track, and facilitate the work that those people perform.
  11. 11. Teams A team project can one or more teams.
  12. 12. Teams A team contains one or more team project members
  13. 13. Teams A team project member doesn’t need to be in a team
  14. 14. Teams A team is responsible for an area
  15. 15. Teams
  16. 16. Act 2:Browse the teamclient administrator designfunctional area functional area area <root> area
  17. 17. Iteration A team project has release / sprints
  18. 18. Iteration A team project is in a sprint
  19. 19. Iteration A team follows the team projects sprint cycle
  20. 20. Iteration A team contributes to an interation
  21. 21. product backlog A team has a product backlog for the area its responsible for
  22. 22. Teams
  23. 23. Act 3:Add backlog itemsadd backlog items for your team and prioritize
  24. 24. sprint backlog add backlog items to a sprint (current or future) commit backlog item add tasks to a backlog item
  25. 25. sprint backlog Team capacity per sprint
  26. 26. sprint backlog Team capacity planning
  27. 27. sprint backlog don’t play with the work items !!!
  28. 28. Act 4:plan the sprintselect sprint items and add tasks
  29. 29. board The task board contains tasks for an area for the current sprint.
  30. 30. board
  31. 31. Act 5:run the sprintput some tasks to todo
  32. 32. source
  33. 33. source
  34. 34. source
  35. 35. teams A team is responsible for an area
  36. 36. sourceVersion Control for Multiple Agile Teams
  37. 37. Act 6:run the sprintget your branch and execute your tasks
  38. 38. break
  39. 39. builds Local Build Server
  40. 40. builds Cloud Build Server 10/14/Build-Service-on-Azure-connected- with-Hosted-TFS-Service-on-Azure.aspx
  41. 41. builds
  42. 42. Act 7:check the qualityget your branch and execute your tasks
  43. 43. merge Relate merge check-in 2 bpi
  44. 44. sourceVersion Control for Multiple Agile Teams
  45. 45. Act 8:merge the changesget your branch and execute your tasks
  46. 46. deploy
  47. 47. deploy /2011/12/06/automated-build-and- deployment-with-windows-azure-sdk-1- 6.aspx
  48. 48. Act 9:deploy the bits kick off the deployment build
  49. 49. planned test
  50. 50. tests planned test tests test tests tests tests tests tests tests tests testsbuild build build build
  51. 51. planned test
  52. 52. exploritory test
  53. 53. exploritory test • Centered on customer value rather than spec compliance • Find bugs fast and early without overhead • Tests working software! Summit/2011/Exploratory-Testing
  54. 54. the bug backlog
  55. 55. the bug backlog 10/12/Teams-in-Visual-Studio-11-CTP- ugs-on-the-product-backlog the-Bug-Backlog.aspx
  56. 56. Act 10:test the bitsget your branch and execute your tasks
  57. 57. use the system
  58. 58. dank