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IT Free technology Teachers 2015


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Free Technology for teachers presentation to be given October 2015

Published in: Education
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IT Free technology Teachers 2015

  1. 1. Photo by Jan Persiel - Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License Created with Haiku Deck
  2. 2. Sharing & Organisational Tools Free CPD
  3. 3. RSS Feeds • Make your life easier with RSS feeds. • RSS feeds deliver regularly changing web content to you. No need to keep revisiting sites. • Easy to keep them all in one site with a reader – Feedly or G2reader.
  4. 4. Making you life easier - sharing
  5. 5. Social bookmaking • A way to share and a way to organise your RSS feeds. • Best example – Diigo • Diigo allows you to bookmark, tag, highlight and add sticky notes to articles. • A great research tool and a great collaborative platform – able to form groups. • You are also able to recommend content.
  6. 6. TAGGING!!!
  7. 7. Other sharing tools
  8. 8. Use RSS feed, scoop articles and create own page, share on twitter or dept facebook page or simply receive a daily e-mail.
  9. 9. Making your life easier - twitter • A micro blogging site *140 characters • You follow fellow teachers to build up a network • Use withYr12/Yr13 • #bsbenergy • Excellent CPD
  10. 10. The location of teachers who follow me on twitter
  11. 11. What are you doing? 140 Update Summarize the content of the lesson in 140 characters. 16
  12. 12. Home Profile Find People Settings Help Sign out What are you doing? Update Home Unknown Home Following Followers Tweets 100 89 100 @unknown Direct Messages Favourites Search Q RSS Feed 140 More Name of Twitter user and image here. Most recent Tweet here. Oldest Tweet here.
  13. 13. Monitor Students Group Projects
  14. 14. Free Video Tools
  15. 15. Quickcast – MAC app
  16. 16. Audio
  17. 17. Audioboom – works on Android, iOS and as a web app. No account needed, but only web based.
  18. 18. Research & Search Engines
  19. 19. Specialist search engines Quintura & Kidrex for Yr 7/8 Google Scholar for Yr12/13
  20. 20. Understanding the meaning of words tools
  21. 21. Shahi – Visual Dictionary
  22. 22. WordWriter new way of learning vocab through writing You set assignments in WordWriter
  23. 23. Presentational Tools
  24. 24. Collaborate, add youtube videos, photos, text and embed in your website/ VLE.
  25. 25. Power Point on steroids
  26. 26. Free presentation software which forces students to focus on the visuals, as little text can be added.
  27. 27. Emaze your audience
  28. 28. Flipboard– Create digital magazines. Students can collaborate
  29. 29. My Yr9 students preferred sites! Both are very simple & easy to use, have templates, backgrounds to choose from, cool fonts, clip art…
  30. 30. Canva – A new poster design tool
  31. 31. An amazing site where you can share web resources
  32. 32. Timeline tool Help children plan a story or prepare for a special event, or review stories from the past. Can add images to the descriptions. Saving capability allows them to come back to unfinished work.
  33. 33. Allows students to create cartoon strips and alter the mood of the photo.
  34. 34. Turn quotes into cool posters
  35. 35. Cool Interactive tools for the classroom