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Fashion journalism reviews

  1. 1. Forum House | Stirling Road | Chichester | PO19 7DNFashion journalism course reviews by Cindy VoongFashion Show CATWALK SHOW th 18 February 2011 17:45London Fashion Week: Northumberland House, WC2NFelder Felder Autumn/Winter 2011 CollectionThis has got to be a collection for women who are looking for some attention. Duodesigners Daniela and Annette Felder may be identical twins, but you won’t bumpinto your ‘twin’ wearing one of their designs.The designers had their models strut down the catwalk in goat’s hair sewn on piecesof garments.Hand-dyed in rich deep colours and attached to shoulders or bangles, a nice way toadd some glamour.The most refreshing colour seen in this collection has got to be midnight blue. It wasseen on the garments as well as the models lips, an eye-catching colour whichalmost distracted me from the clothes.Luckily it wasn’t for long thanks to the mix of graphic prints that came down therunway. In swirls of light pink and black on flowing silk dresses, you could see thatthe designers wanted to bring out the feminine side of the Felder Felder women.Although, seeing those prints on flowing fabrics gave me a sense of déjà vu. It was infact, a similar style to another brand that showcased their collection on the sameday at London fashion week - Aminaka Wilmont. Looks like, designers are taking aliking with this style.However, the new idea this season for the Felder sisters was that floral crystal-embroidery, which was seen on most of the dresses. The crystals were stitched on tocreate the petals of a sunflower.Elsewhere, trousers were skinny and tight, while skirts were in A-line shapes, someof which were in silver leather. That’s correct; I did say this collection is only for thebrave!With the show itself I did find something slightly bizarre, a few models didn’t walkall the way down to the end of the catwalk, but instead they walked halfway then Forum House | Stirling Road | Chichester | PO19 7DN
  2. 2. Forum House | Stirling Road | Chichester | PO19 7DNturned around? Luckily the loud music covered the sound of disappointment madeby the photographers’.Overall, a nice ready-to-wear collection with quite • Both sisters studied at the famousa lot of wearable pieces. Compared to their Central Saint Martins during 2006/2007.previous autumn/winter collections, this has got to • Felder Felder won the NewGenbe the most glamorous one. The use of colour and award for three consecutivetexture was clever too. seasons. • The catwalk room was in the newly restored ballroom of the Northumberland House, which has never been a venue for a fashionFashion journalism course reviews by Cindy Voong Forum House | Stirling Road | Chichester | PO19 7DN
  3. 3. Forum House | Stirling Road | Chichester | PO19 7DNFashion journalism course reviews by Cindy VoongRevlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick, £8.99 • Colour that stays put for at least 12hrs with no touch-ups requiredA lipstick for the modern women in the 21st • Available in 20 soft satin shadescentury. The Revlon Ultimate Liquid Lipstick has • Doe foot applicator for precise coveragea patent colorstay technology which adds a • Goes on as liquid then becomesscientific touch to cosmetics. matteThis technology claims to give you long lasting colour up to 24 hours. But, is thisreally the case or is it just another marketing slogan?We have heard all kinds of slogans before; long lasting, smudge proof, ten timesmore volume. But how many actually live up to their promises? The last thing wewant is to look like the joker from Batman. Could Revlon’s ultimate liquid lipstickbe the answer?First the packaging, when you first clasp your eyes on the rectangular shaped see-through bottle, you can’t help but become attracted. It looks so classy and is verysimilar to Victoria Secret’s lipgloss from their VS Makeup range.Next it’s the product itself, you will notice that you get a lot of liquid on theapplicator upon opening as it hasn’t got a built-in excess wiper. So this willeventually leave you with liquid all around the entrance.However, it does live up to its promises. The lipstick is food-proof, doesn’t fade, notouch-ups required, and lasts up to 12 hours…could be longer than that but I needmy beauty sleep!In fact, I should add another one – water resistant. I tried to remove it with waterbut it wouldn’t budge. Yet, it glides off easily with oil-based make-up remover.This colorstay technology is incredibly clever. I left my mark on a good few emptycups of coffee, yet my lips were still bright as a red tomato. I could’ve easily gottenaway with the simple “they’re not mine”, just so I didn’t need to wash up!Overall, the claims aren’t just marketing slogans for this product. The lipstick goeson moist then dries in a few moments. The negative thing I would say is, themoment it dries that’s it, no turning back! So this means well prepped lips are Forum House | Stirling Road | Chichester | PO19 7DN
  4. 4. Forum House | Stirling Road | Chichester | PO19 7DNessential, otherwise any dry patches will show up. If you’re not the lip scrubbingtype, then this isn’t for you.Fashion journalism course reviews by Cindy Voong Forum House | Stirling Road | Chichester | PO19 7DN