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Voila! a LibGuide on Steroids


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This is part 7 of my larger LibTech 2011 presentation, "LibGuides on Steroids: Expanding the User Base of LibGuides to Support Library Instruction and Justify Workload."

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Voila! a LibGuide on Steroids

  1. 1. Voilà! A LibGuide on Steroids<br />The Finished Product: A Multiple-Use Scaffolding Tool to Support IL Instruction<br />
  2. 2. Voilà! A LibGuide on Steroids<br />Freshman English Information Literacy Instructors' Guide   <br />Provides the resources necessary for the Freshman English course assignments<br />Provides scaffolding for library faculty who teach in support of these assignments<br />Provides scaffolding for teaching faculty who wish to include IL instruction and activities in their disciplinary instruction<br />Freshman English Information Literacy Instructors' Guide<br />