les 4ème 4


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les 4ème 4

  1. 1. Hello! My name Is Ikram, Krami is my nickname. I am 14 years old and I live in Bourges.I am in the school Jules Verne. I like the school because I have many friends, the teachers are nice! My favourite subject is english but I hate physics. In my family I have two brothers and two sisters, I love them, we are a great family! After school I see my friends, I surf on internet, messenger…I also love music. To finish I want to be teacher of English. See you!
  2. 2. hello! My name is Amaury and I’m 14 years old. I practice football and I like sporty activities. I also like listen a music and look the TV. I have two brothers and I support « L’Olympique Lyonnais »!
  3. 3. My name is Alexis I’m 13 1/2 years old. I like action films and I like r’nb. My life in school is not good because I don’t like school but the atmosphere is cool. My friends are very good. My family is very important because I love my family. I like tennis and basketball because it’s good sports. I like English because it’s not difficult and I like also My teacher Englsih because she explains well.
  4. 4. Hello, my name is Jasmine My school is Jules Verne. I like my school, I have a lot of friends. I love looking TV with my two brothers. I love going shopping after school. I enjoy listen to soft music.
  5. 5. Hello, my name is Sélim I have 13 years I have a sister who is 17 years and I have a little brother who is 2 years old soon. My passions are football, I play in a team, it is called JBN Jeunes Bourges Nord and I love music, I listen to rap.The French singer that I listen to is Rohff and the US singer that I listen to is 50 cent. In college the subject I like best is sport.
  6. 6. Greetings My name is Djankemba, I am 14 years old and my passion is handball. I love listening to music, I listen especially To American type (at all times R n’ B). My life in the school is superb, I love school. What counts more than everything in the school For me it is my friends.
  7. 7. Hello, my name is Anthony. I practice swimming and I play the synthe. I’ve got one brother and one sister. I love l’OM.
  8. 8. My name is Vincent, I’m 13 years.I like judo and playing games on computer. I have got one brother he is 6 years. I like school because I have got many friends. I’m fond of action films.
  9. 9. My name is Alexia I’m 14 1/2. School atmosphere is very cool , I have great friends, they a lot laugh. My family is composed of 5 childs, three brothers and two sisters. I like rap, Rn’B and detective films. After school I like to do football, I’ve practised soocer for three years and horse-riding is my passion.
  10. 10. My name is Daniel, I’m 13 years old. I like listening music and playing football. I enjoy watching horror films. I don’t like school because it doesn’t interest me. However, I’m crazy about sport, English, and also Spanish.
  11. 11. My name is Vincent. I’m 14 years old. I live in Bourges and I go to Jules Verne school. I’ve joined the young firemen team.
  12. 12. My name is Emilie, I’m 13 years old. I have got one sister, whose name is Julie. But I have got one dog too whose name is Vicky. I like rock and Rn’B. I like to study English, Spanish, French and P.E. I’m crazy about horse-riding.