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Student Portal Tutorial

  1. 2. <ul><li>Here’s a quick glimpse at the student portal. Log in at this screen with the same ID you use to access eCleary: </li></ul><ul><li>ID: First letter of your first name + up to 10 letters of your last name + last 3 digits of your student number </li></ul><ul><li>Password: cleary + your 2 digit birth month + your 2 digit birthday </li></ul><ul><li>Example for Patrick Cleary born on March 17: ID = pcleary123; Password = pcleary0317 </li></ul>
  2. 3. The portal home page contains access to the tools you need. Announcements and news items will appear in the main page window; use the menu on the left to access other areas.
  3. 4. Make sure you’re working with the correct term for the information you’re accessing. To change the term, click “Change Term” (1) , then select the correct term from the dropdown menu (2). 1 2
  4. 5. You can easily perform many administrative tasks via the student portal, including obtaining your student transcript, paying your tuition bill, and checking your grades. You can also change your contact information by clicking “Edit Profile” (1) or your password by clicking “Change Password” (2) . Edit your information and click “Update” (3) at each screen to save your changes. 1 2 3
  5. 6. To view and print a copy of your unofficial transcript, hover your cursor over “Academic” (1) , then select “Unofficial Transcript” (2) from the fly-out menu. The following slide shows an example of a transcript. 1 2
  6. 7. Click the printer icon on the right of the screen (1) for a printer-friendly version of your unofficial transcript. 1
  7. 8. Check your class schedule by clicking “Class Schedule” (1) from the “Academic” (2) fly-out menu. The following slide shows an example of a class schedule. 2 1
  8. 9. Click the printer icon (1) for a printer-friendly version of your schedule. 1
  9. 10. To see a listing of all courses offered, click Course Offering (1) . At the Course Offering screen, you may select different options for the list of classes you want to see, or you may leave all settings at the default setting to see all classes offered. Click “Search” (2) to view the list. 1 2
  10. 11. Below is an example of all classes offered at all campuses for the Fall 2007 terms.
  11. 12. One of the new features of the student portal is the ability to track your progress toward degree completion. Hover your cursor over “Degree Audit” (1) , then select “Degree Audit” (2) from the fly-out menu. 1 2
  12. 13. The Degree Audit screen will display information regarding the degree program in which you are enrolled. Click “detail” (1) to see specific information about your progress. 1
  13. 14. The degree detail page shows all required courses for your program, your grades, GPA, and other pertinent information. Click “Degree Audit” (1) and select “Degree Information” (not shown) to see a list of all available degree programs and their details. 1
  14. 15. Click “Detail” (1) to get more information on any of Cleary’s degree programs. 1
  15. 16. The Degree Audit detail page shows complete information regarding requirements for each program Cleary offers.
  16. 17. To view your bill, click “Tuition Statement” (1) in the menu. To make a payment online using your credit card, click “Make Payment” (2) . 1 2
  17. 18. Verify the payment amount (1), then select “Online Payment” from the drop down window (2), and click “submit” (3). Follow the instructions at the VeriSign page that follows. 1 2 3
  18. 19. Students may view and accept/decline financial aid by clicking “Financial Aid” (1) , then checking the appropriate box under “Accept” or “Decline”. Click “Submit” (2) to complete the process. 1 2
  19. 20. View your grades by hovering your cursor over “Grades” (1) and selecting either “Mid-term” or “Final” from the fly-out menu (not shown). Click the printer icon (2) for a printer-friendly version. 1 2
  20. 21. Cleary’s online libraries, resources, eCleary, and the graduation application are all accessible from the navigation menu.
  21. 22. We hope you find the enhancements to the student portal useful. If you encounter problems or inaccuracies, contact either your advisor or Cleary’s helpdesk at: [email_address] . Best of luck to you!