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Fasterclass six conversations for team success


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A ClearWorth fasterclass on Six Conversations for Team Success - the need for questions and conversations which explore both the workings of the team itself and, more importantly, the context and views of stakeholders, sponsors, supporters and customers.

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Fasterclass six conversations for team success

  1. 1. Six Conversations for Team SuccessVital questions and intelligent conversations for teams and organisations
  2. 2. Outside/Inside External Focus Internal FocusDeveloping and maintaining Building and developing theworking relationships organisational strengthSuccess Criteria Structure and OrganisationStakeholder Management Working for Each OtherDelivering on Promises Continuous Learning
  3. 3. Where and WhyExternal (Business Strategy) Where success is defined Strong predictor of sustained success To foster trust and credibilityInternal (Management Strategy) Clarity, unity and resilience Using the power of team working Become/remain an attractive investment
  4. 4. Visible and Invisible Stakeholder Management Delivering onSuccess Criteria Promises Working for Continuous Each Other Learning Structure and Organisation
  5. 5. Six Conversations for Team SuccessArticles and resources on