Server Consolidation 06.15.10 Major F&B Manufacturer


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Server Consolidation 06.15.10 Major F&B Manufacturer

  1. 1. Case Story Server ConsolidationNo-time for down-time.“Our infrastructure runs our business; we have no-time for down time.” --CIO, Large Food and Beverage The Customer: Major F&B ManufacturerThis Food & Beverage (F&B) Manufacturer was founded just before the turn of the 19th Centuryand manufactures, markets, and sells various foods, snacks, and carbonated and non-carbonated beverages to consumers in over 200 countries. The Environment: • HP Superdome environment The Challenge • SAP Rollout InitiativeWith over 285,000 employees, $60 billion in annual revenues, and 300 plants, offices, and • Runs the businesswarehouses, this F&B manufacturer truly understands that it has no-time for down-time. Known forits end-to-end supply chain, its foods unit manufacturers and markets various snacks foods and its The Challenge:beverages unit sells beverage concentrates, fountain syrups, and finished goods. In addition, the • High HW, SW, and ISVcompany distributes its products through direct-store-delivery, customer warehouse, and food costs • Increased cooling, power,service and vending distribution networks. As a result, their employees are involved in every and floor space costs.aspect of their products’ production, from growing ingredients to the final delivery of products to • Availability, flexibility,the end-customer. For the last decade, their objective has been to make all divisions act and utilizationtogether as a single company. The Solution:To achieve the objective, the company has been involved in a multi-year SAP implementation • Reduced Costsand rollout. During the SAP rollout, the organization became concerned that their current HP • Improved Operations • Supported Green InitiativesSuperdome environment would not be able to guarantee uptime. In addition, over the years, thecompany had amassed various types of software, hardware, and their accompanying costs andenvironmental impacts. The SolutionWith a desire to reduce costs, improve operations, and support green initiatives, the companyturned to Clear Technologies to move from HP Superdomes to IBM’s award-winning System P 570and Blades for the SAP environment. Clear was specifically chosen because of their expertise inmultiple logical partitions (LPARs), each housing a separate operating system. “LPARs offerseveral advantages such as lower costs, faster deployment, and more convenience that safelyallows combining multiple tests, development, quality assurance, and production work on thesame system”, says Shari Cutler, Senior Consultant at Clear Technologies.The results included lower ISV costs due to fewer but better performing processors, hardwaremaintenance costs due to newer hardware, and software maintenance charges due to less For more informationprocessors needed. In addition, the organization was able to improve its operations due to its www.ClearTechnologies.netimproved availability as additional processors were configured for high availability, utilization as /ServerConsolidationmore work can be done with less processors, and flexibility because of dynamic provisioning. or call 972.906.7500Finally, the company was able to realize substantial green benefits that included reduced bothpower and cooling costs by 32%, and a decrease in floor space from 35 stand-alone servers to 5. About UsSince 1993, our customers have relied on us to meet their hardware needs. Today, our customerslook to us to increase their organizational effectiveness by providing continuity, infrastructure,security, and virtualization solutions.