Dynamic Log Analysis™ Case Story City of Colleyville


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Dynamic Log Analysis™ Case Story City of Colleyville

  1. 1. Case Story TM Dynamic Log AnalysisDenial is not a river in Colleyville. TM “Dynamic Log Analysis undeniably revealed 1000+ system infiltration attempts each hour!” -- Chris Pena, IS Director, City of Colleyville The Customer: City of ColleyvilleLocated in the fourth largest Metropolitan Service Area in the United States, the City ofColleyville is known for its small-town feel, luxurious homes, and lush topography. Money The Environment:magazine named the city to its list of “Best 100 Places to Live in America.” Its residents take • 31 - NT Serverspride in knowing that their leaders and administrators provide and maintain a high level of • 74 Applicationsservice to every aspect of their community. As such, their schools, police and fire services, • 1 large custom applicationlibrary, parks, and water services operate with a focus on resident satisfaction. The Challenge: • Many heterogeneous The Challenge applicationsMaintaining a high level of service requires a coordinated effort of the city’s administrators • Platinum-level serviceand employees. The backbone of the coordination is their information systems infrastructure. standards“Information services enables our departments to provide excellent resident service; • Limited IT resourcestherefore, we need near-perfect uptime.” explains Chris Pena, the IS Director. As a result, the • Internal and externalcity is focused on proactively procuring productivity enhancing solutions that impact their security vulnerabilitiesservice level guarantee. The Solution:For Chris, the city, and his team, purchasing a software solution that can do more for less is of • Effortless agents forutmost importance. “We are a team of two full-time and one part-time IS employees that unique applicationshave to manage 31 servers, 74 applications, and over 400 desktops and devices. As a result, • Enabled real-timewe strive to standardize and simplify our use of software.” reaction to exploitations • Exponentially increased security risk mitigationChris knew that a security breach could potentially impact their service level guarantee. • Sealed -off securityHowever, he needed to first understand the city’s exposure to infiltration. “Even though our vulnerabilitiesdepartments require near perfect uptime, I thought, like most of my colleagues in other citygovernments, that a robust security solution was not necessary because most infiltratorstarget national, state, and other corporate systems.” The SolutionTo better understand the magnitude of their risk, Chris engaged the Clear Security Team tocomplete a proof-of-concept. ”I was surprised to see the sheer number of attempts on oursystems,” stated Chris, “I could not deny the fact that our systems are flooded with over 1000unmonitored hourly exploit attempts.”After seeing the evidence, he quickly deduced that a robust security monitoring solutionwas necessary, “…I realized that Dynamic Log Analysis ™ can help me to proactively, For more informationeffortlessly, and perpetually assess and categorize calamitous risks to our systems...” Chris www.ClearTechnologies.netalso gained other benefits of purchasing Dynamic Log Analysis™. He stated, “I am able to or call 972.906.7500do more than merely monitor and rapidly delineate a threat; I can monitor internal access,usage, and the uptime of applications - that makes my job easier – I can truly do more, withless…” About UsSince 1993, our customers have relied on us to meet their hardware needs. Today, our customerslook to us to increase their organizational effectiveness by providing continuity, infrastructure, security,and virtualization solutions. www.ClearTechnologies.net/DynamicLogAnalysis