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ARCH Financial Clearing Service Intro


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Strictly complied with GSMA standards and Sarbanes-Oxley, ARCH financial clearing provides operators secured and accurate invoice handling, settlement and banking, which minimize manual involvement and financial risks whilst maximize your profit

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ARCH Financial Clearing Service Intro

  1. 1. ARCHARCH Financial ClearingFinancial Clearing Advanced Roaming &Clearing House Care you as your finance teamCare you as your finance team
  2. 2. Advanced Roaming &Clearing House Client  Single-point financial clearing, on behalf of its client FCH can perform 3 key roles: WHAT Financial Clearing House Does? Financial Clearing House Roaming Partner A Roaming Partner B Roaming Partner C Roaming Partner D …… 1.Generate Invoice 2.Validate Invoice 3. Process CN/DN 4. Settlement 5. Payment 6. Debt Management  Advanced business analysis, provide professional roaming advice  Revenue assurance, to maximize the client’s revenue
  3. 3. Advanced Roaming &Clearing House Service Briefing Billing Info.Processing  Scope: roaming data information  Compatible with RTDR format Banking  Scope: in &out payments  Closely monitor & swift transit Settlement  Scope: in &out invoices/CNs/DNs  Strict cross-check Invoice Handling  Scope: in &out invoices  Proved efficiency via EID system CN/DN Handling  Scope: in &out CNs/DNs  Follow your instruction Debt Management  Scope: outstanding receivable amounts  periodical follow-up, manual involvement
  4. 4. Advanced Roaming &Clearing House Billing Info. Processing Reliable ARCH:  Work with Data Clearing House closely  Validate the received “data report”  Contact the Data Clearing House to solve any problem. Released From Chore:  Only need to provide the contact of billing information input.  Roaming Traffic Data Report (GSMA PRD BA.61)  All mainstream data clearing house report. Flexible interface 1 2 3
  5. 5. Advanced Roaming &Clearing House 1. DCH: billing info. 2. Customer: special instruction Client 1. DCH: billing info. 2. Customer: special instruction ARCH in-house operation Outputs 1. To customer: Online access to financial info. 2. To roaming partner: Soft & hard copy dispatch Invoice Handling  All-around: Wrap up the correct billing data, as well as Client’s instructions for any invoice discount of the designated roaming partners each period.  Efficient: Well designed EID access, speed up invoice processing.  Flexible: Take up the dispatch responsibility as per your request.  Reliable: Provide 24hrs online access to detail and aggregate invoice information.
  6. 6. Advanced Roaming &Clearing House ARCH is good at…  Negotiation with roaming partners quickly and efficiently  Online access to CN/DN and process status easily  Execution of Client’s instructions at the soonest CN/DN Handling Reasons of CN/DN  Disputed calls which may result in disputed amounts .  Disputed amounts may also arise from incorrect invoices and/or settlements.  Faulty TAP files and/or records.  Erroneously Returned Data.
  7. 7. Advanced Roaming &Clearing House Settlement  Client Oriented: Client defines an incoming invoice tolerance , when the invoice discrepancies exceed the tolerance, ARCH will start a dispute to ensure your revenue.  Standardized: Monthly settlement will net both correct in/out invoice and CN/DN amounts after validation.  Precise: ARCH will validate the correctness of each received CN/DN.  Customizable: Settlement Report including standard and customized.
  8. 8. Advanced Roaming &Clearing House  Provide an exclusive Standard Chartered bank account securing your revenue  Daily update of received payments ensuring all details correct  Strict finance process safeguarding your incomes System Process Banking
  9. 9. Advanced Roaming &Clearing House Debt Management To assure revenue, for the client who subscribes to ARCH Banking service , ARCH can help to push the payment action from the debtor, and is able to settle the outstanding payment quickly.  Periodically progress report Acknowledge clients every detail offering a transparent process.  Negotiate with the debtor Abundant and strong experience safeguarding your revenue.
  10. 10. Advanced Roaming &Clearing House  High accuracy on every detail Our vision always locates on : Core of ARCH Financial Clearing 3 Personnel 0 Accident Reliabilty 3.4 Days 1% Timeliness 99.997% 5 Steps Accuracy  Keep account safe and stable  Quick response and process
  11. 11. Advanced Roaming &Clearing House Core of ARCH Financial Clearing  Payments with no errors, 5 times audit of AA14 and invoices.  Collection with no missing, our finance-team handle abnormal collection until resolved .  We ensure 99.997% on the correct rate of settlement and payment.  Customers have independent account , with direct access to all banking services.  Closed-loop process,automatically making payments.  More than 30 kinds of reports help customers keep the transparency of account.  ARCH has achieved 0 accidents on customers’ accounts.  Our finance-team keep watching 80% large sums of outstanding payments which is over 3 months.  With intelligent cash-in booking module we clear each received payment in average 3.4 days.  High-rate payment collection, the percentage of debt over 3 months is around 1% for normal case. Accuracy Reliability Timeliness Make Roaming Simple
  12. 12. Advanced Roaming &Clearing House Why ARCH Client ARCH Subscriber Roaming Partner What brings to you  15 years of successful deliver data and financial clearing service experience  Bulky and stable system capability  Customized solution to meet all your needs and requirements  Easy access to online services with just a click  Quick response  High quality and efficient Customer Service (7*24 hours)  Fully compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley
  13. 13. Advanced Roaming &Clearing House Why ARCH  Couple of recent financial reports provided by ARCH facilitated us in effectively completing our related activities and gives us clear picture of receivable and payable.  We have frequent queries regarding financial settlements which are responded detail by ARCH team along with reference emails that is of great help. What clients say
  14. 14. Advanced Roaming &Clearing House THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! For more information:  Go to: www. archclearing. com  Email: Hong Kong Office  60/F,The Center,99 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong  Tel: +852 3057 6886  Fax: +852 3121 8881 Shenzhen Office  10/F Guotong Building Binhe Road, Shenzhen, 518048, China  Tel: +86 755 8359 6226  -Fax: +86 755 8388 9510