DOOH, a new way to connect brands with people


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Bart Van den Notelaer, Manager Digital Sales Clear Channel Belgium and speaker at the DOOH WORKSHOP on July 4 2012, gave an insight on how people can interact with messages on digital screens in different environments using various technologies and creative features.

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DOOH, a new way to connect brands with people

  1. 1. Guide to Convergent(Digital) out- of-home Powered by Posterscope
  2. 2. Introduction • Drivers of (D)OOH convergence - Connected society - Digitalization & Networking of OOH - Today’s customer • Influence digital behaviour - Driving search - Driving social media - Networked OOH • Introducing Clear Channel Play
  3. 3. Drivers of (D)OOHconvergence
  4. 4. Connected society – 500 million people globally (55% of active users) access Facebook via mobile – 1 in 7 search quieries is on mobile – 55% of Twitter traffic is from mobile devices – 65% of smartphone users use them to pass the time when waiting – 52% use a smartphone as a quick source of information for an immediate answer – 51% of US smartphone users rate commuting as one of their top 3 ‘non-voice’ usage situationsSource: Posterscope, KPCB internet trends, latitude digital marketing, Facebook, Google, Ericsson Consumer Lab Research
  5. 5. Digitalization & Networking of OOH– Ads can be bought on over 2,5 million digital OOH screens globally– 50% are in the US– 35% in Asia– 8% in UK– 1.600 screens in the global Clear Channel network, 109 of them in Belgium Source: Posterscope, own source
  6. 6. Today’s consumer
  7. 7. We live in an increasingly urban society.For the first time inhistory, more of us live incities than in the country(51%)By 2050 the UN predictsthis will rise to 70%Source: United Nations 2009 Revision ofWorld Urbanisation Prospects
  8. 8. People are more mobile and more connected. 33% more time is spent out of home now compared with ten years ago1 Consumers are increasingly connected whilst on the move, with over 1 billion smartphones now in use globally2 This trend is set to continue with 75% of consumers expected to have a smartphone by 20153Sources:1 Touchpoints 3 (UK)2 Microsoft Tag3 Ofcom Communications Market Report UK 2011 Cannes Outdoor Lions Winner, Tesco Home Plus, South Korea
  9. 9. We are more able to avoid advertising & attentionlevels are compromised. 64% of ‘tech-savvy’ UK consumers say they sometimes watch TV whilst simultaneously using the internet1 69% of UK adults state they fast forward through TV ads when watching recorded programmes2 Sources: 1 Q Media Research, IAB / Thinkbox 2 GB TGI 2010
  10. 10. “2012 is the Year of PeoplePower.“It is the year when people canfind out what they want to find outwith a few touches of their smartphones, whenever they want toand wherever they are.”Source: Sue Unerman, Chief Strategy Officer, MediaCom UK
  11. 11. Influence digitalbehaviour
  12. 12. Driving search• Objective – Measure the out-of-home’s ability to drive online search• International study – UK (Ooghle), Singapore (Face OOH), Belgium (Go ooh)• Environments – street, stations, supermarket, leisure and public transportSource: Posterscope, iProspect
  13. 13. CampaignSource: Posterscope, iProspect
  14. 14. Website homepage questionnaire find out more thanksSource: Posterscope, iProspect
  15. 15. Results– 883 Facebook– 77% of 18-44– Traffic peak on Friday– 70% takes immediate action– 30% found it innovative– 26% found it noticeable– 31% commuters– 31% used their mobile, 48% being iPhones Source: Posterscope, iProspect
  16. 16. Driving social media Nivea Kissing Booth • Photos taken in the “Kissing Booth” were uploaded to NIVEA’s Facebook and were then displayed on all 3 digital spectaculars in Times Square. • Facebook page amassed nearly 500,000 impressions Credits: Carat, Posterscope
  17. 17. Driving social media Corona Light • Like the brand on Facebook and have your picture uploaded to a screen on Times Square • Images where also used on the Corona’s FB page and in participants feeds • Likes increased to almost 200,000 during the campaign (1 month) Credits: Iniative
  18. 18. Networked OOHReal time contentNike, World cup, UKBespoke messages weredisplayed from Nike brandambassadors in relevantlocations based on England’sprogress during the World Cup.The campaign targeted peopleon their way home from watchingthe game - by tube, rail and car,and featured Nikes sponsoredplayersCredits: Grand Visual UK
  19. 19. Networked OOHReal time content – social media Huffington Post UK asked consumers to Tweet their opinions regarding the day’s top news stories and streamed moderated responses in real-time to OOH screens in rail stations. Credits: Total Media, MBA, Posterscope, LocaModa
  20. 20. Networked OOHReal time content – social media ESPN UK Posted numerous sport related questions trough social media and DOOH during Friday evenings and Saturdays. Consumer tweets were streamed live to different OOH screen networks. Credits: Total Media, MBA, Posterscope, LocaModa
  21. 21. Networked OOHReal time content – enabling sharingReebok FlexInteractive window displays as the centerpiece of the “Flex” program.Displays instructed consumers to take a photo of themselves at the window.The photo then appeared at the bottom of a shoe on a larger screen, making that consumer one of the“76 Running Buddies”.Consumers could then share their “Running Buddy” photo via Facebook, and receive a “photokeepsake” sent directly to their personal email Credits: Carat, Posterscope
  22. 22. Networked OOHReal time content – enabling sharingMini UKPeople were invited to record a short video of themselves in a specially constructed green-screen.This was edited on-the-fly and displayed on video screens integrated into the windows of the MINICountryman, as if they were squeezed inside, looking out from within.Participants could then watch themselves “pressed against the windows” and share their video withtheir friends using Facebook enabled touch-screens.Credits: Vizeum, Posterscope, Profero
  23. 23. Introducing Clear ChannelPlay
  24. 24. A new way to connect brands with people.
  25. 25. Creative richnessCapture attention, tell stories & triggeremotions with bespoke HD contentcapabilities including static, animation,full-motion video.
  26. 26. Continuous animation Uki, Belgium Create an animation starting on the 1st screen and continuing on the other screens.
  27. 27. Relevance.Embrace the freedom to deliver bespokeand multiple messages tailored by contextincluding time, day, location, proximity ortopical updates
  28. 28. Share multiple messages Coca-Cola, Spain Real time updates happened during the European Championship.
  29. 29. Weather based campaign Coca-Cola, Belgium Spot only visible when it’s 23°.
  30. 30. Immediacy.Enhance or evolve creative contentwith dynamic messaging including liveupdates such as news, weather ortravel, links with social media andaudience or environment.
  31. 31. Live broadcasts from London to New YorkColdplay’s concert was broadcastlive on You Tube and Vevo, withdigital promotion and streaming inTimes Square, NY and on theroadside digital network and inbar screens in Central London.
  32. 32. Engagement.Start a conversation, interact with andcollect data from consumers throughlinks to mobile/online content andtransactional capability throughsmartphone technology.
  33. 33. Start a conversation Coca Cola Light, France A puppet interacted live with the passers-by, copy was created by someone hidden nearby and streamed to screens.
  34. 34. To resume• DOOH allows you to change your message for a specific location, specific day or day part or the consumer’s mind state• You can integrate interaction You can play with the technical and start a conversation and graphical capabilities of the DOOH networks
  35. 35. Let’s