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Why Customer Satisfaction Surveys Aren't Customer Centric


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Customer experience surveys are typically company-focused more than customer-focused. This is why response rates are challenging. To maximize customer engagement, actionability, and value to all involved, re-design your voice-of-the-customer instruments to capture what matters most to customers, in the ways they prefer to share with you.


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Why Customer Satisfaction Surveys Aren't Customer Centric

  1. 1. Why Satisfaction Surveys are NOT Customer-Centric & What to Do About It!
  2. 2. all other concerns What is Customer-Centric? “centric” having a specific thing as the focus of attention & efforts “culture” A group’s ways of thinking and doing customer © Copyright ClearAction. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. What’s the Customer’s Perspective? Emotional Functional Desired Outcome What the Customer Buys Need Awareness Need Extinction Circumstances Customer’s World • 95% unconscious thought, emotion and learning • 80% non-verbal • 50-150 emotional and functional automatic evaluations • CX duration defined by customer • Desired outcome, duration, and evaluations differ by circumstance • Present & future ≥ the past • Other roles as buyer weigh-in • “Competitors” are all available alternatives © Copyright ClearAction. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. © Copyright ClearAction. All rights reserved. What is a Customer-Centric Survey? Company’s World • Secure jobs, investors, internal satisfaction • Functional specialization • Features, attributes, brand CX Enablers Customer’s World • Use your service or product with or for something • Wouldn’t buy if didn’t have to • Easiest & nicest to get & use CX Outcomes
  5. 5. Design Surveys About Customer’s World Desired Outcomes Circumstances, Ultimate Objective, Integrations Undesired Outcomes (Functional, Social, Personal) Current Solutions (Use, Ad-hoc, Barriers) Increase … Increase … Increase … Minimize … Minimize … Minimize … (Functional, Social, Personal) Customer’s Steps (Activities, Decisions) © Copyright ClearAction. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Notes on Making Surveys Customer-Centric Design Surveys About the Customer’s World • Use metaphor research to identify • What really matters to customers • Personal & social emotional implications • How they arrange their expectations subconsciously • Use circumstance-focused desired outcome research to discover customers’ 50-150 automatic evaluations (built-in metrics of value) • Find ways to monitor • The full duration of the customer’s experience • Customer confidence in the present & future • Alternatives the customer has toward the desired outcome © Copyright ClearAction. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. See the whole presentation in ClearAction Insiders! © Copyright ClearAction LLC. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. If You Like These Concepts, Get the Book! © Copyright ClearAction LLC. All rights reserved. >30 Tools & Techniques Step-by-Step Guidelines
  9. 9. ClearAction Consulting Clients “ClearAction taught us things that wouldn’t readily cross our minds and has increased our efficiency & accuracy in many areas. We highly recommend ClearAction as a business consultant.” © Copyright ClearAction LLC. All rights reserved. Partial List Send us a note:
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