Customer Satisfaction Strategy


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Design of worldwide customer satisfaction survey by Lynn Hunsaker, 1991. See Contact us at

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Customer Satisfaction Strategy

  1. 1. From left, Randy Kelley, division vice-president; Nancy Ha"ington, regional sales manager; Doug Kreitzer, sales/marketing manager­ Plastic Drum and Wayne Carlberg, general manager - IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) observe the results from a Customer Satisfaction Survey done for the Semi-Bulk Packaging Division.W hy do you favor one brand of soap over another? Does it con­ tain the top cleaning agents? Does it smell better than others? Does it make your skin soft and smooth? How can we improve loyalty to Sonocos products? This is the focus of Sonocos world ­ wide customer satisfaction survey. "Previously, we conducted only relative perceived quality surveys to compare our product and service quality with a competi­tors. However, we could not determine from these surveys why customers remained loyal to a particular vendor over another," said Lynn Hunsaker, strategic information manager. "With this company-wide customer satisfac­tion survey, we will find out how to improve customer loyalty, which will provide us with the right focus for Total Quality Management (fQM)," said Hunsaker. In May of 1991, Sonocos vice-president of TQM, Ronnie Holley, asked Hunsaker to head a taskforce with representatives from each di­ vision and international. The objective of the taskforce was to determine what to measure, how to measure it, who would be involved and how often. "Each survey may be tailored to business firm from Dallas, Texas, is conducting the sur­ internal activities, and assigning responsibilityunits needs. For example, within the product veys in the United States and Canada, and su­ to specific individuals for implementing andquality category, the High Density Film Prod­ pervising other independent researchers in monitoring improvement. This will allow theucts Division measures bag strength, and London (UK), Sydney (Australia), Mexico City voice of the customer to drive continuous im­Partitions Division measures ease of inserting and Bogota (Colombia). provement In TQM - Increasing loyalty - andpartitions in the case," said Hunsaker. More than 3,000 customers will be sur­ creating customer satisfaction through excel­ Quality Strategies, an independent research veyed each year either by telephone or face­ lence," added Hunsaker.- by Jonathan Lee to-face. "The key to utilizing the survey results is in linking each factor in the questionnaire with