Picnik vs. Photoshop Express Editor Comparison


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Picnik vs. Photoshop Express Editor Comparison

  1. 1. Simple Photo-editors Software Analysis ofPicnik and Photoshop Express Editor by Andy Simpson
  2. 2. System RequirementsMinimum Picnik Photoshop ExpressRequirements EditorOperating System Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows XP, Mac OS X, Linux XP, Mac OS 10.4Processor 1 GHzRAM 512 MB 512 MBBrowser Google Chrome, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 6.0, Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.0, Safari 4 Safari 3.5, Firefox 3.5Screen Resolution 1024X768Adobe Flash Version 10 Version 10.0.45Internet Connection to picnik.com photoshop.com/tools/exuse the website presseditor
  3. 3. Features Picnik Photoshop Express EditorBasic Auto-Fix, Crop, Rotate, Exposure, Auto-Correct, Crop,edits Colors, Sharpen, Resize Rotate, Exposure, Saturation, White Balance, SharpenEffects Black & White, Sepia, Boost, Soften, Black & White, Vignette, Matte, Infrared, Holga, Crystallize, Pixelate, Pop Gritty, HDR, Night Vision, Color, Hue, Tint, Sketch, CinemaScope, Orton, 1960s, Tint, Distort, Soft Focus, Vibrance, Invert, Duo-Tone, Heat Map, Highlight, Fill Light Cross Process, Focal B&W, Fancy Focus, Focal Soften, Focal Pixelate, Focal Zoom, Texture, Dots & Dots, Panography, Pencil Sketch, Neon, Doodle, Gooify, Pixelate, Puzzle, Posterize, Film Grain
  4. 4. Features Picnik Photoshop Express EditorTouch-up Blemish Fix, Shine-Be-Gone, Dodge, Burn, Red-Eye, Airbrush, Wrinkle Remover, Sunless Touchup Tan, Blush, Red-Eye, Eye Color, Eye Bright, Mascara, Teeth Whiten, Lip Color, Highlights, Insta-Thin, Dodging, Burning, Clone, Curves, LevelsDecorative Text, Stickers, Frames Text, Stickers, FramesOther Full-screen, Undo, Redo, Zoom, Full-screen, View Photo Basket Original, Undo, Redo, Zoom
  5. 5. Features Picnik Photoshop Express EditorSave/Share Save to Computer, Share Save to Computer, Share to Facebook, Picasa, to Facebook, Picasa, Twitter, Flickr, Flickr, Photobucket, Photobucket, Email, Photoshop.com PrintStorage Saves up to 100 most Saves up to 2 GB on recent uploads, opens Photoshop.com from other websitesCost Free Free
  6. 6. PicnikPros ConsFree Main site is closing and becoming part of Google+Easy to use, virtually no learning Can be very slow at timescurveStudents can use without signing up Very good support and communitySaves 100 most recent images Does not save edited imagesEasy to share Not available offlineFeatures are very flexible No mobile applicationEstablished productCan be used with elementary andsecondary students
  7. 7. Photoshop Express EditorPros ConsFree Fewer automatic features than other basic editorsEasy to use Learning curve is more steep than other basic editors, could challenge younger studentsStudents can use without signing up Fewer filtersSaves 2 GB of images at No link to TwitterPhotoshop.comVery fast Won’t allow you to go back after deciding to save or shareAllows you to see varying degrees ofeach effectMobile app availablePart of the Photoshop family
  8. 8. RecommendationsMy middle school technology classes have been using Picnik forquite some time, and I would highly recommend the applicationfor student use. The site’s basic tools and filters are simpleenough to use that students of all skill levels can use them, andthe advanced tools keep my more advanced students occupied.The application can produce very good amateur and professionalresults. Students are willing to log-in to Picnik from home anduse it outside of the classroom because of the value they see init and its integration into Facebook and other social media.My only hesitation in recommending Picnik is that it will beabsorbed into Google+ as of late April 2012. As of this momenthowever, I would recommend Picnik for any digital photographyediting in education.