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Sustainable waste management in the Lahti region_Cleantech Lahti_Lahti Science and Business Park ltd


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Sustainable waste management in the Lahti region_Cleantech Lahti_Lahti Science and Business Park ltd

  1. 1. Wuxi/ Lahti cleantech co-operation optionsSustainable waste management in Lahti region Esa EkholmEsa Ekholm / Cleantech Lahti Business DirectorLahti Science and Business Park Ltd LADEC Ltd Lahti Region DevelopmentApril 2013 1
  2. 2. Lahti region 11 municipalities 200.000 inhabitants 39 inhabitants/km2 FINLAND RUSSIA SWEDEN ESTONIA LATVIA LITHUANIA UK
  3. 3. Integrated waste management system - Public Private Partnership (PPP)SEWAGE WATER SOLID WASTE Päijät-Häme Waste Private Management Waste Lahti Collection Aqua Companies Lahti Private Energia Recycling Companies
  4. 4. The most important milestones formunicipal waste management of Lahti region 1993: Establishment of regional municipal solid waste company Päijät-Hämeen jätehuolto Oy / Päijät-Häme Waste Management Ltd (PHJ) 1995: Separate collection and windrow composting of bio-waste 1998: Separate collection of combustible waste from large scale estates 1998: Lahti Energia Oy (LE) started the first gasification plant  2000: Extension of separate collection of combustible waste to all households  2002: Landfill gas capture (PHJ) and utilisation in Hartwall brewery  2005: Joint composting company Kujalan Komposti Oy and composting plant for sewage sludge of Lahti Aqua Ltd (LA) and bio-waste of PHJ  2006: Outsourcing of compost post treatment and marketing to Kekkilä Oy  2008: Outsourcing of incineration (PHJ) of mixed waste into new incineration plants and construction of transfer station (PHJ) for waste to be incinerated  2011: Construction of combustible waste treatment plant (PHJ)  2012: Starting new big gasification plant (LE)  2014 Starting new dry digestion plant for bio-waste and sludge
  6. 6. COLLECTED FRACTIONS block houses with minimum of 10 flats mixed bio- energy paper card waste waste waste boardglass and metal packaging and WEEE to collection pointsvarious hazardous fractions to different collection points
  7. 7. COLLECTED FRACTIONS one-family and semi-detached houses of less than 10 flats mixed energy waste waste row houses minimum of 3 flats also paper paperhome composting of bio-waste recommendedglass and metal packaging and WEEE to collection pointsvarious hazardous fractions to different collection points
  8. 8. REGIONAL WASTE MANAGEMENT SERVICES Kujala Waste Treatment Centre 7 big waste collection yards and 5 small ones 5 receptacles for hazardous wastes at service stations Pharmacies receive waste medicines Collections of hazardous wastes 86 Recycling points Recycling centre as a partner
  9. 9. Solid recovered fuel (SRF)5 PRIVATE SOLID WASTE COMPANIES LAHTI ENEGIA OY2 MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE COMPANIES - 250.000 t/a SRF waste - 2-3 big waste truck / hour
  10. 10. main boiler old gasifier Based on these good results, Lahti Energy resolved to build a new, 160 MW gasification power plant 10
  11. 11. Waste gasification with hot gas cleaning Lahti Energia Oy Old coal boiler and gasifier New gas boiler• Total investment 157 M€ and APC Gas cooler• Start up April 2012 and cleaning• 250.000 t/a SRF waste• Fuel power 160 MW New • 60 MW electricity gasifiers Waste fuel handling • 90 MW district heat• Overall efficiency 89%
  12. 12. Biogas and compost from sludge and bio-waste biogas district heating (Lahti Energia Oy) 15 GWh/a => 51 % Composting plant source separated (Kujalan Komposti Oy) bio-wasteKariniemi and Ali-Juhakkala sludgesewage and biogas plants(Lahti Aqua Oy)NEW BIOGAS PLANT IN 2014 compost biogas to natural gas net Kekkilä Oy new soil fertilizer
  13. 13. Landfill gas utilization since 2002
  14. 14. Utilisation range of municipal solid waste 1994-2010 400 11 % was utilised 88 % utilised in 1994 in 2010 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
  15. 15. Development on municipal solid waste and sewage sludge during 18 years in Lahti
  16. 16. Case: Etanolix ™ Lahti• 2005-06 side products of Lahti Grain Cluster companies were studied• 2010 started bioetanol plant of ST1 Oy (5th unit)• Feedstock from Hartwall brewery • Excess yeast that contains alcohol • Process waters and product batches containing sugar or alcohol• Side products from bakery industry and markets• Integrated into Hartwall’s brewery and beverage plant ST1 Oy
  17. 17. ST1 Oy Etanolix™-process Distributed bio-ethanol production St1 Oy, Finnish energy company, develops and commercializesenvironmentally sustainable solutions and delivers these solutions profitably
  18. 18. Lahti Region Development LADEC LtdAt your service in Cleantech business! Thank you !