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Finnish water know-how, Finnish Water Forum, Katri Mehtonen - Kazakhstan Green Technologies Seminar 2013


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Kazakhstan Green Technologies Seminar on March 13, 2013, Helsinki, Finland

Published in: Technology
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Finnish water know-how, Finnish Water Forum, Katri Mehtonen - Kazakhstan Green Technologies Seminar 2013

  1. 1. Finnish Water Know-howSmart Solutions for Using, Protecting and Monitoring Water Resources March 2013 Ms. Katri Mehtonen, Finnish Water Forum, Managing Director Mr. Mikko Kurvi, Director, FCG International
  2. 2. Finnish Water Forum A joint network of Finnish water and waste water sector actors Supports international cooperation for solving global water issues with Finnish knowhow Brings together the public and the private sectors – 97 members organizations:  Private Enterprises  Ministries  Research institutions  Universities and Schools  Associations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) Active for cooperation in Kazakhstan water and waste water sector since 2011  Environment for Europe (EfE) and Kazakhstan-Finnish match making seminar 09/11  Mr. Ville Niinistö, Minister of the Environment of Finland  Mr.T. M. Zeinullin, General Director, RSE "Kazhydromet"  Finnish Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade, Mr. Alexander Stubb, 10/12  Several visits and discussions involving water and waste water treatment, marine pollution and oil spill prevention management, aquatic monitoring systems, lake restoration and water resources management
  3. 3. FCG – Working for well-being• FCG International Ltd. is a leading multi-industry consulting company operating worldwide. We are part of FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd. and owned by Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities.• We have been an active company in Central Asia more than 20 years.• Our services focus on public and the private sector services: • Infrastructure, environmental and community planning; • Engineering services; • Financial and Operational Performance Improvement Programmes; • Training and capacity building services; • Public sector services, incl. public administration development; • ICT-solutions; and • Management consulting services.
  4. 4. Why to favor Finnish solutions inthe water and waste water management? • We have smart, feasible and cost-effective solutions • Finnish solutions are suitable for winter weather conditions • Over 80 % of inhabitants are connected to wastewater network and all waste water is treated biologically with phosphorus removal– nitrogen removal is used when needed • The inter-municipal cooperation in water services has been transferred successfully to other countries • Finnish monitoring instrumentation and systems are globally recognized solutions • Lake restoration service concepts are also proven to work in arctic conditions • Finnish oil-spill response solutions are state of the art and well recognized market leader
  5. 5. Smart solutions for Water Infrastructure• Smart solutions for Water Infrastructure (water and waste water facilities and networks) include e.g.: • Customer Interaction • Developments - Case studies • Monitoring and visualization • Information portals - Methods - Applications • Automation, Process control, HVAC • Modeling and advanced control • Modeling - Control - Drinking water - Wastewater • Data mining, handling and integration • Data - Methods - Drinking water – Wastewater • Web-based applications • Knowhow for cold conditions – from design to implementations
  6. 6. Smart solutions for Water Infrastructure• By integrating our advanced IT technologies and store of know-how, we create sophisticated intelligent water systems that are improving water infrastructures around the world.
  7. 7. Smart solutions for Marine Pollution Prevention and Management• Prevention supervised by Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) who provides • Risk assessment to define the optimum oil combating preparedness level. • Assessments of current oil combating capability, satellite and aerial surveillance knowledge. • Independent recommendations for the local oil pollution prevention management. • 24/7 emergency response to oil and chemical spills – for contacting duty officer at SYKE or Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC). • Co-operation with all relevant maritime bodies (Navy, Coast Guard, Rescue) • Modern air-borne / satellite-based technology used to detect illegal spills• Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) provides Sea and Oil-spill transportation models.• Oil spill control has also enhanced due to the satellite image service of the European Maritime Safety Agency EMSA.
  8. 8. Smart Solutions for Oil-Spill response• Lamor Corporation AB and Oilwhale offer solutions for optimal oil spill response and recovery, equipment deliveries, training, and contingency planning• Arctech Helsinki Shipyard is currently constructing an icebreaking multipurpose emergency and rescue vessel for the Russian Ministry of Transport with a Lamor inbuilt oil recovery system (LORS) installed to the ship
  9. 9. Smart Solutions for Oil-Spill response• Oil-Whale container system – among the 10 winning systems in the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE innovation contest of 2011, USA• The advanced Lamor inbuilt oil recovery system (LORS)
  10. 10. Smart solutions for Lake Restoration• Lakes first began to be restored in Finland in the late 1960s as new legislation was implemented and waste water purification expanded• Where reduction of external load was not feasible, favorable conditions have been restored with other means and various methods (e.g. aeration, dredging, raising water levels, biomanipulation, macrophyte control).• By 2002, restoration work had been carried out or planned for a total of some 800 lakes or lake waters.• Restoration measures have usually aimed to improve water quality or lake depths, in order to increase the lakes recreational value.• The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) is Finland’s national centre for environmental research and development.• Ahma Engineers and FCG are active service providers in Lake Rehabilitation projects.• For more information on our knowhow, please see Finnish Water Forum Story of A Lucky Lake (
  11. 11. Innovative Monitoring concepts and systems• Finnish high level sensors, data logging and transmission, and software• Water flow rate, quantity, quality, level, etc. parameters e.g. for mining• Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) provides tailor-made consulting and research for e.g. national hydro meteorological services worldwide• Ahma Engineers, FCG , Alleco and Pythagoras provide monitoring systems and related consultation services to wide range of clients.• Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) provides various monitoring services, including marine biodiversity monitoring.• Vaisala products include measurement instruments, systems and solutions, as well as service solutions and data subscription services PYTHAGORAS
  12. 12. Smart Power solutions• Fortum is a leading energy company in the Nordic countries, Russia and the Baltic Rim• Operations also in Continental Europe, UK and in selected international markets• A listed company; Finnish government owns majority; Market cap ~13 billion euros• Activities cover generation, distribution and sales of electricity and heat as well as operation and maintenance and energy efficiency services• Power Solutions - core competence is within thermal, hydro and nuclear powerPower generation in 2012: 73.1 TWh Heat production in 2012: 43.3 TWhHydro power 34% Natural gas 62% Nuclear power 32% Oil 1% Biomass 2% Peat 1% Waste 5% Coal 5% Heat pumps, electricity 8% Natural gas 27% Biomass 11% Coal 12%
  13. 13. Finnish Water Sector provides Joint Cooperation for Kazakh Partners• Finnish Water Forum brings together water sector actors for mutual cooperation• Kaukomarkkinat is building up trade with several companies between Northern Scandinavian countries and Kazakhstan• Ahma Engineers handles outsourced project organization at project owner’s disposal and for mutual project management (MD Mr. Vladimir Olechshenko in Almaty)• FCG provides consulting services on exporting Finnish water Know-how• We are looking forward to working together with our Kazakh colleagues for better water and waste water management
  14. 14. Finnish Water Forum (FWF)Aleksanterinkatu 17, P.O. Box 800, 00100 Helsinki, Finland Managing Director Katri Mehtonen (Ms.) e-mail: tel. +358 40 5722 468 FCG International Ltd. Osmontie 34, P.O.Box 950, FI-00601 Helsinki, Finland Tel. +358 10 409 0 e-mail: