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Cleantech Finland – Fostering sustainable growth


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Cleantech Finland is a hub of Finnish cleantech expertize and sustainable innovations. We bring together the great minds, fresh ideas, and best solutions for advanced cleantech business.

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Cleantech Finland – Fostering sustainable growth

  2. 2. THE GREENEST COUNTRY Finland is the greenest country in the world 2016 according to the environmental performance index (EPI)** • Qualified engineers • Information technology skills • Development and application of technology • Funding for technological development • Public and private sector ventures IN INNOVATION*** IN CLEANTECH Finland was ranked number 2 in both the Global Cleantech Innovation Index and EU Eco-innovation scoreboard 2013* ** Yale and Columbia universities along with the Wold Economic Forum. *** The World Economic Forum, Global Competiti- veness Report 2014–2015. *WWF and Cleantech Group FINLAND IS
  3. 3. BEST PRACTICES FOR CLEAN WATER Finland’s world-class clean water expertise keeps drinking water free of bacteria and hazardous viruses. Finnish drinking water is better than most of the bottled water brands. Finnish municipal waste water treatment is among the best in the world, driven by the strict legislation and monitoring by authorities. Despite water intensive industries, like paper & pulp and mining & minerals, Finns are dedicated to keep their thousands of lakes clean by treating waste waters on site.
  5. 5. OUTOTEC Company background Outotec is stock market listed company that designs and delivers tailored solutions for minerals and metals processing, water treatment, and producing energy from biomass and wastes. Products & services • Electrochemical water treatment solutions. • Drinking water solutions. • Industrial water treatment solutions. Copyright P.W.Voigt Photography
  6. 6. KEMIRA Company background Kemira is a global chemicals company serving customers in water-intensive industries. Improves customer´s water, energy and raw material efficiency in pulp & paper, oil & gas, mining and water treatment. Products & services • Municipal water – drinking water – lake restoration – waste water treatment • Industrial water – process, raw & waste water treatment
  7. 7. VALMET Company background Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. Products & services • Sensors for wastewater treatment equipment. – Saves running costs and chemicals usage. – Increases capacity. – Reduces energy consumption and improves environmental efficiency.
  8. 8. ECONET Company background Econet is a small company that operates in water and environmental sectors. It provides planning, engineering and contracting services including electro-mechanical machinery deliveries. Products & services • Designs and implements water treatment plants. • Removes biological nutrients, phosphorus and nitrogen from wastewater. • Thickening, drying and digesting sludge mechanically or thermally.
  9. 9. FORERUNNER IN RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY 40% of Finnish energy is produced with renewables, like biomass, hydro, wind, and solar power. 50% of energy is recycled and recovered from wastewater and buildings in Helsinki. Finland is a global market leader in renewable technologies, like wind turbine components, solar inverters, and bio- and waste-to-energy systems.
  11. 11. ABB Company background ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. Products & services • Solar power solutions from residential rooftops to commercial and industrial applications and utility-grade power plants. • Plans, generates, connects, transmits, monitors and controls power from wind farms. Also maintains and optimizes their systems. • Water solutions -components and services. Kuva: ABB
  12. 12. WÄRTSILÄ Company background Wärtsilä is a global leader in complete lifecycle power solutions for the marine and energy markets. Company maximizes the environmental and economic performance of the vessels and power plants of its customers. Products & services • Utility-scale solar photovoltaic power plants as well as engine-solar PV hybrid power plants.
  13. 13. THE SWITCH Company background The Switch is a pioneer in advanced drive train technology. The main focus areas are wind, marine and special industrial solutions. Products & services • Wind solutions – Permanent magnet generators and full- power converters. – Lowers energy production cost.
  14. 14. MOVENTAS Company background Moventas is a medium sized company producing wind turbines since 1980s, and its installed base is some 13 000 units globally. Products & services • Compact and lightweight own brand wind turbine gearboxes. • Maintenance services of multiple brands of wind turbine gearboxes.
  15. 15. PEIKKO Company background Peikko is a leading global supplier of concrete connections and composite structures. It supplies a large selection of concrete connections and composite beams for both precast and cast-in-situ solutions in a wide variety of applications. Products & services • Onshore wind turbine foundations – everything from the foundation design, key foundation components and on-site expert support to full turn key package. Copyright Peikko Group
  16. 16. SMART GRIDS FOR SECURE & ECONOMIC ELECTRICITY Finland has used smart meters already for several years, which is key in making the distribution grid smart. Distributed energy production and intelligent power management have been combined with high-level digitalization. A world-class solution transforming old traditional electricity grids into high- performance smart grids and even off-grid island networks.
  18. 18. EMPOWER Company background Empower is multinational company that builds, installs, maintains and repairs electricity and telecom networks, maintains power plants and factories and delivers ICT solutions. Products & services • Power network solutions. • Telecom network solutions. • Energy production equipment maintenance and repair services. • Energy-related information management solutions.
  19. 19. NOCART Company background Nocart is small and founder driven company that offers small power plants for hospitals, schools, villages and village communities, banks and hotels. Products & services • Small power plants as turn key deliveries. • Power management unit that can be connected with multiple different types of power units, such as wind turbines and solar panels.
  20. 20. LAPPEENRANTA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Company background Lappeenranta University of Technology is a research and teaching university focusing on clean and renewable energy solutions. Products & services • Collaborative and contract research services.
  21. 21. ELTEL Company background Eltel is a leading European provider of technical services for the critical infrastructure networks. Products & services • Power and communication network infrastructure installation and maintenance services.
  22. 22. ENSTO Company background Ensto is an international and family owned cleantech company specializing in the development, manufacture and marketing of electrical systems and supplies for the distribution of electrical power and electrical applications. Products & services • Solutions for electrification, electricity distribution, lightning and electric vehicle charging. Copyright Ensto Group
  23. 23. HIGH PERFORMANCE GREEN BUILDING Finland’s arctic environment has been a great testbed for next generation building materials and technologies. Advanced Finnish insulation materials, indoor air quality systems, doors, and windows establish a solid base for favorable and healthy working and living environments. Finnish novel renewable energy solutions reduce the environmental load along with increasing the sustainability and energy-efficiency of built environment.
  24. 24. SALUSFINSKALAHALTON KOJA GREENLUX GREEN BUILDING Indoor air quality & energy efficiency brought by
  25. 25. HALTON Company background Halton Group is large family owned company that specializes in indoor climate and indoor environmental products, services and solutions. Products & services • Indoor climate solutions for – commercial and public buildings including offices, healthcare facilities and laboratories – public venues such as hotels, airports, concert halls and arenas – commercial kitchens and restaurants – ships building, oil and gas, energy and naval markets.
  26. 26. SKAALA Company background Skaala is a family business and known today as a pioneer of highly energy-efficient solutions. Company is a market leader in window-, door and glazing solutions, providing also full service package. Products & services • Energy efficient doors and windows.
  27. 27. SALUSFIN Company background Salusfin is a small young entrepreneur-driven company that develops and sells automation solutions. Products & services • IoT based home automation solutions for security, temperature control and power consumption. • Automated solutions for shifting energy consumption to lower demand and price times. • Automated solutions for lean production process monitoring and reporting.
  28. 28. KOJA Company background Koja is a family owned medium sized business. Company specialises in cost and energy efficient HVAC technology, air conditioning systems and fans for industrial processes. Products & services • Air conditioning and ventilation systems for ships, residential and industrial buildings. • Ventilation and air conditioning design, installation, maintenance and modernisation services. • Spare parts for air conditioning and ventilation systems.
  29. 29. GREENLUX Company background Greenlux Finland is small company that designs and produces LED luminaires for general lightning. Products & services • High-quality, energy-efficient LED luminaires for office, retail, industry & parking.
  30. 30. FOSTERING SUSTAINABLE GROWTH Clean water Renewable energy Cleantech Finland Green building Smart grid #CleantechFinland