Test Automation Tool - Selenium - Workshop


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CleanSoft Academy presents Tool & Process Open Workshop. This presentation highlights the details of the workshop and its benefits.

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Test Automation Tool - Selenium - Workshop

  1. 1. Selenium Tool Workshop www.cleansoft.in
  2. 2. Good automation is code development. Functional test automation is beyond mere capture and playback.It is about writing code exploiting the power of the toolthat can be easily leveraged, managed and maintained.It is about having a deep understanding of the features,libraries/components enabling you to identifyworkarounds for aspects that may be directly be enabledby the tool.Copyright 2011, CleanSoft Academy. All rights reserved. “Selenium Tool Workshop”
  3. 3. Topics Covered in this workshop‣ Introduction to test automation‣ Selenium IDE - Overview, record & playback‣ Selenium core concepts - Commands, Selenium components, Assertions, Locators‣ Firefox add-ons for Selenium support - Firebug, XPath, CSS Selector‣ Selenium RC - Overview, RC Script development, Popup handling Introduction to test automation Selenium RC - Overview, architecture, browser/command line Selenium components, IDE features support and Eclipse configuration for RC Selenium IDE Lab - Basic record&playback Limitations of record & playback and how to overcome those Selenium TestRunner Selenium RC Framework overview - Aspects of reusability, data Selenium Suite (Demo & Lab) driven, maintainability Selenium Commands - Actions, Accessors, Assertions Quick overview of JUnit test case lifecycle Applying commands for recorded test case Convert & execute IDE test case to RC script (as a JUnit test case Selenium parameters - Locators using RC) Overview of Firefox add-ons to locate objects (XPath, DOM...) Popup handling in Selenium RC Pattern matching Using Selenium methods to handle JavaScript popup Using JavaScript in Selenium IDE ‣Using Selenium methods to handle JavaScript popups Handling alerts & popup - Demo & Lab (Selenium IDE) ‣Using Abbot to simulate keyboard inputs in popups Selenium Core - Overview ‣Using AutoIT to handle non-browser Windows popups How to install & setup Selenium Core Using JavaScript in Selenium RC How to deploy & run scripts using Selenium Core Reusability via library development and using them in JUnitCopyright 2011, CleanSoft Academy. All rights reserved. “Selenium Tool Workshop”
  4. 4. Takeaways from the workshop Have a deep knowledge of the tool & its capabilities. Be able to write good scripts using Selenium.Copyright 2011, CleanSoft Academy. All rights reserved. “Selenium Tool Workshop”
  5. 5. DELIVERY STYLE Demonstrating of tool features and applying this on an open source web application to ensure that the concepts are well understood. In addition to this the participants are expected to write and execute scripts to build familiarity with the tool. TARGET AUDIENCE QA Staff DURATION Open workshop : Two-days Corporate workshop: Two-daysCopyright 2011, CleanSoft Academy. All rights reserved. “Selenium Tool Workshop”
  6. 6. Two Modes of DeliveryThis program is delivered in two modes:Open workshopsConducted periodically,dates published on our website.Corporate workshopsExclusively done for corporates, tailoring to suit specificneeds of your organization can be done.Copyright 2011, CleanSoft Academy. All rights reserved. “Selenium Tool Workshop”
  7. 7. May we help you?To be on our open workshop mailing list or to conductthis program at your organization please contact us at :Bengaluru (080) 2535 7161/62Chennai   (044) 4214 3469Email    marketing@cleansoft.in Thank youCleanSoft Academy is a division of STAG Software Pvt. Ltd.Copyright 2011, CleanSoft Academy. All rights reserved. “Selenium Tool Workshop”