Program for IT Industry Excellence


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CleanSoft Academy provides Talent Development for colleges to build employability skills in college students.

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Program for IT Industry Excellence

  1. 1. PRIDEImpart. Transform. Propagate. PROGRAM FOR IT INDUSTRY EXCELLENCE “India does not have problem of unemployment but unemployability” Dr. APJ Kalam, Former President of IndiaThe IT industry is plagued by non-availability of ready-to- …”India is expected to be home to a skilled workforce of 500 million by 2022. About 12 million persons are expectedemploy talent as per a survey done by Mckinsey- to join the workforce every year. This talent pool needs toNASSCOM. One of the reasons cited by the industry for be adequately skilled”…the shortfall of talent is lack of academic institutionsability to build desired skills essential to perform tasks at (Extract from the document prepared by ICRA Managementworkplace. Consultancy Services Limited (IMaCS) to serve as a rd background note for the 3 Global Skills Summit of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI)) “Even those recruits from some of the best engineering colleges are simply not job-ready. If these graduates were “completely deployable in terms of their technical proficiency”, they would need in-house training of only a week or 10 days”. All businesses cry for employability skills as these enable their growth and competitiveness. Exec. VP, Human Resources, Top IT Services CompanyAt CleanSoft Academy, we have developed an industry-oriented Program for IT Industry Talent DevelopmentExcellence – PRIDE. The program’s competency framework is designed to groom college for Collegesstudents to perform effectively and contribute to the organization’s business goals in theirprofessional career immediately after their graduation.The objective of PRIDE is to build employability skills and make college students completely deployable and easily fitinto the IT industry environment. PRIDE is tailored to plug IT industry skill gaps as below:  Provide exposure to systems approach / thinking and help students to graduate from “programmer” to a well- rounded “software professional”  Apply concepts of product engineering  Improve ability to ‘deep-dive’ into a particular focus area as experience level increases  Improve soft skills, especially when it comes to interacting with the client  Provide exposure to corporate culture – reporting, compliance, escalations, e-mail etiquettes and protocolsThe benefits that colleges can derive by including this program as part of their academic curriculum are:  Develop talented workforce as per industry expectations resulting in increased student placements  Attract right companies for campus recruitment  Facilitate better industry-academia interface to help faculty understand industry function/trends and create opportunity for commercialization of projects with industry  Create additional revenue stream opportunity CleanSoft Academy – - (a division of STAG Software Private Limited) provides specialized knowledge solutions to groom fresh talent for IT industry, and transform software professionals to reach the pinnacle of software excellence. Some quick facts: Have run 100+ batches of graduate career programs in software testing Contact 080- 28495574/74 Have trained around 5000 engineers Or send email to Groomed 800 campus recruits via Finishing School Program CleanSoft Academy is a division of STAG Software Private Limited. Visit for details.
  2. 2. PRIDE - PROGRAM FOR IT INDUSTRY EXCELLENCE PROGRAMThe program is specifically designed for College/University students to groom them into IT industry-ready andemployable graduates. This is delivered at the college campus and runs in parallel with the academic curriculum. PROGRAM STRUCTURE HIGHLIGHT Phase 1: Industry Alignment The teaching is experiential; it instills a sense of Enables the students understand the industry commitment in students to strive for excellence needs and equip them with technical & soft skills in their career. to align to the current needs of IT industry. Industry Sandbox Environment Students learn Product Engineering practices on their academic project. This helps them to move Phase 2: Industry Practices Application from amateur coding to professional software Apply product engineering practices in their final development. semester project in a “Sandbox Environment”. Industry Interaction Students become aware of current industry Phase 3: Industry Exposure trends, know career opportunities, attend Listen, Interact with IT industry leaders to know seminar / workshops / lectures, and get about industry trends, expectations and be opportunity to interact with industry leaders and inspired. be exposed to latest technologies.Talent Development Focus AreaThe grooming program focuses on developing talent in students in the following areas: Excellence / Product Systems Quality Engineering Thinking Communication Work Culture Team Work Verbal, WrittenThe delivery methodology is as below: Program Phase Methodology Approach CleanSoft Academy Role Industry Exploratory Learning Our approach to teaching is experiential; Teaching and Mentoring Alignment we have devised a unique learning model - “Listen, Explore, Think & Expand” - that is cogent, result-oriented and fosters evolution. Industry Practice Application on Project Developing real life applications is much Mentoring and Facilitation Application more than just coding. It requires a team working collaboratively using a set of practices based on software engineering and usage of tools. Industry Industry Interaction Webinar, Seminar, Workshop, Lectures, Facilitation Exposure Conferences… ©2012 CleanSoft Academy (a division of STAG Software Pvt Ltd.). All Rights Reserved.