System for Green Operations - Prudhomme -Airbus


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Sylvain Prudhomme presentation during Clean Sky round table on System for Green Operations at Paris Air Show

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System for Green Operations - Prudhomme -Airbus

  1. 1. More Electrical Aircraft: the Airbus R&T PerspectiveS Prudhomme, AirbusContribution to the Clean Sky round table "More electrical aircraft", Le Bourget Paris air show, June 2011
  2. 2. Le Bourget, Paris June 2011The strategic drivers for energy management systems • Product performance: 900-600 KW Operational efficiency of the end-to-end p y energy management chain 15 models Availability of energy management functions 300-200 KW > 9,500 aircraft sold aircraft > 400 customers > 5,800 delivered (as of end July 2009) (as of end July 2009) • Industrial performance: Over 1000 MW flying Airbus Mastering of the footprint of energy worldwide at any time of the day ! management systems in the architecting and g y g integration business Economical viability and perspective of g growth of the energy management p gy g products • Societal expectations: Safetyy Ultra green ATS (ACARE 2020) Systems require power supply CO2 air/ground emission scheme equivalent several % fuel burn and represent a major part of the aircraft pricePage 2 © AIRBUS S.A.S. All rights reserved. Confidential and proprietary document.
  3. 3. Le Bourget, Paris June 2011Vision towards “Total Energy Management” • Target concept: p platform based energy management, with shared resources gy g managed efficiency of the end-to-end energy chain well sized power demand, dynamically managed loads minimized and dynamically managed thermal losses managed energy systems health and life-cycle • Attractiveness of the All-Electrical Aircraft Systems: single source of energy ☺ ☺ homogeneous product line ☺ ☺ mutualized resources ☺- ☺ embedded intelligence ☺ Cost! modular components ☺ ☺ product perfo industrial perfoPage 3 © AIRBUS S.A.S. All rights reserved. Confidential and proprietary document.
  4. 4. Le Bourget, Paris June 2011Progress status from European R&T projects 1. The All-Electrical concept is feasible, but the simple replacement of conventional technologies by electrical ones is not bringing benefit. 2. Promising airworthy architectures are identified, but the quantified benefit is not demonstrated yet in all conditions with enough confidence and maturity. 3. 3 Among promising All Electrical and Hybrid architectures the dominant All-Electrical architectures, trade-offs are primarily driven by architecture choices, not technology. 4. The 4 Th current level of performance of the electrical components and tl l f f f th l t i l t d technologies is not good enough to deliver robustly the benefit of the architectures, but positive trends are emerging in R&T.Page 4 © AIRBUS S.A.S. All rights reserved. Confidential and proprietary document.
  5. 5. © AIRBUS S A S All rights reserved Confidential and proprietary document This document and all information contained herein is the sole property of AIRBUS S A S No intellectual property rights are granted by the S.A.S. reserved. document. S.A.S. delivery of this document or the disclosure of its content. This document shall not be reproduced or disclosed to a third party without the express written consent of AIRBUS S.A.S. This document and its content shall not be used for any purpose other than that for which it is supplied. The statements made herein do not constitute an offer. They are based on the mentioned assumptions and are expressed in good faith. Where the supporting grounds for these statements are not shown, AIRBUS S.A.S. will be pleased to explain the basis thereof. AIRBUS, its logo, A300, A310, A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, A350, A380, A400M are registered trademarks.Page 5© AIRBUS S.A.S. All rights reserved. Confidential and proprietary document.