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Green rotorcraft - Intro to the round table- IPAS2011


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Green rotorcraft - Intro to the round table- IPAS2011

  1. 1. Clean Sky programme Sébastien DUBOIS, Project Officer Rotorcraft round table – Paris Air Show 2011 22nd June 2011 1 1Paris Air Show – Rotorcraft round table – 23rd June 2011
  2. 2. Unique Public‐Private‐Partnership in Aeronautics • Focused on Greening of Aeronautics • Europe’s largest Aeronautics Research Programme ever • €1.6B value, split 50/50 between the Commission (cash) and Industry (in kind) • Start February 2008; running up to 2017  • A new way of delivering R&T  • Integrated, ‘thematic’ set‐up • Large scale and complex testing, evaluation and demonstration (up to TRL6) • Open Calls for engaging partners in delivering the roadmap • Industry founders and Commission working as equity partners 2 2Paris Air Show – Rotorcraft round table – 23rd June 2011
  3. 3. Clean Sky is Led by European Industry Clean Sky Technology Evaluator DLR & Thales Concept                              Aircraft Eco-Design Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft Green Regional Aircraft Green Rotorcraft Dassault & Eurocopter & Fraunhofer Airbus & SAAB Alenia & EADS-CASA AgustaWestlandSystems for Green Operations Thales & Liebherr TECHNOLOGIES &  Sustainable and Green Engines DEMONSTRATORS 3 Rolls-Royce & 3 Safran Paris Air Show – Rotorcraft round table – 23rd June 2011
  4. 4. Clean Sky / Green Rotorcraft : heading towardACARE goals Halving noise REACH compliance REACH compliance Green Life Cycle 4 Emissions reduction 4 Paris Air Show – Rotorcraft round table – 23rd June 2011
  5. 5. Towards a High maturityA high level of « technology readiness »: the technologies areintegrated into large demonstrators, in-flight or on-ground Demonstrators definition close to the market needs: the demonstrator is the last R&T phase, before starting a development Schedule is key to keep this link (be neither too early, nor too late) A large part of this downstream research activity lays within big players, « integrators » - a typical feature of aeronautics These activities must be thoroughly coordinated A large programme focused on environment…… and competitiveness These features create the conditions for a Public‐ 5 Private Partnership 5 Paris Air Show – Rotorcraft round table – 23rd June 2011
  6. 6. Major Technology Demonstrator Programmes   Innovative Rotor blades: Q2/2015 ‐ Active twist blade ‐ Gurney flap rotor ‐ 3D blade profile optimised for dual speed rotor  Shape optimisation and flow separation control devices for drag reduction Diesel Demo Q2/2014 • Diesel core engine • Power pack integration Systems for flight path optimisation Q1/2015 • Rotorcraft • Aircraft • Underpinning and complementing SESAR 6 6Paris Air Show – Rotorcraft round table – 23rd June 2011
  7. 7. GRC: Participants & Global Shares 160M€ Total Budget: 10% of Clean Sky ITD-leaders (< 50%) Associates (<25%) Agusta-Westland   DLR (D) DLR (D) (co-leader)   ONERA (F)(F) ONERA  PZL Swidnik (Pol) Eurocopter  PZL Swidnik (Pol)  CIRA-SELEX ATS: cluster (I) (co-leader) CIRA-SELEXmembers: (NL,   IGOR: cluster of 11 ATS cluster (I) B, D)  IGORComposite, of 10 members (NL, B, D) Airborne : cluster Akustik Liebherr (D) Airborne Twente Universiteit Composite, Eurocarbon, Fibre Optic Hispano-Suiza (F) Sensors and Sensing Systems, LMS; Microflown Technologies, Micromega Dynamics, NLR, Thales Avionics Technische Universiteit Delft, Universiteit Twente Electrical Systems (F) Partners (>25%) Main Stakeholders of the domain presents in the ITD GRC: Helicopoter Manufacturers, Research Institutes, Systems suppliers 10 members composed of 23 legal entities 7 7Paris Air Show – Rotorcraft round table – 23rd June 2011