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Cs product presentation 2017 slideshow


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Clean Seal, Inc. product overview and history.

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Cs product presentation 2017 slideshow

  1. 1. Clean Seal, Inc. Serving our customers for over 38 years
  2. 2.  Founded in 1978  Manufacturer/Distributor of high quality extruded rubber & plastic seals, springs, automotive hose, molded products, expanded foams, and trim moldings
  3. 3. Located in South Bend, Indiana
  4. 4. Large inventory of stock items in our climate controlled warehouse. We ship product fast!
  5. 5.  Clean Seal has been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification every year since 2002.
  6. 6. • Cutting to length • Notching • Hole punching • Splicing/bonding • Adhesive lamination • Vulcanizing
  7. 7.  Clean Seal is the innovator and problem solver for our customer’s needs.  Our technical expertise sets us apart from the competition.  We can work with your engineers to create custom dies.  Clean Seal can ship stock items in 3-4 days.
  8. 8. Let us find your SEALANT SOLUTION INDUSTRIES SERVED • Transportation • Industrial • Marine • Firearms • Energy/Construction • Automotive • Military • Ambulance • Electrical • General…and many more
  9. 9. Markets served by Clean Seal®, Inc. We serve hundreds of industries worldwide
  10. 10. Air Intake Hose Recreational Vehicle slide out seals
  11. 11. Transit & Rail Extrusions
  12. 12. Window & Door Seals
  13. 13. Dual-Durometer
  14. 14.  Improved services thru lean manufacturing.  Streamlining of operations and equipment improvements.  Continuous progress in innovation.  Our location in South Bend, IN provides us the ability to ship quickly and efficiently across the U.S. and Canada.
  15. 15.  Our Kanban scheduling system promotes the value added process of “Lean Manufacturing” and “Just-In- Time Manufacturing”.  Kanban uses the rate of demand to control the rate of production, passing demand from the end customer up through the chain of customer-store processes.
  16. 16. Technical specifications that need to be met from the customer’s perspective:  Individual polymer properties  Additives that can alter price, processing and vulcanization  Compression/Shear force  Testing/quality assurance methods  Heat and temperature range exposure
  17. 17.  Clean Seal partners with 3M for your adhesive solutions.  3M is the “Insurance Policy” for Clean Seal’s Customers.  3M=Excellence in Quality.
  18. 18. PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive): • Rubber Based PSA (H3) • High initial tack • Used as an installation aid • Performs well in static applications • Acrylic PSA (H2) • Moderate initial tack • Meant for long term use • Used in dynamic applications • Good with powder coated surface 3M ST-1200 (Heat Activated Tape System): • 3M Acrylic Adhesive • Used in Automotive applications • Heat activation done by manufacturer Tape Selection…
  19. 19. Cross Section Considerations • Even wall thickness • Avoid large wall thickness variations • Avoid extremely thin areas • Minimum wall thickness guideline - .020” • Radius 24
  21. 21. We have now broadened our product offerings to include Springs, specifically for industrial applications, as well as firearms.
  22. 22. AUTOMOTIVE HOSE Clean Seal®, Inc. offers an extensive line of Automotive Fuel Fill Hose, Gas Tank Vent Hose, Air Conditioning Hose and Molded Hose products. Let our hose expert assist you in meeting your spec requirements
  23. 23. • O-Rings • Ramp Door Bumpers • Dock Bumpers • Crutch Tips • Custom molded products • Suction Cups • Vibration Mounts…and more Rubber & Plastic Molded Products
  24. 24. Durable Crankshaft Tote Universal Head Lamp Tote Interior Decorative Strip Tote OEM Kitting Example Industrial strength… Environmental benefits!
  25. 25. Cost Saving- versus Injection Tote and Insert Packaging for- Lighting, electronics, medical equipment, mirrors, trim parts, engine components and many more Lightweight- 75% less weight than Injection Molded Tote Scratch Resistant- Will NOT Scratch Class-A Surfaces Extremely Durable- High Impact Resistance Easy to Clean- Water Resistant Custom designs available…Contact your Sales Representative for a custom quote 100% Recyclable
  26. 26. Protect Equipment from (EMI) Electromagnetic Interference (RFI) Radio Frequency Interface • Stray signals can easily corrupt or interfere with operations of critical components • Medical equipment must always be protected • Industrial and telecommunications equipment is also subject to EMI & RFI. • Clean Shield consists of a fabric shielding the foam profile. • Clean Seal is your EMI/RFI shielding solution!
  27. 27.  Clean Seal®, Inc. exhibits at many trade shows throughout the year so that we can continuously support our customers attending these shows. You can visit us at these or any of the shows listed on our website. • Pacific Design and Manufacturing Show • SEMA • CON-EXPO • NTEA - The Work Truck Show • The International Work Boat Show
  28. 28. Pink Heals "Cares Enough To Wear Pink“ is a great organization supporting women fighting cancer.
  29. 29. “Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises” We look forward to working together to provide solutions for your projects!
  30. 30. Please contact us at : Clean Seal, Inc. 20900 W. Ireland Road South Bend, In. 46680 1-800-366-3682 1-574-299-1888 Visit our website @: