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Clean Seal Molded Specialties


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Clean Seal Molded Specialties specializes in custom bumpers for docks/vehicles of all kinds. From backing your tractor trailer to a dock or your boat to a pier/dock. We have a custom or stock solution to suit your needs to protect your equipment and recreational vehicles.

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Clean Seal Molded Specialties

  1. 1. Serving our customers for over 35 years Clean Seal, Inc. MOLDED SPECIALTIES
  2. 2. • O-Rings • Ramp Door Bumpers • Dock Bumpers • Crutch Tips • Custom molded products • Suction Cups • Vibration Mounts…and more
  3. 3.  Founded in 1978.  Manufacturer/Distributor of high quality extruded rubber & plastic seals, springs, automotive hose, molded products, expanded foams, and trim moldings.
  4. 4. Located in South Bend, Indiana
  5. 5. Large inventory of stock items in our climate controlled warehouse. We ship product fast!
  6. 6.  Clean Seal has been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certification every year since 2002.
  7. 7.  Clean Seal is the innovator and problem solver for our customer’s needs.  Our technical expertise sets us apart from the competition.  We can work with your engineers to create custom dies.  Clean Seal can ship stock items in 3-4 days.
  8. 8. Markets served by Clean Seal®, Inc. We serve hundreds of industries worldwide
  9. 9. Rubber Grommets Grommet Bumpers Dock Bumpers Recessed Bumpers Stem Bumpers Stick-On Bumpers Extruded Bumpers O-Rings Lab Stoppers Bushings Suction Cups Vibration Mounts Crutch Tips Extruded Shapes Mil Spec Grommets Stud, Feet, and Mounts Extruded and molded rubber & plastic
  10. 10.  Compression Transfer  Injection Molded Rubber Products  Materials include, but are not limited to: SBR NBR NR RR CR EPDM Silicone FKM (Viton)
  11. 11. • Aerospace/Defense – insulator grommets, Mil-Spec • Agricultural – vibration isolators, seals, hose, etc. • Automotive – dampers / stoppers / boots / bellows, hose, etc. (PPAP/FMVSS) • Electronics – feet / insulators, etc. (non-conductive) • Food – stoppers / oven trim / diaphragms (FDA) • HVAC – gaskets / washers / covers, etc. • Industrial – grommets / bumpers / o-rings / mounts, etc. • Truck/Trailer – door plunger assemblies, wiring solutions, wheel chocks, etc. • Marine
  12. 12. Clean Seal takes your part quality very seriously. Molded Parts are strategically developed with reference dimensions, standard dimensions and critical dimensions. We work with you to understand critical areas of your parts and employ tolerances to achieve optimal components application lifecycle success.
  13. 13. Applications: Mechanically protects against the sharp edges of drilled or punched holes for wiring, cable, tubing, piping, hoses, air lines, rope and more. Used in appliances, motors, tools, cars, trucks, trailers, electronic equipment, toys, bikes, RVs, boats, pumps, furniture and more. Materials: SBR, Buna-N, EPDM, Mil-Spec MS-35489, Neoprene, Viton, Silicone, Natural Rubber, Isoprene. Custom materials available; tell us the application, and we can recommend the appropriate material. Hardness: 30 to 80 Shore A Durometer Colors: Black, Oxide Red. Custom colors available. Please call for quotation. Material Temperature Range: -150°F to 550°F, depending on material.
  14. 14.  Applications: SBR, Nitrile, Neoprene, EPDM  Materials: 30 to 80 Shore A Durometer  Hardness: Black. Custom colors available.  Colors: Black. Custom colors available.  Material Temperature Range : -60°F to +300°F, depending on material
  15. 15. • Applications: Rubber bumpers used to protect doors, walls, rails, docks, truck bumpers, utility trailers, carts, fork lifts, curbs, rollers, sliders, packers, pushers, conveyors, braces, corners and other places where metal to surface contact is harsh and continuous. Made with high tensile, abrasion-resistant rubber compounds in molded and extruded shapes and styles. • Materials: Natural Rubber and Reclaimed Rubber. Available in EPDM and SBR. • Hardness: Natural Rubber and Reclaimed Rubber. Available in EPDM and SBR. Contact Customer Service. • Colors: Black. Custom colors available. Material Temperature Range : -60°F to 180°F
  16. 16.  Applications : Sealing liquids and gases in pressure and static applications. Used on hydraulic machinery and pistons.  Buna-N : Compounds which are ideally suited for oil resistant applications of all types.  Ethylene-Propylene : Compounds that are used extensively for outdoor, weather resistant uses, such as water appliances.  Silicone : Excellent as static seals in extreme temperature conditions.  Neoprene : Superior sealing materials for the refrigeration industry, resistant to ammonia and Freon.  Flourocarbon (Viton) : The preferred compound for sealing aircraft engines, automotive fuel handling systems and hard vacuum service.  Materials : Other materials available upon request. Available in a variety of standard sizes. Custom orders available.
  17. 17.  Applications : Used extensively in the packaging and printing fields, and in a wide number of material handling applications. Suction cups are most commonly used for footings, temporarily holding a position with the added feature of being easily moved.  Cups can be molded with male or female inserts, hollow stems or button tabs for easy grip. Can be used to pick up sheets of paper, sheets of metal or hamburger buns. Available in food grade and medical grade compounds. Standard sizes are shown. Custom sizes easily quoted.  Materials : Isoprene, SBR. Also available in Neoprene, EPDM and Silicone.  Hardness : 30 duro to 80 duro Shore A Durometer  Colors : Black and Tan. Other colors available.  Material Temperature Range : -60°F to +330°F, depending on material.
  18. 18. • High quality products at a competitive price • Technical support on materials, design, application, etc. • Stocking programs to minimize your inventory investment and product lead-times (in stock vs. 8 to 12 weeks customs • Medium size business that is small enough to be flexible and large enough to support big business
  19. 19. • All factories are ISO or QS certified • Six Sigma Quality Methodologies on molded parts • Can assist in product development with in-depth tools including: FMEA, FEA, DOE, Gage R&R, etc. • Engineers using SolidWorks/Pro-E – determine concept feasibility and take development from concept to launch • Inspection Processes – from simple to in depth such as obtaining 1.33cpk on critical data points and 1.0cpk on non-critical data points
  20. 20. Blanket Order Stocking Programs Quality Control- Vendor Audits Competitive sourcing from the U.S. & China (Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xiamen, China)
  21. 21.  Clean Seal®, Inc. exhibits at many trade shows throughout the year so that we can continuously support our customers attending these shows. You can visit us at these or any of the shows listed on our website. • Pacific Design and Manufacturing Show • SEMA • CON-EXPO • NTEA - The Work Truck Show • The International Work Boat Show
  22. 22. Pink Heals "Cares Enough To Wear Pink“ is a great organization supporting women fighting cancer.
  23. 23. “Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises” We look forward to working together to provide solutions for your projects!
  24. 24. Please contact us at : Clean Seal, Inc. 20900 W. Ireland Road South Bend, In. 46680 1-800-366-3682 1-574-299-1888 Visit our website @: