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Cleaner Curbs: Repeat recycling violations nyc


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Cleaner Curbs shares Information on the rulea and regulations for buildings that receive repeat recycling violations. cleaner curbs=cleaner city.

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Cleaner Curbs: Repeat recycling violations nyc

  1. 1. Repeat Recycling Violations NYC Violations carry fines of $25 (first violation), $50 (second violation), $100(third violation) and $500 (four or moreviolations within a six-month period). Buildings with ten or more apartments that receive four or more violations within a six- month period can be fined $500 for each bag that violates recycling requirements, up to a maximum of 20 bags within a 24-hour period. This translates to a maximum fine of $10,000 per day. -DSNY Rules and Regulations