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Finishing equipments

  1. 1. Finishing Finishing Equipments Spraying Equipment Wisdom Management Services (M) Sdn. Bhd. 1
  2. 2. Finishing Finishing Equipments EAGLESPRAY® HVLP "TURBINE" SPRAY SYSTEM EagleSpray® systems can be used with virtually all sprayable materials and coatings. Designed originally for spraying water based finishes, other materials such as nitrocellulose lacquers, all types of stains, latex paints, enamels, varnishes, polyurethane, polyesters, automotive finishes, textured finishes, most contact cements will spray out super smooth. The clean warm air provides faster build, rapid drying time and faster film cure. Hence, finishing time can be cut by nearly 45% with improved quality and appearance over compressed air, coupled with our unique dual filtration system, rubbing out of fine finishes is virtually eliminated. "Fish- eyes" are minimized and surface blushing with nitrocellulose lacquers is a thing of the past. Save money too in finishing cost - up to 50% less in material consumption due to no over spray. LYNX-3™ HVLP CONVERSION SPRAY GUN Converts your compressed air to HVLP. Simply connect our LYNX™-3 HVLP spray guns directly to your shop's air line and you are ready to reap the benefits of a High Volume Low Pressure spray system. Operating at standard air line pressures, the LYNX™-3 HVLP Guns create less than 10 psi of pressure at the gun while maintaining a minimum of 65% transfer efficiency. No matter what you are spraying, you are sure to save up to 50% in material consumption. The LYNX™-3 HVLP guns are the best on the market based on customer feedback and benefit to cost ratio. It requires only 4 cfm of air flow only or, a 1 hp* ordinary shop compressor (3 hp recommended) to do an excellent spray finishing job with all sprayable materials including all HYDROCOTE® finishes and other water-based finishes. Other conversion guns currently on the market require a minimum of a 5 HP compressor to deliver less than equivalent results. LYNX™-3 HVLP Guns are as easy to use as the high pressure gun you're using Wisdom Management Services (M) Sdn. Bhd. 2
  3. 3. Finishing Finishing Equipments Wood and finish care marble, and tile. It helps your furnishings retard oxidation, tarnish, mold and mildew. It stains, seals, and finishes new wood in one easy step and leaves a beautiful wax finish. Contains Toluene. Due to freight restrictions, this item can only be shipped via UPS ground service only. Briwax cleans and conditions wood, metal, fiberglass. Briwax 2000 features the same great finish but uses mineral Spirits instead of toluene which is safer on lacquer finishes. Restores original color and luster in wood finishes. Eliminates white heat rings and water marks, scratches. Removes sun fade and oxidation. Will not dissolve the existing finish. RESTORE IT -- DON'T STRIP IT! Tibet Almond Stick A handy scratch remover for all types of wood. Just rub the end of the stick lightly over a white scratch and it's gone! Works Great! Not recommended for gouges, deep scratches, or bleached finishes. Kotton Klenser Products Regular Kotton Klenser Cleaner For use on all wood finishes, kitchen cabinets, woodwork, paneling, and Formica, ceramic, plastic, tile, vinyl, leather, marble, painted surfaces, and even whitewall tires. Cleans and removes water and heat marks, wax and silicone buildup, tree sap, and smoke damage residue. Wisdom Management Services (M) Sdn. Bhd. 3
  4. 4. Finishing Finishing Equipments Kotton Klenser Lemon Oil Beeswax Polish Polish with lemon oil beeswax for a protective moisture, alcohol, and acid proof finish. Kotton Klenser Oil Painting Restoring Oil Gives luster and protection to paintings, old and new, when used with regular Kotton Klenser Cleaner. Penthouse Furniture polish. This is a good product I use professionally. It contains a small amount of silicone wax for leaving the surface slick, glossy and protected. It is a good product for high gloss sheens and not recommended for dull or satin sheens. Wisdom Management Services (M) Sdn. Bhd. 4
  5. 5. Finishing Finishing Equipments Fillers and adhesives Epoxy fillers and adhesives. Quickwood Epoxy filler Fill holes, Scratches, gouges, cracks, dry rot, and knot holes. Repair furniture molding and frames. Can be sculpted or carved for intricate detail. Interior and exterior applications. Reshape wood carvings, remold wood knobs and handles. Repair, Rebuild, Restore Anything Made of Wood Quickwood is a remarkable polymer compound for instant wood repair. Easy to use Quickwood molds like clay then dries like wood in 30 minutes. It is also good for wood to wood and wood to metal bonding. REPAIRITQUIK Multi Purpose Epoxy Putty 4 oz. Tube Repairs, bonds, fills, seals or rebuilds and cures rock hard. Adheres to metals, wood, glass, ceramic, porcelain, and most plastics. Will not shrink or pull away. Contains no solvents. Mixes by hand kneading and molds like clay. Hardens in minutes. 30 Minutes of working time Specially formulated to bond fiberglass, wood, metals, plastics, etc. Produces a tough permanent bond in just 30 minutes. It is resistant to shock and solvents, non-brittle , easy to sand, and has excellent gap filling characteristics. This product retains the physical strengths of epoxy adhesives while offering the added advantage of quick setting even in thin films at low temperatures. It will bond wood and nearly all other types of materials, including concrete. It achieves it's terrific strength as a result of a chemical reaction when mixed with the hardening agent. Five minutes of working time Non-shrinking Wisdom Management Services (M) Sdn. Bhd. 5
  6. 6. Finishing Finishing Equipments Zap Cyano Acrylate Glues These Zap Glues are a great time saver for the professional and the home user. They work great on small veneer jobs, re-gluing chairs, and other small jobs or as a consolidant on soft or crumbling materials. They will glue almost any porous surface. Please Note: This glue has a twelve month shelf life. To extend the shelf life of un-opened bottle almost indefinitely, store them in a freezer at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. It must be warmed to room to room temperature before use. Do not store opened bottles in a freezer or refrigerator. This glue will bond skin instantly and, so be very cautious. Zap/CA Super thin penetrating adhesive Zap/CA is very thin, penetrating, and instant curing. It's wicking action allows assembly prior to gluing. Hold parts tightly together and apply the glue outside of the seam. It penetrates into the joint and cures in 10 or 15 seconds. It is great for tightening loose joints that can't be disassembled. It also is great for gluing down loose veneer when you can't get conventional glues worked under it. For faster curing, use the Zip Kicker accelerator. CA+/ Zap-A-Gap Thick Gap filling adhesive Zap-a- Gap is a bit thicker and slower than Zap/CA, allowing more open time. It is a great gap filling adhesive for those jobs with spaces or cracks of less than 1/16". Apply the glue then place the parts together. Cures in 30 to 45 seconds or instantly when used with the Zip Kicker accelerator. Wisdom Management Services (M) Sdn. Bhd. 6
  7. 7. Finishing Finishing Equipments CA-Slo Zap Super thick Slow cure CA adhesive This thick glue is often used as a filler. It is best for those jobs where assembly time is required, allowing 30 to 40 seconds of positioning time. Cures in one to two minutes. Speed up the cure time with Zip Kicker. Zip Kicker Accelerator Handy plastic bottle with pump sprayer. Zip Kicker has a special formula designed to instantly set the surface of the Zap glues. Just spray on! (Note: The glue will still need to be allowed it's full cure time.) Z7 Debonder - Debonding agent for Zap Glues Uniquely formulated water based Z7 Debonder will soften and remove cured zap adhesives. Simply apply to cured adhesive, allow to penetrate, (26 Seconds), rub off softened adhesive, It is also handy for when you glue your fingers together or to an item. Keep it at arms reach when working with Zap Glues. Z-End Tips - Replacement Tips for the Zap Glue bottles. Wisdom Management Services (M) Sdn. Bhd. 7