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The Interim Advantage


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Benefits of Interim Revenue Executives

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The Interim Advantage

  1. 1. The Interim Advantage Eight Benefits of Interim Revenue Executives ©Copyright 2008 OneAccord Partners. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. The Interim Advantage 1. Quickly Fill Business-Critical Openings Imagine that your Chief Sales Officer, or Chief Marketing Officer, has left your company for another opportunity. When a key leadership position like either of these is empty your organization is without a critical leader who directly impacts your company’s revenues. An interim executive will fill business-critical leadership openings, hit the ground running, assume control and work to assure that revenues are uninterrupted. And, by bringing in an experienced professional there will be no consequences of delay resulting from a prolonged search for a new hire. 2. Successfully Complete Special Projects You have aspirations to broaden your product portfolio or enter new geography, but your sales and marketing executives are temporarily bandwidth constrained and unable to manage the increased workload. You can’t and shouldn’t risk them taking their eye off their current responsibilities – there can only be one top priority. An interim executive, given the right experience, can step in to successfully lead strategic initiatives. All without the overhead costs associated with a permanent hire. Plus, interim executives are often available on short notice and being fast to market is a competitive advantage that can contribute to a project’s success. 3. Mitigate Hiring Risks Hiring the right person, the best person, for any key leadership position requires thoughtful and unrushed decision-making. Get it wrong and your entire organization suffers. The costs of recruitment, training, and if a hiring decision goes wrong, the missed or lost opportunities and separation expenses, are too significant to be ignored. Engaging an interim sales or marketing executive while you conduct a talent search allows you to set a hiring pace that will assure your selection for a permanent hire is the right one. And, an interim executive removes the burden of meeting that position’s responsibilities from your other executives.
  3. 3. 4. Affordable High Value Leadership Your small, or early-stage organization, needs strategic sales and marketing plans that set a course for success. But, you can’t afford to bring the expertise and leadership that you need as a full-time addition to your team. An interim revenue executive can provide your organization with the wisdom of experience, the confidence to express a clear plan and the leadership to set it in motion. Can you afford to accept anything less? 5. Close Expertise Gaps Your team has one of the most experienced financial guys in your segment. Your operations chief can manage people and processes with the best of them. But, you are lacking a sales vision needed to enter a new channel and gain a good foothold. You need someone who has been there and done that. An interim revenue executive will help you set sales and marketing strategy and create a go-to-market model that works to assure your success. Plus, the interim executive will provide valuable coaching for your staff and help you hone in on the skill sets needed for that position if you decide to make a full- time hire. 6. Stage a Successful Financial Event You are ready to sell, or refinance, your business and want to be certain that your sales and marketing teams are delivering on the full revenue promise of your products/services portfolio. Or, you are thinking of acquiring a company and want another view of the full sales revenue potential. An interim executive joins your organization with a specific well-defined goal and that is their focus. They will have the experience and an outside-insider’s perspective on the business and its promise. 7. Advance a Change Agenda Poorly performing companies ultimately face the need to make changes in management. And, with revenue often at the heart of their crisis, new sales and marketing leadership can be needed urgently. Interim executives are not burdened by the company’s past, culture or politics and can swiftly advance a change agenda. So, whether your goal is to rebuild a sales organization, or reinvigorate your marketing team, an interim executive can provide objectivity and successfully lead that change.
  4. 4. 8. Maintain Competitiveness Your customers count on your company to meet their needs with a sense of urgency and a high level of proficiency. Missing leadership skills from your sales organization can quickly put you at a competitive disadvantage. An interim revenue executive provides leadership and keeps you competitive so your customers continue to receive the level of attention they expect. Why OneAccord? OneAccord provides world class interim leadership in driving revenue strategies for companies with open sales and marketing positions. We employ a collaborative model with principals averaging 20+ years of executive experience providing results, not just reports. We craft top line sales and marketing strategies that are closely aligned with tactical solutions. Our goal is to quickly deliver sustainable and profitable results with a positive ROI. And, as a nationwide partnership with broad experience, we often have the right experience ready to make a difference when you need it. For more information, visit our web site at Or contact: Casey Leaman T 512-619-5566