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Sac prep with key points


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Sac prep with key points

  1. 1. Traralgon CollegeVCE Physical Education – Unit 4 Outcome 1, SAC Revision
  2. 2. You are approached by Mada Smis who plays tennis in a local competition. He wants to improve his overall game but doesnt know where to start. You are the expert, what actions would you take?Buy a PromptContinue to Part 2
  3. 3. Complete 10 push ups to receive this prompt How would you find out the predominant fitness components and energy systems for tennis?Continue to Part 2
  4. 4.  Activity analysis to determine fitness components, energy systems and muscle groups used in tennis  Type of analysis should include movement patterns, skills analysis and intensity analysisContinue to Part 2
  5. 5. You have observed Smisy play tennis and have collected data for 28 minutes and 41 seconds. Thetotal match time was 115 minutes. During this time you analysed 48 points. This is what you found: You need to explain to Smisy what this data means and where to go from here. Buy a Prompt Continue to Part 3
  6. 6. Fitness Components Agility — 240 directional changes; average of 5 directional changes per point. Muscular power — in both upper body and legs. Number of shots played (23 serves, 148 forehands, 123 backhands, 8 smashes) most of which would have involved powerful contact with the ball suggesting importance of upper body power. Directional changes (240) and number of short sprint efforts (26) suggestive of need for leg power to initiate these powerful, explosive efforts. Local muscular endurance — of forearm flexors to grip racquet and repeatedly play shots for nearly two hours (115 minutes of total playing time); of leg muscles to constantly propel player around the court for 115 minutes of total playing time. Speed — speed to move quickly around court to play shots indicated by number of short sprint efforts (26). Aerobic capacity/power — total event duration of 11 5 minutes, and constant need to recover from high intensity efforts during the recovery period between each point and game. Anaerobic power — given the significance of muscular powers agility and speed it therefore follows that anaerobic power is important as all three of these fitness components are directly related to anaerobic power.Energy Systems ATP-PC system: • Work:rest ratio of 1:6 indicative of ATP—PC system involvement • Average work period was 4.2 seconds with longest work interval of 7.72 seconds • Numerous short duration, high intensity movements and skills performed — 26 sprint efforts; 240 changes of direction; 23 serves; 148 forehands; 123 backhands; 44 volleys; 8 smashes Aerobic system: • Total event time of 115 minutes • Required for efficient and effective recovery between all of the high intensity efforts (eg between points and games) • Numerous walk efforts (41) Continue to Part 3
  7. 7. At your next meeting with Mada you present your findings from the activity analysis. He looks at you with a blank confused stare and how will that help him win tennis matches. What would you do next?Buy a PromptContinue to Part 4
  8. 8. Complete 10 push ups to receive this prompt How will you find out his current skill/fitness level?Continue to Part 4
  9. 9.  Appropriate fitness tests selected to match the components and energy systems and presented in a table (results need to be created using norms and should not be too high)  Should include the protocols of fitness testingContinue to Part 4
  10. 10. When you present Smisy with his results he queries the reason why you have done testing. You simply answer by telling him.......Buy a PromptContinue to Part 5
  11. 11. Complete 30 sit ups to receive this prompt There are many reasons to fitness test. Explain each of these and highlight the important ones for Mada.Continue to Part 5
  12. 12.  The 7 reasons why we test  Most relevant for Mada and why (baseline data, motivation, determine strengths and weaknesses)Continue to Part 5
  13. 13. Mada emails you concerned that 2 weeks have passed and his tennis isnt improving so he has started training himself. How would you respond?Buy a PromptContinue to Part 6
  14. 14. Complete 10 tuck jumps to receive this prompt What does a training program require to be effective?Continue to Part 6
  15. 15.  Rationale around the 5 principals and 5 considerations  There are different training methods and which are appropriateContinue to Part 6
  16. 16. Mada replies to your email explaining the rationale for the training program and eagerly awaits your plan. You send him........Buy a PromptContinue to Part 7
  17. 17. Complete 10 push ups to receive this prompt What will his program look like?Continue to Part 7
  18. 18.  Program presented in a table  Appropriate application of principles, considerations and mehtodsContinue to Part 7
  19. 19. At the end of Mada’s training program he comes back to you proud that he is finished. He thanks you for your help and gets up to leave. What do you do?Buy a PromptContinue to Part 8
  20. 20. Complete 10 burpees to receive this prompt What should be done at the conclusion of a training program?Continue to Part 8
  21. 21.  Important to undertake post testing and why  Speak about protocols again (especially reliability)  Post results need to be added (not all should show improvement)Continue to Part 8
  22. 22. After completing the same fitness battery again you get a second set of results.What feedback would you give Mada? Buy a Prompt Continue to Part 9
  23. 23. Complete 10 star jumps to receive this prompt Give reasons for the improvement or lack of improvement in the post testingContinue to Part 9
  24. 24.  Results have indicated a training effect for some/most components  Highlight some reasons for improvement not occurring (inappropriate program, Mada not following program, inaccuracy or reliability of testing)Continue to Part 9
  25. 25. Mada is happy with the progress youhave helped him make and his gamehas improved immensely. He is nowplaying in state grade tennis and wouldlike to keep helping him train. Whatwould you do next? Buy a Prompt Continue to Part 10
  26. 26. Complete 10 tuck jumps to receive this prompt What training would Moda need to do to continue improvingContinue to Part 10
  27. 27.  Use post test results to set a new training program  Maybe another activity analysis especially to look at skill analysis  Ensure that regular testing is booked in to continually check progress and effectiveness of any programsContinue to Part 10
  28. 28. Coming Soon Buy a Prompt Continue to Part 11