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Promoting physical activity


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Promoting physical activity

  1. 1. MediatorsMechanisms through whichan intervention (strategy) isbelieved to influencephysical activity behaviour Self EfficacyConfidence in your ability tobe active within specificcircumstances (for example,even when you are tired)
  2. 2. Individual Population• Print and web-based • Environmental change media • Policy• Counselling • Mass media• Processes of change
  3. 3.  Increasing Knowledge  Caring about the consequences to  Encourage individual to read and others think about P.A.  Encourage the person to recognise how their inactivity affects their family, friends and co-workers.  Comprehending benefits  Assist the individual to understand the personal benefits of being physically active. Being Aware of risks  Provide the individual with the message that being inactive is very  Increasing healthy opportunities. unhealthy.  Help the individual increase their awareness of opportunities to be physically active
  4. 4.  Substituting alternatives  Rewarding yourself  Encourage the individual to  Encourage the individual to praise participate in physical activity when themselves and reward themselves they are tired, stressed, or unlikely for being physically active to want to be physically active.  Committing yourself  Encourage the individual to make promises, plans and commitments to be active.  Reminding yourself  Teach the individual how to set up reminders to be active, such as keeping comfortable  shoes in the car/office, ready for use Enlisting social support at any time  Encourage the individual to find a family member, friend, or co-worker who is willing and able to provide support for being active.
  5. 5.  Complete the student activity on page 46 of Nelson Physical Education VCE Units 3 & 4.
  6. 6. Print media can promote PA in; Web bases media promotes PA Booklets through; Brochures & handouts  Interactive websitesIt is available from;  Works through the stages of Recreational centres change Regional Sports Assemblies  Great short term value – not Health care centres long term School and workplaces Mail outsDoesn’t require internet access.
  7. 7. Telephone counseling and automated Health-professional counseling telephone-delivered advice • Advice from GPs is often highly Programmed to call people regarded. automatically including during convenient times. • GPs sometimes prescribe PA Collect data for PA research. instead of a prescription for Counseling for people living in medication. isolated or remote areas Social support for older adults if not familiar with using web-based technologies.
  8. 8. Matching processes Assessing Identifying of change with Motivational opportunities to be motivational Readiness active readiness Enlisting socialReminder systems Contracting support Gradual Tailoring programming
  9. 9.  Complete the questions on page 51 of Nelson Physical Education VCE Units 3 & 4.
  10. 10. Alterations to the social or physical environment to increase level of activity Removing barriers or impediments to people being activeIntroducing new resourcesand/or facilities to increase activity
  11. 11. Laws, regulations, rules or understandings that areadopted on a collective basis to guide behaviour Legislation is formal,documented policies that are governed by lawOrganisational appropriate behaviour in a particular organisation
  12. 12. Reach groups of individuals using a medium other than personal contact or face to face meetings TV/Radio broadcasts Billboards, posters and cinema commercials Print media (newspapers/mags) Web-based Interactive info Increasing awareness of PA Provides info on health benefits Provides info on non-health benefits Provides info about consequences Raises awareness of community based programs Motivates individuals to take action
  13. 13.  Complete the questions on page 56 of Nelson Physical Education VCE Units 3 & 4.