Biology art


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Biology art

  1. 1. Biology in Art or is it Art in Biology?
  2. 3. Gyotaku by Naoki
  3. 4. Floral Radiographs by Albert Richards
  4. 5. Quantum Man by Julian Voss-Andreae Voss-Andreae was a graduate student in physics at the University of Vienna in Austria. His artistic nature asserted itself and he graduated from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. “My interest is really nature,” he says. “One way to explore it is through science. Another is through intuitive sense and a search for metaphor.” His piece titled Quantum Man is made from 115 thin steel slabs connected and kept apart by 1000 short steel rods. Seen from the front the figure looks dark and solid but from the side it nearly disappears. “ It shows that when you look at things from a different perspective, they can look extremely different,” says Anton Zeilinger, a physicist at the University of Vienna and Julian Voss-Andreae’s former group leader. “That’s part of the quantum message.”
  5. 7. DONNA FRANKLIN Australia Franklin undertook research into the techniques of ancient and new technologies through exploring the growth and staining of fungi on textiles. Her work was exhibited in BioDifference at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery during BEAP2004. “...a white dress “colonised” by a fungal growth. This encrustation was in reds, oranges, pinks and dull greens, transforming the white purity of the cotton fibre into a living fabric of dazzling beauty... The invasion of something so closely connected with self by a beautiful but alien life form was wonderful but alarming – like the earth reclaiming the body after death” Simon Blond, The West Australian Arts Review, 25 Sept. 2004.
  6. 8. Your assignment: Research an art form or an artist that uses some aspect of biology as a source of inspiration and/or medium. Prepare a display that includes at least 3 images and links to sources. Include a discussion of the art's and/or artist’s connection to biology (your discussion should be at least 500 words). Describe what drew you to this work and/or artist. Create a link from our our class website to a page where you create this display. Give your page (and link) a descriptive title. Identify yourself on your page by your first name only. You may NOT use any of the art forms or artists from this presentation. This post is due up on our website by Friday 6/4.