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Cobb in focus leaders of cobb 2011


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Profiled in Cobb in Focus as a Leader of Cobb County.

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Cobb in focus leaders of cobb 2011

  1. 1. Leaders of CobbCheryl DraaCheryl Draa Interior DesignsThe Story: I was born and raised in Ohio. While living in My Best Advice: You have to be willing to adapt. One of thoseTexas, I helped friends redecorate, just for fun. After I moved ways is utilizing social media. I’ve opened a Facebook page,to Georgia, I started doing my own window treatments. LinkedIn account and also Twitter. Another way to keep in touchNeighbors asked for help doing theirs, and I thought, ‘I’m not is through a blog on WordPress. I am also constantly updatinggoing to do this for free anymore!’ A woman in my neighbor- my books and attending classes to remain current in my industry.hood had an interior design business and we kept running Why Cobb? My family initially moved to Cobb for the schoolinto each other, so we started a business together. After she systems. We felt comfortable around the people. I was alsomoved away, I bought her out and set up Cheryl Draa Interior impressed by the strong support for independent businesses.Designs. Leisure Time: I’ve recently gotten back into reading andI branched into other areas, like picking out paint colors and joined a book club in my neighborhood. I love to go up to thefurniture arrangements. I worked out of my home for 10 years mountains or sit on the back deck and enjoy what God hasthen I had a retail store for 10 years. After I closed the store decorated for July, I set up a studio in my home that is open by appoint- What’s Next? I am branding myself…it’s not just what I sell,ment, while still making in-home consultations with my cli- it’s what I know. Anyone can sell a lamp or a new sofa, butents. it takes a good eye to know how to design a room and incorpo-My logo is “residential interior design for people in transition.” I rate all the things in the room together. I like to take the client’srealized people would call me after something had happened ideas from two-dimensional to a full three dimensional design. Iin their lives: babies, divorce, a death in the family, downsizing, also intend to continue to apply for and win more internationalupgrading. What I’m able to do is listen to them and help them awards in marketing and interior use their space and feel great in their  •  (770) 429-1929  • COBB in focus    N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2011 21