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  • 1. A statistical resource for the state of Georgia -Information is retrieved from the Georgia Dept. of Public Health and Public Policy data and provided by OHIP Office of Health Indicators
  • Defining some of the terms used in this source and in other statistical tools. Mortality morbidity surveillance or incidence reports or occurrances
  • Creating tables maps or charts for the following types of information
  • Continued types of information that can be retrieved from OASIS
  • Some of the reasons that researchers use OASIS
  • Start at the main MENU page. Look on the right side for current information about OASIS updates and utilizing this resource
  • I suggest that you go through their tutorial of 5 examples. It is very helpful.
  • To find out what acronyms mean, click on the link below for PPOR – (perinatal periods of risk)
  • Explanation and/or definition of data- helps you understand what is being collected. Perinatal periods of risk- helps with possible intervention in events and population.
  • Provides overall causes of death, but won’t break it down into numbers for each. You would have to choose each option.
  • YPLL 75 & Death Rate Years of potential life lost (Premature death)
  • If CENSUS.gov is not functioning, books in the library with some abstracts of selected information
  • Commercial library vendor ProQuest along with the print publisher, Bernan, has started doing the Statistical Abstract
  • For information about Georgia communities – see the “Geographic Identifiers” box on the HCMG 4401 LibGuide
  • If Census.gov is not available try Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce for marketing research of the Atlanta area
  • See the box by this name for resources
  • HCMG 4401rev spring 2014 taylor

    1. 1. Pt. 1 Navigating OASIS: Georgia’s ONLINE ANALYTICAL STATISTICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM Pt. 2 Sampling of Other Resources for Health/Marketing Research Joan Taylor Reference librarian HCMG 4401–Spring, 2014
    2. 2. What is OASIS?  Web-Based Tools for Public Health and Public Policy Data Analysis  Accessing the Georgia Department of Public Health and Public Policy Data Analysis  Provided by The Office of Health Indicators for Planning (OHIP), Georgia Department of Public Health
    3. 3. Definitions  Mortality-case reports of selected deaths.  Morbidity-case reports* of selected diseases. *May also be referred to as:  Surveillance or incidence reports referring to occurrances of specific conditions, diseases, or accidents.
    4. 4. Creates Tables, Maps, or Charts for the STATE of GEORGIA  Mortality/Morbidity  Maternal Child Health (MCH)  Infant Mortality
    5. 5. Create Tables, Maps, or Charts  Population Characteristics  Community Dashboards (potential assessment/needs)  Behavioral Surveys  Health Service Locators
    6. 6. Use OASIS queries to:  Develop profiles and report cards for counties or districts  Assess community health needs  Prioritize health problems  Evaluate programs  Examine data by census tract to identify high risk populations, and allocate resources
    7. 7. OASIS queries can also:  Target problem areas to analyze specific health problems and outcomes  Create a basis for health communications or health advocacy  Map several geographic areas to compare varied health outcomes
    8. 8. –Menu and Other Information
    9. 9. Decide the visual format that you need.  First: select “GET TABLE” or “GET MAP”
    10. 10. View the Tutorial with Images TUTORIAL • Provides 5 examples What do I need? Does OASIS provide what I need? • Measures, Years, Ages, Geography
    11. 11. Start screen for M/C web query Live Birth Rate-Use Maternal/Child (MCH)
    12. 12. Maternal/Child -Sample Birth Rate Query- Georgia
    13. 13. Slide or “mouseover” for details
    14. 14. Infant Mortality Rate–GA and Counties
    15. 15. M/C Maternal/Child “Measures”–”Fetal deaths”
    16. 16. Infant Mortality-PPOR(perinatal periods of risk)
    17. 17. What is PPOR? Perinatal Periods of Risk  “…Gathered from the complex mix of factors that shape the health of mothers, newborns, and Infants”
    18. 18. Death Rate: Use Mortality/MorbidityMortality-Deaths-Percent of deaths
    19. 19. Maternal Death Rate Use: M/C MaternalDeaths/Mat.mortality rates
    20. 20. OASIS-Mortality/Morbidity –All Causes LEADING CAUSE of Death
    21. 21. Ranked Causes and State/County Comparison –Georgia -DASHBOARDS
    22. 22. Mortality/Morbidity-”Ambulatory Care sensitive Conditions” Clayton County- Chronic conditions-Diabetes
    23. 23. Citing OASIS  Suggested Citation Online Analytical Statistical Information System (OASIS), <name of tool used>, Georgia Department of Public Health, Office of Health Indicators for Planning (OHIP). <Date data accessed> http://oasis.state.ga.us/
    24. 24. Pt. 2 A Sampling of Other Suggested Resources for the Assignment Other LibGuidesHealth Data Tools and Statistics Statistical Resources for Assignments!
    26. 26. Statistical Abstract of U.S. (Books in Library Reference Collection) 2004-2012IF REF HA202 .U5
    27. 27. (ProQuest) Statistical Abstract of the U.S. starting with 2013
    28. 28. ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the U.S.. • Online access available through GALILEO
    29. 29. Other Resources -“Geographic Identifiers” box on HCMG 4401 LibGuide  GeorgiaInfo  Georgia DOT County Highway Maps  Georgia County Statistics
    30. 30. Other tips for questions  “Business and commerce” try seaching  Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce  “Demographics of Community Residents” try using information from diversitydata.org  “Professional/medical /health organizations” see the box in the HCMG 4901 LibGuide with this label
    31. 31. Health Status of Community resources  Community Health Status Indicators (U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services)  CDC FASTATS home  Health Indicators Warehouse  Medline Plus
    32. 32. “FASTSTATS” A great place to start research about anything “health”.
    33. 33. CDC- “Deaths and Mortality” • Subcategories
    34. 34. Infectious Disease –Try CDC FastStats • Many variables
    35. 35. “Notifiable Diseases” and “Surveillance summaries” 1983-2012 • Past summaries
    36. 36. MedlinePlus –Health conditions with statistics and references
    37. 37. Hospital and community services  Ambulatory Health Care Statistics  American Hospital  American Hospital Directory homepage  Archival Sources for AHRQ  Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP)  HRSA Data Warehouse  (HRSA) Health Center Data
    38. 38. Remember to check these LibGuides  HCMG 4401 http://clayton.libguides.com/HCMG4401  Business http://clayton.libguides.com/business  Health Data Tools and Statistics http://clayton.libguides.com/health_statistics  Statistical Resources for Assignments! http://clayton.libguides.com/statisticalresources
    39. 39. joantaylor@clayton.edu