CRJU/SOCI 4501 Research Methods -Taylor


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Library research presentation for both classes.

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  • Quick summary of the tabs at the top of the page and the icon pictures to the left. Search + searching everything, may be easier to search individual resources or “clusters of vendor databases” (later slide coming)
  • The place to start- Bookmark or tab this on the computer or laptop or device that you use for library research! New Library homepage design is coming on Sept. 3rd You will see it later…..
  • Easiest way to see ALL choices-- CLICK ON ALL. Now alphabetically arranged
  • Select “FEATURED” for information about research services and specific collections – each is important for various reasons.
  • Course specific guides, current topics, statistical resources, library services you may not have used before.
  • How to ASK a Librarian! Reference desk too!
  • Off campus access information to get to GALILEO. Go to Library WEBpage, do not log into the SWAN. Just use your swan credentials when you click on GALILEO.
  • Library account “How to set it up” See Library Services need this for GilExpress requests, renew books, and see what is checked out.
  • Two choices for retrieving materials that are NOT available to CSU users The differences listed here.
  • We have a large and growing e-book collection.
  • Alternative format resources- large streaming video collection within GALILEO’s Films on Demand
  • Samples of books in the Clayton State Library
  • Searching with Boolean operators [AND narrows the search] [OR expands the search] [NOT excludes]
  • Model of a search strategy as found on your worksheet quotation marks or parentheses keeps words as a phrase and in order for the search.
  • A sample search strategy -be sure to use the Advanced Search interface for more options
  • Determine what type of information that you need. Here are some examples.
  • Frequently used Limiters and truncation
  • Proximity operators, wildcards examples
  • If you need some data resources
  • CRJU/SOCI 4501 Research Methods -Taylor

    1. 1. CRJU/SOCI 4501 Research Methods Criminal Justice Joan Taylor Reference Librarian
    2. 2. Today’s outcomes • To identify resources and research methods for the social sciences and criminal justice • To review strategies of identifying keywords and related terms for more effective searching and quality results • To identify controlled vocabulary tools specific to the discipline or topic
    3. 3. Library Homepage! • • • • • • Search+ - 100 plus resources (broad) Books+ - multiple collections Articles+ - subject disciplines (specific) LibGuides - research tools, “how to” Services- Gil Express, Interlibrary Loan Ask a Librarian! - In person, chat, email, appointment, call
    4. 4. Bookmark this link:
    6. 6. What are LibGuides? A Research tool Browse by Subject or Major Browse by topic Browse by keyword or tag
    7. 7. Featured LibGuides about Services and Resources
    8. 8. Why should I use a LibGuide? Tutorials, Subjects, Course guides, Special topics
    9. 9. Library Services –Ask a Librarian!
    10. 10. Off Campus access to GALILEO
    11. 11. Do you have a Library Account? Renew items online, see your checked out items, Gil Express requests
    12. 12. Libraries Love to Share Gil Express • Borrow books from other GA universities (USG) • Search Gil Express Catalog • Request online or check out in person • Arrive in 2-4 days • 28-day loan, renewable Interlibrary loan (ILL) • Request electronic copy of an article • Arrive in less than a week by email • Borrow books from all types of libraries – Arrive in 2-3 weeks – Loan period varies
    14. 14. Suggested LibGuides for Criminal Justice Research • • • • • Criminal Justice LibGuide Juvenile Justice LibGuide Statistical Resources LibGuide Forensic Science LibGuide Sociology LibGuide
    15. 15. E-Books eBooks @ the Clayton State Library
    16. 16. Streaming Video • Films on Demand (GALILEO resource) • The Sociology of Crime and Deviance Theory and Application • I • Its’s More Expensive to Do Nothing: Prison, Recidivism, and Remediation
    17. 17. CSU Reference Books in Reference Collection Coverage includes: • Measurement/statistics • Research design • Historical overview of crime • Geographic overview of crime
    18. 18. Books in the CSU Library • So Social
    19. 19. Journals OPTIONS include: • • • • CSU Journal collection GALILEO resources with full text Interlibrary loan eJournals title list
    21. 21. Searching -Boolean operators
    22. 22. Synonyms & Related Concepts Use synonyms and related concepts to describe your topic: EXAMPLE: Juvenile justice, Administration of Juvenile courts Child welfare Juvenile justice and families Kinship care Juvenile detention homes –Laws and legislation Corrections and juvenile justice
    23. 23. “juvenile welfare” OR “foster care” AND corrections Use “Advanced Search”
    24. 24. Examples of Search terms
    25. 25. Advanced Search Features  Search categories, limiters • • • Full text, date, scholarly peer reviewed Publication (Search in one specific source such as a journal) Document type (Review, dissertation, journal, book, newspaper) Truncation • • • Type part of a word plus an asterisk (*)-Find variations of word stem including plural items. crim* finds criminal, criminals, criminology Socio* finds sociology, sociological, sociologists, socioeconomic, sociodemographic, sociopolitic al etc.
    26. 26. More Advanced Features Formulas Examples • Proximity -NEAR/n or N/n • Juvenile NEAR/3 gang • Juvenile N/8 corrections –strategy to find documents containing two search terms within a specified number of words apart. • Wildcard ? # # does not search for plurals or possessive • • • • Wom?n -woman or women sm?th –smith or smyth ne?t- next, neat, or nest Colo#r –variations of color or colour
    27. 27. Symbols in GALILEO
    28. 28. ProQuest Criminal Justice Database sample search
    29. 29. Expand search to other ProQuest Social Sciences’ resources • • • • • • • GenderWatch Criminal Justice Dissertations & Theses A&I: Social Sciences Education Journals Religion Research Library: Social Sciences Social Science Journals
    30. 30. Sample screen capture of search ProQuest Social Sciences
    31. 31. Using Figures & Tables tool in ProQuest Social Sciences
    32. 32. Other GALILEO Resources** • • • • • • • • ArticleFirst CQ Researcher JSTOR OmniFile: Full Text Mega Edition Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection Social Sciences Full Text (formerly H.W. Wilson) Sociological Collection **A-Z Electronic Resources (Articles + tab )
    33. 33. Limit by Vendor Example of selecting multiple EBSCO resources • Academic Search Complete • Professional Development Coll.
    34. 34. Other Functions- Create an account to save your research • • • • Create an account in each vendor: My EBSCOhost account My Research account –ProQuest My JSTOR account
    35. 35. A few sample searches…. • • • • Using Criminal Justice + Using Sociological Collection + GilFind@ Clayton State University Films on Demand
    36. 36. Thank You! • Questions? • Joan Taylor •