Me myself and i!


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Me myself and i!

  1. 1. By: HannahHutchinson
  2. 2. This power point is dedicated tomy brother Daniel! Daniel is aperson that I have looked up tosince the day I was born! Eventhough he is aggravating attimes, I still love him more thanhe thinks!
  3. 3. Volleyball and softball areI have myown quote the two sports that I like thethat is a play most! Volleyball is a sportoff the “lifeis good” that I play all the timeshirts! My every day! But softball is afavoritequote is “life sport that once its over Iis crap”! stop playing it! But those are my favorite sports and that’s why they are my themes!
  4. 4. I was born on December 16, 1998! Growing up, I had a life just like any other regular child. I lived with my mom, dad, and brother. When I was born I lived in Reidsville, North Carolina, but two years after, we moved to Roxboro. I started kindergarten when I was four, because my parents believed that I was ready for it. Now, I am the youngest student in seventh grade. I don’t take that as a bad thing, it just pushes me to do harder and smarter than others.
  5. 5. A nice, respectful, fun, and easygoing boss! I need a boss that will understand everything I tell them! If there is a boss out there with these qualities, please see me!
  6. 6. A huge three story house, 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms!Including floor to ceiling windows, a huge backyardwith a swimming pool, a huge gourmet chef kitchen,big and spacious guest beds and baths, and the mostbeautiful master bedroom EVER! Also, I would like itto have a basement for parties and a 3 car garage!
  7. 7. A teacher I will never forget is Mrs. Briggs also known as Carrie Briggs! She was my 5th grade teacher! Mrs. Briggs was very fun and taught things a different way some teachers teach! What I loved about Mrs. Briggs is that she was nice, respectful, fun, and loveable! I will always remember Mrs. Briggs!
  8. 8.  Megan Ann Wehrenberg is 15 years old and is in the 9th grade! When I moved to Roxboro, North Carolina Megan lived down the street from me, and still does! Since we met 10 years ago, we have inseparable! Megan is sexy, funny, nice, and loveable, that’s why I love her! <3
  9. 9.  Hannah, Hannah, Hannah! I love her! I met Hannah one year playing softball. We both got offered to be on an all star softball team and we were on each others team! Also, last year in 6th grade we saw each other and since then……. We have been BEST friends!
  10. 10. I played volleyball for Northern Middle School, parks and reck, and I’m on a NC Elite travel volleyball team! Volleyball is my favorite sport because its very active and very fun! Also, I play softball! I am currently trying out for the Northern Middle School softball team, but I also play at the Sports Plex! Before softball, I played coach pitch, which has boys and girls on it. I have played baseball/ softball, and volleyball for a long time and plan on keeping it that way!
  11. 11. Future Plans The first thing I plan on doing after middle school is graduate high school! Then, after high school, I want to get a masters degree in college. I have no clue what I’ll be doing, but I will have a masters degree. Next, I plan on finding and choosing a job. Then, I plan on getting married and having two children! After that, I have no clue where I will be, but I hope it is someplace good!
  12. 12. Biographical sketch Hannah is a very smart, funny, and athletic person. She has a very outgoing personality and can tend to get a little crazy. Even though I love her very much, she always finds a way to annoy me. Also, she’s very talkative and that can be both good and bad. Even though she’s annoying sometimes(what little sibling isn’t), I still love her.  Love, Daniel
  13. 13. 1st Rule for Living My first rule for living is have fun! You only live one life, so have fun with it! Try to stay positive so that your life can be better than ever! Everybody can’t always stay positive, but if you do most of the time, your life will be better! Don’t always stay in the house! Go out, do stuff, HAVE FUN!
  14. 14. 2nd Rule for Living Mysecond rule for living is always show respect, and take advantage of the time you have with your friends and family! One day everyone will die, and your friends and families day will come! Enjoy the time you have with them before your left with nothing! You always need at least one person that you can call your friend! A friend is a person you can count on at any time, and that will respect you, as YOU!
  15. 15. 3rd Rule for Living My third rule for living is never give up! One day things will get hard, and you will think to yourself “I just need to give up”! DON’T! Even if it is the hardest thing in the world, DON’T GIVE UP! Everyone has dreams and hopes, but they will not always come true. You have to help them come true! You have to take the little steps before you take the big one!