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Twine Workshop

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Reference slides from the Twine Workshop for CMP310.

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Twine Workshop

  1. 1. Twine A great way to tell interactive stories
  2. 2. Download
  3. 3. Choose Your Own Adventure++ with macros!
  4. 4. Passages ● A section of writing ● A route Twine passages are both
  5. 5. Ye Olde Passage Your feet are swollen. Continue walking (turn to page 20) Pass out (turn to page 42)
  6. 6. Hyperlinks Your feet are swollen. ● Continue walking ● Pass out
  7. 7. Pass Out You pass out, animals come by and lick you.
  8. 8. Continue Walking You keep walking, your feet begin to bleed.
  9. 9. In Twine, we link like this Open [[door]] ^--- goes to passage “door” Open [[The Door|door]] ^--- goes to passage “door” displays The Door
  10. 10. Formatting italics bold underline //text// ‘‘text’’ __text__ bullets *one *two numbered #one #two
  11. 11. Special Passages StoryTitle StorySubtitle StoryAuthor These don’t link to anything, they just float there in space when you’re in Twine.
  12. 12. Story Formats ● Sugarcane - One passage at a time, hides the rest ● Jonah - Timeline of passages
  13. 13. Forcing Choices <<choice “Try to escape”>> <<choice “Attack”>> <<choice “Crap your pants”>> When you do this, it will disable all the other choices in that passage.
  14. 14. Reusing Text <<display “Inn”>> <<display “Drink”>> Shows the passage Inn and Drink
  15. 15. Actions You see 2 fair maidens <<display “maidens actions”>> In passage maidens actions… <<actions “the blonde” “the brunette”>>
  16. 16. Variables $nameOfVariable <<set $myVariable = “yes”>> <<set $ammunition = 100>> <<set $ammunition = $ammunition + 1>>
  17. 17. Conditions <<if $myVariable eq “yes”>> You have my variable! <<else>> You don’t have my variable <<endif>>
  18. 18. Conditions <<if $ammunition lt 1>> No more ammo! <<else>> You fire a shot <<set $ammunition = $ammunition - 1>> <<endif>>
  19. 19. Conditions eq neq gt gte lt lte Equal Not Equal Greater Than Greater Than or Equal To Less Than Less Than or Equal To
  20. 20. Multiple Conditions and or not <<if ($myVariable eq “Zanzibar”) and ($ammunition gt 1>> <<if ($myVariable eq “Yellow”) or ($ammunition lt 100>>
  21. 21. Silently Every time a macro runs, it’ll use a line. You can remove those lines by encapsulating macros with <<silently>> <<endsilently>>
  22. 22. Images [img[filename.png]] [img[]]
  23. 23. Publishing ● Build your story, save it as index.html ● Upload index.html and any images into a folder onto a web server
  24. 24. I Can Haz Custom Theme? Sure, use CSS, appearance
  • jodygsmith

    May. 25, 2015

Reference slides from the Twine Workshop for CMP310.


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