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Careers slideshare

  2. 2. What is Clayco?Clayco is a full-service, turnkey real estate, architecture,engineering, design-build and construction firmspecializing in the art and science of building.
  3. 3. How could you pick us outof a crowd?We employ the best and the brightest in the industrywith a high-energy, creative and collaborative spirit.
  4. 4. We dont all look or act thesame either.There is no single Clayco type.We recruit, retain and promote a diverse group oftalented professionals.Rather than try to make our people fit a mold, we letthem do their jobs and use their unique talents andexperience to better serve our clients and ourcompany.
  5. 5. Key TraitsWeve been doing this for a while now, and its beenworking for us, so weve been able to define some keyemployee traits that help make us successful.These traits are:•  Creativity •  Stamina•  Courage •  Sense of Urgency•  Adaptability •  Teamwork•  A Passion for Results •  Mentorship
  6. 6. CultureCompanies pay a lot of lip service to their culture, buthere at Clayco we mean it when we say that were aone of a kind place to work, and were committed tokeeping it that way.
  7. 7. Culture…The everyday benefits that aren’t so everydayeverywhere else.•  Were casual, and you can tell from our work that denim doesnt get in the way of success.•  Within our collaborative work environment, our employees are equipped with individual work spaces and the latest, most effective technology available.•  Weve got other perks, too. Our amenities serve as an extension of home ‑ full service kitchens, lunch rooms and a fitness center or gym membership allowance.•  While were talking fitness, our focus on wellness is award winning. Our on-site personal trainer can work with individuals anytime on or off-hours to help employees attain their fitness goals.
  8. 8. Leadership and Development•  We believe in having leaders who are approachable, nurturing and appreciative of talent. Our executives recognize that every employee plays an important role in our success.•  Were more valuable working together than working in silos, and we collaborate on everything that we do. We learn from each other, from the projects we share, and we find new ways to do business.
  9. 9. Community InvolvementWe partner with the communities in which we operate,giving time, energy, and resources to the projects andcharities that can help build these communities. It is,and will always be, an important part of our identity.
  10. 10. Sustainable GrowthWeve sustainably grown our business through ourdedication to clients and our full-service, integratedapproach to buildings.We are always looking for the best and the brightesttalent to help us grow.
  11. 11. What we do and how we do it,seems to be working for us.
  12. 12. Benefits & RewardsWe demonstrate our commitment to employees throughexcellent benefit packages, professional development,advancement and the opportunity to give back to thecommunity. Some of the benefits that come with workingfor Clayco include:•  TOWP (Time off with Pay) •  PPO health insurance plan•  PPO dental •  Vision program•  401(k) plans •  Paid Holidays•  Employee & Family Assistance •  Tuition reimbursement and training Program (EAP) and development options
  13. 13. Benefits – The Details•  Medical and Dental You become eligible for medical and dental coverage at the beginning of the month following 30 days of employment. Our medical plan is administered through Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Delta Dental administers dental benefits and Advantica Eyecare administers the company’s vision plan.•  Life Insurance and Long-Term Disability Through Mutual of Omaha, employees are provided with coverage for $50,000. Coverage is also provided for a spouse at $5,000; and $2,500 per child. Employees may elect voluntary life insurance as well. Also through Mutual of Omaha, employees are eligible for long-term disability and short term disability benefits.•  401k Plan At the beginning of the month following 60 days of employment, employees become eligible to participate in this plan. Clayco provides a matching contribution of the first 5% of the employees deferred contribution amount. Both employee and Clayco contributions are 100% vested to the employee at all times.•  Paid Time Off (PTO) and Paid Holidays Clayco offers paid time off with the flexibility for you to choose how to use it, and is accrued based on years of service. In addition to PTO days, the company pays for seven holidays.•  Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Claycos Employee Assistance Program makes confidential, professional assistance available to employees and their immediate families. Counseling is available for a wide range of personal and family problems: stress, marital conflict, family concerns, legal matters, career concerns, alcohol and drug abuse, communication problems and financial issues.•  Educational Assistance Program Clayco encourages job-related educational programs, including seminars, courses toward professional designations, continuing education, licensing, and courses at an accredited college or university. Clayco will reimburse employees for course fees based on successful completion of the course.•  Employee Referral Plan Clayco is always looking to hire the “best and brightest” people. As an incentive to help the management team find new talent, we created the Clayco Employee Referral Plan. Clayco will reward current employees with a significant cash bonus for recruiting a friend or relative to come join the Clayco team.
  14. 14. Thanks for learningTHANK YOU about Clayco. We hope to hear from you soon!