How to improve your search engine ranking


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You might have asked the question, \"How do I improve my search engine ranking?\" Well the answer to explosive affiliate marketing commission and to search engine ranking is here.

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How to improve your search engine ranking

  1. 1. How do I improve my search engine ranking? By Cheryline Lawson
  2. 2. The Google Dominator
  3. 3. Have you ever asked the question, “ How can I improve my search engine ranking ?” If you have then I am sure that you have been experiencing some frustrations with getting ranked on the front page of Google. A lot of people want to get to that honored “number 1 spot on Google.” However, what if you could own the entire front page of Google and improve your search engine ranking in such a way that your competitors will wonder what you are doing?
  4. 4. Did I get your attention? I am sure I did. I am about to show you some steps on how you can improve your search engine ranking. First, you have to have the right keywords. You may have heard this before, but you really do. There are places that you can go to search for keywords free and one such site is You can also use a much better keyword search tool that gives you the exact monthly count of those searching for your particular keyword and the option to dig deeper to find long tail keywords that are not as competitive. There are other features to improve search engine rankings such as the strength of your competition and if it is worth your time to even promote using those keywords. You can find this invaluable tool here:
  5. 5. When you find the right keyword or keyword phrases that you are comfortable which, you can do either of these: Create a blog at or . I find that www.wordpress gets a better search engine ranking than blogger does. This may be debated, but that is just my experience. Then you are going to use your long tail keyword in your blog URL. For example, if you choose, “boost search engine rankings,” as your long tail keyword, your blogger URL would be or for the wordpress blog, it would . Next, you are going to create a post using all the long tail keywords that you found during your search. Choose the less competitive ones. Use them also in the title of your post. After you make your post, you are going to ping it at and use the post URL to submit to , and as a news story.
  6. 6. Your next step is to use your blog feeds to submit to RSS feeds. For the example above, your blogger feed URL would be and for your wordpress feed URL, it would be . You are now going to submit them to and . It is easy to do this. All you do is to sign up for free at both websites and submit your feed URL . Feedagg ask for a description (just us a sentence in your blog post that has your long tail keyword), but feedage only ask for the feed URL.
  7. 7. I have a list of high Page Rank websites that you can use to get tons of one-way backlinks to your website, but they are too many to list here. You can find them here: . This will get you in the top of the search engines less than an hour. To dominate Google’s Front page requires a step by step guide that I created that will guarantee you at least a minimum of three spots on Google’s Front page for your keyword or key phrases. To get your hands on that information, go to
  8. 8. Articles are also a good way to get on the front page of Google in no time. Use the same keywords in your title to create an article. Make sure that the article is about 400 words long. Strategically place your keywords in the first sentence of the article, in the middle sentence of the article and at the very last paragraph of the article as well as in the resource box. Let the keyword be your anchor text in your resource box. It would look something like this: “If you want to know the scoop and a secret way to boost search engine rankings on your web page, CLICK HERE. ”
  9. 9. Submit your article post at , and . You are now going to check back at in 24 – 48 hours and use your keywords to search to see your placement.
  10. 10. Make sure you make daily posts to your blogs (three days per week is the minimum) so that you will stay in your position. You can also add to your arsenal and post your post URL to this social bookmarking site every day. You will get tons of backlinks doing this as well.
  11. 11. The Google Dominator ebook will give you some of my underground secret tactics that helped me to dominate the front page of Google with all 10 spots. My competitors did not know what hit them. To get Google Dominator now at the current low discounted price CLICK HERE .
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