ABOUT TEAM RYNKEBYOne morning in July 2002 11 exercise bikersin connection with Rynkeby Foods left Ringe,bound for Paris. ...
MIN. 8.5 OUT OF 10 DKKGOES TO THE FIGHT AGAINSTCHILDREN’S CANCER The running expenses of Team Rynkeby are low and therefor...
AS A TEAM RYNKEBY SPONSOR                                                       BECOME A SPONSOR OF THEYOU WILL HAVE THE F...
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I will be riding from Copenhagen to Paris to support Børnecancerfonden, a foundation supporting children with cancer and their families. We are still seeking sponsors for our team, so have a look here and let me know if you could be interested in supporting a very good cause.

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Team Rynkeby Sponsorinfo

  1. 1. WE ARE CYCLING FOR THE BENEFIT OFCHILDREN WITH CANCERAND THEIR FAMILIES - SPONSOR TEAM RYNKEBY 2012 www.Team-Rynkeby.dk www.facebook.com/TeamRynkeby www.youtube.com/TeamRynkebyOfficial www.twitter.com/TeamRynkeby
  2. 2. ABOUT TEAM RYNKEBYOne morning in July 2002 11 exercise bikersin connection with Rynkeby Foods left Ringe,bound for Paris. Before them they had 1200km road, seven laps and an adventure for life.The 11 exercise bikers and their assistant werethe first Team Rynkeby.The team had prepared the tour for morethan six months. They had planned the route,arranged hotel accommodation and foundsponsors. Rynkeby Foods was the principalsponsor, but the bikers also managed to findother sponsors. Actually, the bikers managedto collect so much money that there were38,000 DKK in surplus when the team re-turned to Ringe one week later. And instead ofmaking a party and celebrating the tour theydecided to donate the surplus to Børnecan-cerfonden. And thus a tradition started.Since 2002, Team Rynkeby has been cycling toParis every summer, and each year the teamhas collected money for Børnecancerfonden.Concurrently with the enlargement of TeamRynkeby the amount collected has also in-creased. In 2011, Team Rynkeby also countedtwo Swedish teams, which meant that the bi-king team could also favour Barncancerfon-den - the Swedish sister organization of Bør-necancerfonden. In total, 584 bikers and 139 CHILDREN SHOULD NOT ONLY SURVIVEservice people on 11 Danish and two Swedish - THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO LIVE Ateams collected 8.8 million DKK to Børnecan-cerfonden and 1.1 million SEK to Barncancer- NORMAL LIFE. BØRNECANCERFONDENfonden.In 2012, we enlarge Team Rynkeby by two NEEDS YOUR AID!new teams in Denmark and two new teamsin Sweden so that we will be approx. 700 bi- 16 years ago, when Børnecancerfonden serious consequences of their treat-kers on 13 Danish and four Swedish teams. We started its work, more than 50 per cent ment. Some of them will not be able tohope this enlargement will enable us to bring of the 200 children, who are having the have babies, when they grow up, somethe fight against children’s cancer even more cancer diagnosis in Denmark every year, of them will have limbs amputated,info focus and to collect more money for the died. Fortunately, this is no longer the and others will suffer from permanentvery important job that Børnecancerfonden is case! Research into children’s cancer in brain injury and will never be able todoing in Denmark and that Barncancerfonden recent years has resulted in better and make their own way.is doing in Sweden. But we need your aid! more efficient treatments and this means that today three out of four children Børnecancerfonden was established survive a cancer. to strengthen research in better and more efficient treatments, to avoid ter- Even though the development is posi- rible consequences. Furthermore the tive cancer remains the most frequent foundation works to improve informa- medical cause of death among children tion on cancer among children and between 1 and 15 years of age. Therefore, to improve the conditions of children a concentrated effort within the field of with cancer and their families. But of children’s cancer is still necessary. course this is expensive. Børnecan- cerfonden is an independent, private Børnecancerfonden works to prevent organization and receives no public children from dying from cancer. Add grants. Therefore this foundation de- to this the fact that the foundation also pends fully on private endowments – makes an effort to enable cured children and in 2012 some of these funds will to live a life, which is as normal as befo- come from Team Rynkeby – through re their diagnosis. Some of the children your sponsorship. surviving cancer today do survive with
  3. 3. MIN. 8.5 OUT OF 10 DKKGOES TO THE FIGHT AGAINSTCHILDREN’S CANCER The running expenses of Team Rynkeby are low and therefore we can guarantee you that at least 85 per cent of all funds collected are sent directly to Børnecan- cerfonden. It is possible for us to limit ex- penses to a minimum because all partici- pants – also the VIPs – pay for their own participation. Furthermore, many of the products needed on our way to Paris, e.g. food, cars and fuel, are sponsored. The last max. 15 per cent cover our expenses for our website, information material, films and some of our charity events.“Can’t our company just sponsor Børnecan-cerfonden directly to avoid the 15 per centrunning expenses?”Yes, easily! But when you sponsor Børnecan-cerfonden through Team Rynkeby you alsoensure that Børnecancerfonden is havingmaximum attention to their work. Each year,Børnecancerfonden gets many new spon-sors because the great PR attention to TeamRynkeby inspires people to sponsor thegood cause. A sponsorship for Team Ryn-keby spreads rings in water.TEAM RYNKEBY NOW HAS13 TEAMS IN DENMARKAND 4 IN SWEDEN Aalborg Stockholm Syd Aarhus Stockholm Nord Bramming Malmö Bornholm Helsingborg Midt-Vest København Odense Sønderborg Vordingborg Rigshospitalet Ringe Nordsjælland Trekanten
  4. 4. AS A TEAM RYNKEBY SPONSOR BECOME A SPONSOR OF THEYOU WILL HAVE THE FOLLOWING MOST WELL-KNOWN DANISHADVANTAGES CHARITY BICYCLE TEAM The pleasure of sponsoring children with cancer and their families. Now you have the opportunity of becoming a sponsor of one of the most well-known and mentioned Danish charity events. In 2011, A sponsor certificate to decorate the wall in your office or canteen. many TV stations, radio stations and newspa- pers followed the Team Rynkeby Tour de Pa- ris. This resulted in many hours of television The opportunity of using the good cause and the health aspect in and radio and more than 1800 newspaper ar- your CSR activities. ticles. Børnecancerfonden and our sponsors had maximum visibility. Your company logo on www.team-rynkeby.dk with optional link to We need generous sponsors as a part of this your own website. project in 2012 to support us in the fight against children’s cancer. You can sponsor Team Rynkeby in the following three ways: A banner for your own website, saying “We sponsor Børnecancer- fonden via the Team Rynkeby Tour de Paris 2012”. Clothes Sponsorship You can sponsor Team Rynkeby by a clothes sponsorship of minimum 20,000 DKK. With Newsletters from Team Rynkeby. this sponsorship you will have your company logo exposed on the clothes of one of the 17 Team Rynkeby teams. You can sign a clothes Participation in various events – e.g. Team Rynkeby’s presentation sponsorship agreement by 1 February 2012. of the money collected to Børnecancerfonden. Goods Sponsorship To limit our expenses and ensure Børnecan- The DVD “Tour de Paris 2012”. cerfonden a larger surplus Team Rynkeby is having many of the essential articles needed on the tour, e.g. food, cars and fuel, spon- The Possibility of exposure of your logo on the team clothes. sored. Goods sponsors are exposed in our communication. Contact us for further infor- mation. Cash Contributions You can sponsor Team Rynkeby with anyCONTACT US ALREADY TODAY amount of cash. You can sponsor the project until September 2012, when we present Bør-The sooner you contact us, the easier it is for us to give you the best spon- necancerfonden with the money collected.sor agreement. Please contact: Carl Erik Dalbøge, Team Manager of Team The company logos of all sponsors will ap-Rynkeby, Phone: +45 20 26 55 88, mail: ced@rynkeby.dk pear on the Team Rynkeby website.