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Seafood Authentic


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Seafood Authentic

  1. 1. AUTHENTIC SEAFOOD a tasteful insight in to Malaysian seafood culture
  2. 2. LOCATION
  3. 3. RESTORAN MAKANAN LAUT BAGAN (⽠瓜拉雪兰莪-港尾海鲜楼) Apparently one of the most FAMOUS restaurants in the area Located near a beautiful Chinese TEMPLE, next to an earthy river side with a killer sunset The ambiance of the place is to bring people together and to indulge in the essence of seafood The target audience is evident, locals, Chinese specifically, but seafood enthusiast as well astourists To create a sense of authentic locality, in a rural area, where it would be quite hard to do so
  4. 4. UNIQUE SEAFOOD RESTAURANT The unique seafood branch has expanded greatly and now franchised and expanded throughout Malaysia Each specific location has its own interior decor and touch to it. The restaurant branches are very large to capacitate a large amount of costumers. Because of it’s location in the city, a larger market would go to it other than the typical Chinese consumer.
  5. 5. Comparative Analysis location details Branches competition customers pricing size of business
  6. 6. Franchising & expansion Unique'Seafood' Restaurant' Bagan Seafood Restaurant - Tight management style - More comfortable environment (private rooms with ktv facilities) - More choices of seafood (than more 100 type of imported seafood) - Loose management style - Close to the nature environment - Lesser choices of seafood (the business in notwidely expanded)
  7. 7. Competition In economics, competition is the rivalry among sellers trying to achieve such goals as increasing profits, market share, and sales volume by varying the elements of the marketing mix: price, product, distribution, and promotion. Understanding Your Core Market Customer Service Innovation Education
  8. 8. Strategy A plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim. customer rewards customer service promotions advertising reasonable prices
  9. 9. What have we learned? What does owning a business mean? How important are the initial stages before opening a business? What can we take away from this project?