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Sap bw integration_2011_flyer

  1. 1. COMPLEXITY MANAGEMENTIN THE SAP BUSINESS WAREHOUSECOMPLEXITY MANAGEMENT AT ENTERPRISE LEVELENTERPRISE COMPLEXITY MANAGEMENT ENABLES MASSIVE DATA PROCESSING AND ISAVAILABLE VIA A SPECIFIC INTERFACE TO SAP’S BUSINESS WAREHOUSE BUILT USING SAP’SNATIVE FRONT-END TOOLS. THE SYSTEM IS OFFERED JOINTLY BY ONTONIX AND CUBEXX.Copyright © 2011 Ontonix S.r.l. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without the written permission ofOntonix. All rights reserved. The concepts presented herein are protected by patents and may not be reverse-engineered.
  2. 2. MANAGE COMPLEXITY CORPORATIONS COLLECT HUGEAT ENTERPRISE LEVEL AMOUNTS OF DATA BUT THE VALUE IT HIDESUSE THE DATA YOU ALREADY HAVE IS RARELY USEDOntonix and Cubexx offer the possibility of using your primary informational TO THE FULLasset, the data stored and managed in your SAP Business Warehouse, for EXTENT.measuring and managing the complexity and consequently the robustness (orfragility) of your company, your supply chain, your portfolio, your primary Huge and expensive tomarkets, your customer base and product lines. SAP’s corporate datawarehouse offers you most of the relevant information basically for free as it is maintain databases havealready being used for management reporting purposes, steering tools orplanning. This validated and homogeneous data is readily available for tremendous potential toanalysis with Ontonix’s Quantitative Complexity Management System. become information powerhouses but this hinges on applying new and moderns means of data processing such as Quantitative Complexity analysis.The integration makes use of native SAP Business Warehouse Front-endtools and simplifies greatly the access and preparation of data necessary forperforming complexity analysis. 1 Copyright © 2011 Ontonix
  3. 3. A NEW LOOK AT CORPORATE STRATEGY RAPID GROWTHIn our turbulent times Quantitative Complexity Analysis is one of the most OF COMPLEXITYvaluable and powerful analytical techniques and therefore we consider it to IS THE BIGGESTbe an essential component in the architecture of a modern CorporateBusiness Intelligence Solution. THREAT TO A SUSTAINABLE AND RESILIENT GLOBAL ECONOMY Much has to be done in order to build a sustainable and globally resilient economy. But if there is one thing corporations need today it is time to react to crises and problemsGROWING COMPLEXITY – THE BIG CHALLENGE before they surface. This sIncreasing complexity is becoming a major concern in every sphere of social means they needlife. Managing complexity is important because excessive complexity: modern pre-alarm pre  is the first cause of fragility and vulnerability  it makes systems inefficient systems that work.  it reduces profitability  is the biggest obstacle towards sustainabilitySince complexity management constitutes a modern and advanced form ofrisk management, it should become integral part of corporate strategy strategy. 2 Copyright © 2011 Ontonix
  4. 4. COUNTERING PROBLEMS AT THE SOURCE COUNTERINGIn order to understand how the various business parameters contribute to the BUSINESScomplexity of a business it is necessary to examine the so-called Complexity FRAGILITY ANDProfile which ranks them in descending order. INEFFICIENCY AT THE SOURCE A fundamental result of a complexity self-rating is a breakdown of business complexity into its components. Since high complexity makes business inefficient and non-profitable it is paramount to counter complexity at the source.With complexity measures and complexity profiling it is possible to managecomplexity rationally and to understand its structure and impact on a businessor any kind of system. 3 Copyright © 2011 Ontonix