Is it good to keep eggs in the fridge?


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A explanation if is good or not to keep the eggs in the fridge or outside and for how long.

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Is it good to keep eggs in the fridge?

  1. 1. Is it good to keep eggs in the fridge? How much can they withstand refrigerated? What to do with those who are cracked in the package? How do you know that are still fresh? Here you have the product key so important in our diet.
  2. 2. When we purchase in the supermarket eggs are in a section without refreshment. In normal shelves are stacked and then, once home, go straight to the fridge. Why have so internalized this habit? Is it better to keep cold than at room temperature? Do they lose properties days as the days go? Here we give the keys to this key product in the best diet. There is a reason that would explain why in supermarkets are stacked eggs at room temperature. "When you go from cold to hot, it is normal for water to condense on the surface, like a yogurt or fruit. In the egg is very dangerous because it has a porous and allow any external contamination, when they are wet, pass into the egg a lot easyer, "says Maria del Mar Fernandez , director of the Institute for the Study of the Egg . " The reason that eggs not chilled at the point of sale is to avoid the temperature difference from cold to hot "he says. "Subjecting the egg to various temperature changes deteriorate its quality" "As is normally sold in the two days after laying, it is normal that in four days it arrives home,
  3. 3. and those days at room temperature is not a problem if you after that keep them in the fridge. Yeah that would be a problem subjected to various temperature changes , ending the final quality deteriorating egg, "says Maria del Mar. But why diminishes the freshness of an egg? "has to do with losing water inside, and is greater when we have higher temperatures outside and when the humidity is very low." In Spain, therefore, the egg lose freshness very quickly if not stored in the fridge . Regarding a recent study published in the UK who threw the conclusion that it is indifferent to keep them in the fridge or not , this agricultural engineer answers us that "it is a mistake because on the labeling should put it is advisable to keep eggs refrigerated for losing less water and freshness, so as to endure better quality. " With the passage of time, the egg is losing properties , but especially as it reduces the amount of water present in it. To lose air and enter the consistency of the white is lower, and the yolk, in turn, flattens. In this sense, "does not affect the nutritional properties, but the quality of the egg is not the same and has the same qualities to the kitchen," notes Maria del Mar.
  4. 4. Successfully saved in the fridge, this product can endure even beyond the recommended 28 days after laying. This period would be to its "Best before" constantly confused with the expiration date. A mistake, because from the Egg Institute, report that " can be consumed after the date of the package if the crack it is found to have good color and good smell, but it is advisable to use for cooking and not for crude preparations (like mayonnaise or merengue) '. "You have to wash the egg at the time before eating and not to save» Thus we continued concern, how do you know if an egg still fresh? Maria del Mar told us that "the yolk should be high and we must distinguish two zones in the clear, one thicker and a more liquid. We can also see the shape of the bubble rounder end of the egg, called "air chamber". The smaller, fresher the egg, if it goes bigger, is a symptom that is older. " The air chamber is the official measure of freshness of this product. Hence the custom of laying eggs to float to see if they fit to be consumed. When to introduce water stays on the surface, is a symptom that is very out of date .
  5. 5. Better wash them when you get home or before eating? The answer is clear: "We must save them without having washing. If you wash and then store, external pollution contaminate diluted inside the egg. " And, finally, what to do with those eggs that come in the package with small cracks? Maria del Mar clarifies that these should not consume after the best before date on the package, but if we use them to cook, we can ingest them. This guide was written by refrigerators usa.